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Boston and District Canine Society
28th May 2019

Manchester Terriers

A busy show well organised. I was delighted that my Best of Breed, Straughan & Crippsâ Talanors Time to Shine at Mannikai went on to be selected Puppy Group 1 and Terrier Group 2 from a large selection by Jenny Startup.

1 Straughan & Cripps' Talanors Time to Shine at Mannikai BP, BOB
This puppy is an ideal example of the breed at just 7 and a half months, moving with drive and elegance. Balanced all round, maintaining correct topline and tail carriage. Well proportioned, with the right amount of muscle, correct front and rear angulation, good rise of loins and tuck up. Super texture and condition of coat, rich tan, well marked with clear thumbprints and good vent. Lovely head with dark oval eyes and well set ears. Very confident in ring coping well with a lot of background noise. A puppy of substance that I look forward to seeing progressing.

Junior :

1 Judge' s Harliboo Pretty In Pink at Ysablekid
Lovely temperament, kind dark eye with pleasing expression. Larger bitch with deep chest providing lots of heart and lung room. Shown in good hard condition. Calm on the table and moved confidently. Clear thumbprints and coat had a super texture and sheen.


1 Hebb' s Paucelin Falster JW
Super head on this dog and ideal ear set. Keen and alert expression with kind oval eye matched by his pleasing temperament. Well constructed all round with good bone and substance. Moved purposefully, balanced and maintaining strong topline, elegance and good tail carriage.

2. Straughan & Cripps' Talanors Straughan & Cripps' Talanors In For A Treat
A quality dog of typical type but today put off by the noisy hall so did not move as well as expected. Good wedge shaped head with well placed ears. Masculine with good spring to ribs and very well muscled. Another with super texture and condition of coat.

Judge Mrs Vicki Sharpe (Rosettia)




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