Saltburn And District Canine Society 09

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Saltburn & District Canine Society
at Wilton Agility Club
on Sunday 10th May 2009
Judge Bob Blackley (Vaevictis)

Bedlington Terrier

Post Graduate (2.1absent)
1st Fitzgerald’s – BAD TO THE BONE
Young quality puppy dog only 6 months, good well proportioned head, furnishings ok for age, no weakness in front, shoulders or pasterns, moved well holding topline on the move. (B.P.)
.Open (1)
1st Fitzgerald’s – BOJEN BERNEDEN
Good dog, well filled head neck, accompanied by good coat and furnishings, straight front, well bodied of excellent balance for a working terrier, well angulated quarters, moved well and freely both ways, holding topline on the move. (B.O.B)

Border Terrier

Junior (6. 3absent)
1st Swindle’s – BUCK SWIFTER
Beautiful grizzle dog, excellent head & expression, strong jaw, straight front with tight feet, good toplne, and quarters, harsh coat, moved well both ways. (B.O.B.)
2nd Young & Atkinson’s – BROOKES LAST CHANCE
3rd Wombwell’s – SHIREVIEW SKY (B.P.)
Post Graduate (2.1absent)
1st Young & Atkinson’s – RED CHANCE
Sound bitch, good head & expression, straight front, enough rib, moved well both ways.
Open (1absent)

Welsh Terrier

Open (3.1absent)
Just 7 month old puppy bitch, still a bit immature and finding its feet, good coat texture but furnishings a bit lacking, good head and neck, enough body, good topline and tailset, messed around on the move, typical of a puppy. (B.P.& B.O.B.)

Smooth Fox Terrier

Post Graduate (1)
1st Ketley & Gash’s – MIGLEY EILEEN AT ENJAKAY
Beautiful 7 month puppy, excellent head with nice big teeth, good eye and ears showing expression, well constructed and balanced, with a good topline and tailset, movement was good but let herself down by holding her head down on the move. (B.P.& B.O.B.)
Open (no entries)

A.V.N.S.C. Terrier

Puppy (no entries)
Post Graduate (1)
1st Allenden’s – ERENDEN AUSSIE RULES (M.B.T.)
What a beautiful looking white dog, excellent head with good finish and fill, correct shaped eyes, ears held well showing super expression, well balanced for size, but the breed standard does ask for a scissor bite, and dogs should not exceed 14 inches, moved ok. (B.O.B.)
Open (no entries)

Terrier Group

Group 1. Jefferson’s – JACABELLA BLACK CONTESSA (S.B.T.)

Group 2. Fitzgerald’s – BOJEN BERNADEN (Bedlington Terrier)

Group 3. Swindle’s – BUCK SWIFTER (Border Terrier)

Group 4. Ketchley & Gash’s – MIGLEY EILEEN AT ENJAKAY (S.F.T.)

Puppy Group 1. Fitzgerald’s – BAD TO THE BONE (Bedlington Terrier)

Puppy Group 2. Ketley & Gash’s – MIGLEY EILEEN AT ENJAKAY (S.F.T.)

Puppy Group 3. Wombwell’s – SHIREVIEW SKY (Border Terrier)

Puppy Group 4. Heath’s – CANNYYATTON SWEET LILLI (Welsh Terrier)

A.V. Terrier
Puppy (5.4absent)
1st Heath’s – CANNYYATTON SWEET LILLI (Welsh Terrier)
Post Graduate (no entries)
Open (no entries)


Judge – Bob Blackley



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