Manchester & District Sporting Terrier 23 Judge's Critique

Manchester Sporting Terrier 23 Judge

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Manchester Sporting Terrier Club 16th April 2023

Many thanks to the show committee for their invite and the exhibitors for entering, there were lots of quality exhibits to choose from.

Border Terrier Puppy:
1st Hardman & Brandwood`s Bonosue Lee Van Cleef at Spanwise, nice typical head and well placed ears, clean front, nice shoulder and topline, in good weight, good coat. Happy puppy just needs to settle on the move. BP

1st Taylor`s Nottorg Nekessa, lovely headed bitch, dark eye, clean front, good shoulders into nice topline. Moved and showed well, in longer coat.
1st Illingworth`s Northborders Pinot at Thornyhurst, nice head in balance with the dog, dark eye, good ears, clean front, nice shoulders, in lovely coat, moved and showed well.

Open Dog:
1st Golding`s Beaconpike Dionysus, good head, dark eye, nice front, good shoulders, nice topline, well off for bone, very sound on the move. BOB
2nd Wright`s Borderxpress Echo Beach, very pretty bitch, good eye and ears, in beautiful condition, preferred movement of one, just not quite enough of her for me.

AV Puppy;
1st Thompson-Morgan`s Belleville Hope Star; Beautiful Norfolk Puppy, super head and shoulders, good eye and expression, great shape, in lovely coat and condition, never stopped showing, moved well.
2nd Ellison`s Placido Proper Player, cesky, unlucky to meet 1, very nice puppy, head ears and expression, super front, lovely outline, moved very well, in super condition.
3rd Hannington`s Boudivella Rosie,

1st Ellison`s Placido Oriana, Cesky, very nice, good eye, and expression, lovely bone and condition, moved very well.
2nd Parry`s Russtam Rory Ragamuffin, Airedale, good length of head, clean, good front, nice topline, tailset ok, presented short of coat and furnishings and a little argumentative on the lead, nice to see new exhibitor.

AV Veteran;
1st Brooke`s Ch Zetamaz Gerard Depardeu, 9yrs, decent head, clean front, decent shoulders, good topline and tailset, in good order for age, BVIS.
2nd Tobijanskis Ch Janski Kalliope Jones, 10yrs, super cesky, unlucky to meet 1st, super head and expression, good front and rear, nice outline, moved very well.

BIS: Gee`s Watercroft Spotted Dick (Norfolk), caught my eye straight away, after going over him he didn’t disappoint, lovely male head, dark eye, good size well placed ears, great expression, well off for bone, super outline, presented in great condition, moved very sound and showed really well.

RBIS: Irving`s Twinan Wild as Wind (JR) good head, strong muzzle, well placed ears giving lovely keen expression, clean front, good shoulders and overall outline, well off for bone, in tip top condition, pristine white, sound and never stopped showing.

G3: Knight`s Ch Talinors Typically Special (Manchester), a bitch ive judged before, fits the standard incredibly well, beautiful bitch, ive seen her perform a little better than she did today but still cant deny her G3.

G4: (Dandie), what a puppy, super quality head, into strong neck, well developed front, super shoulders and topline, good legs and feet, fits so well together, in beautiful coat, moved very sound and showed well.

BPIS: Henry`s Tymeirz Benibouy (Dandie), what a puppy, super quality head, into strong neck, well developed front, lovely shoulders and topline, good legs and feet, very well balanced, in beautiful coat, moved very sound and showed well, will watch his career with interest.  

RBPS: Howarth`s Niddrua Lightning Bolt (Irish) Another beautiful puppy, unlucky to meet the Dandie, super quality head and ears giving sharp expression, clean front, lovely shoulders and topline, great legs and feet, lovely overall size, shown in pristine condition, another I will watch with interest.

PG3: Toulson`s Taylor Made (Airedale) he should have been called well made, because that is what he is, super length of head, lovely ears and typical expression, nice straight front, very good shoulders and topline, nice tailset, in terrific condition, well off for bone, good size, showed and moved well.

PG4: Tobijanski`s Janski Yamizzabl Witch (cesky) quality puppy, beautiful head and ears strong neck into well-muscled front, strong topline and rear, in lovely coat and condition, at just over 6mths, she moved with much such confidence and showed extremely well. Quality puppy another which I will watch.

Joanne Vickers (Jodean)




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