Bakewell Open 15 Judge's Critique


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Many thanks to the committee of Bakewell show for the opportunity to judge here. Lovely big ring with short grass and the weather was perfect. I would also like to thank the P.R.T. exhibitors for their super entry at this premier show and for the sporting manner  in  which they accepted my placings. My open class was so full of quality.  Two things I did notice was the improvement in heads, gone are the Fox Terrier type, also almost all the dogs present I was able to span.


1.         Wilson’s Pacolito Russell Sprout of Dragonmoor.Dog full of quality with good bone, straight in front, nice wedge shaped head with neat well placed ears, enough neck and correct shoulder placement, ribs going well back, good tail carriage and angulation, just needs to get a bit more muscle, really harsh coat, moved with drive, a real showman. Best Puppy.Terrier Puppy Group 1.

2.         Storey & Kelly’s Pacolito Rumour Has It. Bitch of good size, balanced head and small well placed ears, correct bite, a strong neck and good shoulders, enough spring of rib, good tail set, nice short hocks and tight well padded feet, not the movement of no.1 but with better muscle should be ok. Well presented and showed well.

3.         Morton’s Pacolito Phantasy. B.


1.         Broadberry’s Foxthorn Huron at Ratscallion. Nice type of dog, not overdone in size, good bone, straight front, nice head shape and correct ear carriage, enough neck into well laid shoulders, ribbed well back, a good thick tail, muscular quarters resulting in true movement, shown in good trim and never stopped showing.

2.         Morton’s Pacolito Phantasy. B. A little immature, just needs time, a good size with plenty of quality bone, tight feet, a pleasing head shape, correct bite, good neck and shoulders and good tail carriage, short hocks and good coat texture, moved well and showed.


1.         Whiteley’s Sunrock & Russell Yard’s Made In America. Dog of correct size, a really harsh jacket and good bone, nice head and ears which he used, a strong neck and good shoulders, enough rib, a strong loin and well muscled quarters, moved true, shown in good hard condition and never stopped showing.

2.         Broadberry’s Alncroft In Tune at Ratscallion. Bitch with balanced head and correct bite , enough neck into good shoulders and ribbed well back, good front and tight feet, tail well set and thick at root, good angulation, moved with drive, shown in tip top condition and showed well.

3.         Minett’s Routfelley Beajewelled. B.


1.         Wilson’s Ch. Pacolito Highly Prized at Dragonmoor. A good sized dog with plenty of quality bone, a straight front and tight feet, punishing head and strong jaw, small well placed ears and enough neck going into correct shoulders, strong in loin with good tail carriage, muscular second thigh giving correct movement, in good hard condition, never stopped showing. Best Of Breed. Terrier Group 3.

2.         Hooley’s Hoolmark Belle Starr. B. So close, these two could change position any time. Super head shape and small well placed ears which she used to advantage, good length of neck and good shoulders, enough spring of rib, strong in loin, good tail carriage, short hocks. Moved with drive, a credit to her owner, shown in lovely condition. Reserve Best Of Breed.

3.         Shelton’s Boultmoor True Delight. B.

Roger Crooks Judge



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