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Ashbourne & Dist CS Open show 28/12/2013
Judge Gary Hinsley



Junr (1)
1. Kiernan & Liu Sharnor High I’m Victor at Kierlander naf, Dog exhibit just 6 m/o, pleasing puppy showing good overall type, nicely proportioned head and correct bite, nice length to neck and good body proportions, correct arch over loin and good rear angulation, moved out well for such a youngster. BP & PG 2
O (2)
1. Bannister Ch Miteymidgets look of Love, Bitch of 2 years on the day, Blue in colour and has lovely pigment to add to her outstanding picture, strength in head without a doggy or course appearance, correct bite, lovely neck proportion and again body and angulation both front and rear in balance, she excelled on the move producing a typical gait and that required “roll” typical of this breed. BOB & G1
2. Brady & Carter Tcheria Shenanigans

PG (2)
1. Small Tilmoray Turtle Dove, bitch exhibit of just over 2 y/o, a pleasing exhibit of generally good all round balance, she has a nice head shape, not too strong, correct dentition, straight and not too wide in front, she is spannable, has good correlation between front and rear, producing sound movement. BOB
2. Bates Peakrunner Follow my Dreams

O (3)
1. Ruth Peakrunner Arrows of Gold, Dog exhibit just shy of 18 m/o, scored for his overall size here, grand head with well set ears creating a typical expression, good double coat, he is spannable, is not overdone for both rib and bone and presented a pleasing profile on the move, had an extra bit of animation gaining him BOB.
2. Hyslop Baywillow Brown Braid jw
3. Small Badgerbeck tree pipit at Tilmoray jw sh ch

Junr (2)
1. Paige Glenrood Trojan Prince, dog exhibit just past 6m/o, lovely head shape with well set ears and eyes creating a typical expression, nice overall size, good straight front, grand double coat, well held top line when moving. BP
2. Crowther Trekhilli Dancing Queen
PG (1)
1. Keeves Seveek I Dreamed a Dream bitch exhibit 23 m/o, of a pleasing size and type, well furnished head piece with correct bite, double coated, straight in front and strength from a well developed rear, moved ok well she held it together.
O (3)
1. Day Cherrycracker Ludo at Trekhilli, 19 m/o dog exhibit, Nicely proportioned exhibit with a lovely head piece, showing good strength for size, he has an excellent coat, deep and harsh, excelled on the move with correct front reach and propelled along by a powerful well developed rear. BOB.
2. Waites Svedales Snow Knight
3. Keeves Seveek Living the Dream jw Shcm

Dandie Dinmonts

Junr (1)
1. Russell Hawkesmill Ishbelle, bitch of 7 m/o, a rather nice exhibit for one so young, she has a lovely head with good eye shape and setting, good shoulder placement and a gait of good flow, happy and alert. BP

O ( 3, 1a)
1. Jacka- Slater PennyWave Lone Ranger ShCM, Dog exhibit just over 2 y/o, lovely exhibit of excellent type, balance and proportion, his head shape is grand with well set eyes and ears, well set shoulders and enough rib and bone without being overdone at all, his strong well developed rear which propels him around the ring with ease won him through to BOB & G4
2. Morris Penntwise Amaryllis


Junr (3,1a)
1. Walshaw Digelsa Diva avec Janmark, 8 m/o bitch, quality exhibit that exudes breed type, good all round proportions on display here, gun barrel straight front, well set shoulders correlating with her rear angulation to produce soundness when moving. Allowing her to settle her natural elegance is easy to see. BP & PG1
2. Pinkham Talanors Fantasy Dreams for Pinkadees

PG (2)
1. D D avec Janmark
2. Stedman Mansiya Dare to be Different

O (7,1a)
1. Knight Westbank Blue Diamond for Talanors, dog exhibit of just past 2 y/o, carrying good type, in a strongly contested class he has the ability to show his assets off to a premium, I would suggest he is at the upper limit of the standard, yet his balance is correct and construction sound. BOB & G2
2. D D avec Janmark
3. Freguson Felfree Rocket


Junr (2,1a)
1. Brooks Zetamaz Rumour Has It, SFT dog of 16 m/o, liked him, pleasing head with well set ears and correct bite, good body proportions, nice front and rear angulation, moves well. BOB
2. Cox Millvally simply blue Petitpaws Aussie bitch of 9 m/o, pleasing enough exhibit of good body proportions, a little erratic on the move making her a little difficult to assess at times, ok when settles BP & PG3

PG (3,2a)
1. Armitage Diesirae Tribal Narcissus Mini Bull bitch of over 2y/o, nice size and shape, pleasing head overall, deep rib and maybe a little long cast, nice front and good rear angulation, moved ok.

O (1)
1. Brooks Yoxella Wear it Well for Zetamaz ShCm, SFT bitch just past 3 y/o, good size and shape, correct dentition, enough bone and rib without being over done, moved well if a little jaded.

AV Veteran
Four grand exhibits all representing their respective breeds with pride.
1.Cox Spitewinter Causing Chaos at Petitpaws Aussie, 2. Tilmoray Tranquility Border, 3. Dobelands Touch of Frost at Zetamaz ShCm, 4. Sophyla Secret Forula

Gary Hinsley



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