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DogsTrust Open Day 2008
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Nicki and Sean about to get the show underway

The Friendliest Dog Winner

The Best Conditioned Winner

Best Junior Handler Under 10 Peter

Best Junior Handler Under 15 Michelle

Best Veteran Winner (The Dog)

The Waggiest Tail Winner (The Dog Won It!)

A Day To Remember

The DogsTrust held their Open day on Sunday 22nd June presented by Radio Merseyside's Sean Styles, assisted by Nicki Platt from Barkbusters who is also Terrier World's Canine Behavior Expert.
On a blustery windy day and after a slight problem with the PA system, Sean started the show off, commenting on the sterling work that the DogsTrust does and praising the dedication of the volunteers who's love of the animals is immediately apparent. Sean commenced the judging of the Novelty classes made up from a smorgasbord of dogs, quickly putting the exhibitors at ease with his slick skills and ad lib jokes.
Introducing each exhibitor and their dogs in turn, Sean and Nicki then chose the winners of each class, with six prizes donated for every class.
Mercifully, the rain kept off which would have been disastrous for the show on such a windy day.
It was a most refreshing couple of hours for me in such a friendly atmosphere amongst dedicated animal lovers, with Professionals Sean and Nicki, giving unselfishly their time and efforts for such a worthy cause. This is far removed from the world of Pedigree Championship shows that I normally attend, where the atmosphere is quite different.
Disappointingly due to a prior engagement, I had to leave before the second half of the show was judged but I did get some photographs of the principle winners of the first five classes.
The were many pedigree dogs accompanied by their owners at the Trust's Open Day along with the usual Heinz 57's. Two breeds that you don't usually see caught my eye on the day, one being a Lucas Terrier rescued by a girl who works for the Trust. This is the first time that I have actually seen a Lucas in the flesh, a corky little Terrier.
The other breed was two magnificent Pharaoh Hounds. What do they look like? We have all seen the dogs on the tv programs about the ancient Egyptians and the Pyramids. The dogs that you see in the ancient paintings with the erect ears are Pharaoh Hounds.


Lucas Terrier

Greyhounds & Pharoah Hounds

The Competitors

Retired Greyhounds Stall

Decision Time

Dog Tired

Keeping Nice And Warm

A Friendly Day Out

Sit And Stay There!

A Place For A Hot Drink


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The DogsTrust

Founded in 1891 to protect dogs from torture and ill-usage of every kind, Dogs Trust, formerly known as the NCDL, has now pursued its goal with determination for over one hundred years.
Vowing never to turn down a reasonable request for help, Dogs Trust began operations funded entirely by donations from members and supporters. In 1902 membership totalled 1000 for the first time and continued to grow steadily to 6,500 members by 1910. Today Dogs Trust has over 600,000 members and supporters.

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Irresponsible dog owners held accountable for UK’s stray dog statistics

A decade of campaigning reveals that the nation’s dog owners can’t afford to be complacent – leading charity cites the current trend for dogs as fashion accessories as a major cause of stray dog numbers.
Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, has concluded that although there has been a dramatic reduction of stray dogs in the last ten years, progress seems to have peaked and the UK’s stray population has remained at a consistent level for the last four years, despite a year on year increase of re-homing figures.
A report conducted by GfK NOP on behalf of Dogs Trust, released today, shows that 105,068 stray dogs were picked up in the UK last year, and 7,892 were destroyed unnecessarily1 – a small increase on the previous year’s findings.
Looking back on 10 years, Dogs Trust can reveal that the sustained efforts of both animal welfare organisations and local authorities has had enormous benefit reducing the stray population, this follows a decrease of nearly 25% in the number of stray dogs and destruction rates down nearly two thirds (63%) since 1997.
However, Dogs Trust Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin comments;
“These figures by no means paint a rosy picture of the nation’s dogs. Ten years ago we vowed to campaign for better welfare for our lovable companions and the hard work put in by welfare organisations, like Dogs Trust and others, seems to be making good headway, but it is not good enough and we need the public to meet us.
Stray figures show that we have reached a plateau and we can but conclude that there has been a cultural change in the last few years. There have been a tremendous number of breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers through the doors of our rehoming centres, and this coupled with the current fashion for designer dogs such as Labradoodle and Cockerpoos suggests we are living in a throwaway society.
We are asking the public to take action and to consider fully the responsibility of owning a dog…they are not a fad or a fashion statement to be disposed of when the novelty wears off.”
The introduction of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 in April of this year, brings with it new legislation whereby the onus of responsibility and duty of care falls upon the owner. It is hoped the Act as well as the new codes of practice - which will be introduced in 2008 - will not only improve general animal welfare but help vastly reduce the stray dog figures.
Dogs Trust believes it is absolutely essential that it reaches this irresponsible minority and will continue to campaign for responsible dog ownership to ensure that stray dogs are a figment of the past and that no healthy dog is destroyed for want of a home.

Building a better future for dogs

We believe no healthy dog should ever be destroyed and that every dog should have a chance to lead a happy and healthy life in a loving home.
There are lots of ways to find a suitable dog - we think rehoming is the best one. Dogs Trust works with you to match your needs to the needs of dogs. We know that choosing the dog that’s right for you leads to happy people and happy dogs.

Ways we help

Our mission statement is 'Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.'
This statement is aimed at all dogs in the UK whether they be in our care, ex-Dogs Trust dogs or dogs that need our help. We have set up several schemes and projects around the country to help us achieve our ultimate aim.


The health and happiness of every dog is at the heart of all our efforts and we try to find each and every dog in our care a loving home for life. We never destroy a healthy dog.

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