Camberley & District Canine Society April 09

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Border Terrier

1. Godefroid’s Hartswelin Far Away Promising young bitch just 12 months.Good head, neck &shoulder, nice bend of stifle, good pelt. Moved very well behind – pinning in slightly in front.
2 Norris’s Brookbank Could It Be Magic

Post Grad
1. Norris’s Cast a Spell Over Brookbank. Workmanlike bitch, good head, neck & shoulder. Excellent coat, good quarters well used to produce very good movement. Balanced throughout.
2. Newman’s Nookshot Wind in the Willows
3. Goodings’s Horizontoll Queen

1. Newman’s Nookshot Highland Toffee Typical head, good neck into well laid shoulder. Good topline and plenty of dog behind tail. Moved well from all angles BOB
2. Harris Penlumeg Pendant.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

1. Cooper’s Merriewell Midnite Magic The only exhibit present with the club Open Show taking place today, but he well deserved his 1st place and BOB. Good head, ear carriage and bite. Nice topline and tailset. Coat needs to clear and texture could be better but time is on his side. Up to size. Unsettled on the move but did enough to see that he can move well.

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Miniature Bull Terrier

Junior Two very promising exhibits.
1. Monaghan’s Debully Enter Sandman. Super young dog with a fantastic attitude. Very good head, eye, ears and bite. Good spring of rib and short coupled. Excellent quarters. Moved freely with drive and purpose BPIG.
2. Woll & Peakin’s Bulliebompas da Bomb at Byzantine (Imp) (NAF)

1 Phillips Bullyon Maiden Measure Good head and expression, well muscled neck into well laid back shoulder. Well sprung ribs and good topline. Plenty behind tail with well bent stifle giving driving movement. BOB

AV Terrier NSC

1. Fry’s Dentgate Confetti (Dandie) Very nice head and expression, good bone and substance. Nice angulation front and rear. Moved well.
2. Grant’s Ticknock Tamarind Breeze (Ir Terr)

1. Meyer’s Boughton Bliss (PRT) Typical head and expression, good neck, shoulder and topline. Short coupled. Moved well. Very pretty and feminine.
2. Moores Little Calamity Jane (Bull Terrier)

1. Chads Barbiwire Conquest at Parkside (WFT) Up to size but balanced throughout. Excellent head, neck and shoulder. Good body, well ribbed back and plenty behind tail. Excellent jacket well presented. Moved and showed well.
2. Gallop’s Maedlyn Summer Love (WHWT)
3. Bentley-Mouat’s Newguild Twist (Ir Terr)

1. Bentley-Mouat’s Newguild Majesty (Irish) Very good head, neck and shoulder, and good topline. Well angulated front and rear. Moved well. BNSC
2. Maedlyn Summer Knight (WHWT)

AV Terrier

1. Kippen’s Chezaku Master Minder Pretty Cairn pup. Typical head and expression. Good body and angulation front and rear. Balanced and sound and never stopped showing.
2. Newguild Twist

1. Merriwell Midnite Magic


1. Nookshot Highland Toffee (Border)
2. Bullyon Maiden Measure (Mini Bull)
3. Newguild Majesty (Irish)
4. Merriwell Midnite Magic (SCWT)

Puppy Group
1. Debully Enter Sandman (Mini Bull)
2. Chezaku Master Minder (Cairn)
3. Dentgate Confetti (Dandie)

Many thanks to my extremely efficient steward.

Gill Ford (Judge)




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