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Central Cornwall Canine Society Sunday February 10th 2013.

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge and to the heroic efforts of the exhibitors in managing to get to the show in atrocious weather. I was generally pleased with the exhibits, but there is concern for a few dogs who were very overweight. In my opinion, terriers should have the physique and the bite to carry out their respective work….this isn’t possible when an animal is very overweight and the bites are not correct. All dogs were well behaved and the exhibitors very pleasant.

Border Terriers.

Graduate- ( 2 ) 1st Warman’s Stockleigh Benny at Torleigh. 3 year old male
Good head and expression and a correct, full mouth with white clean teeth. Hard coat with good pelt. Good tailset. Moved out well. BOB

2nd – Warman’s Chatmoss Trudi Scrumptious at Torleigh. 11 month old girl who was a little overawed at the proceedings….very smart puppy with everything in place. Just needs to settle down. BP

Open ( 0 )

Bull Terriers

Graduate ( 3 ) 1st Waycott’s Ukusa Rhapsody for Waybully. White bitch with good bodyweight. Correct mouth. Well angulated and beautifully handled. Would prefer slightly stronger head. RBOB
Louka’s Kolor Koded. 19 month old male….nice head, topline and tailset good. Carrying enough weight…moved out steadily.

Open ( 3 ). 1st Pullens Louka Gone Racin. Smart looking male, presented a pleasing and athletic looking outline.A dog that looked like he could do his job effortlessly. Good head with full, correct and clean mouth. Carrying correct bodyweight. Moved out soundly and covered the ground well. Very well handled and a pleasure to go over. BOB and thrilled he got G1.

2nd Waycott’s Ukusa Rhapsody for Waybully

Cairn Terriers -No entries

Fox Terriers ( Smooth )

Open ( 2 ) 1st Clark’s Roxway Brave Edge at Leconridge. Mature 3 yr old dog. Good head, neck and shoulders….nice rear angulation. Good coat. Carrying a shade too much weight. Bit unsteady on the move. BOB

2nd Wileman’s Tamarwahy Jade. 18 month old bitch. Smart type, but still quite immature. Lovely neck and shoulders, level topline and good hard coat. Just a tad longer coupled than 1. Very alert with a lovely inquisitive expression. RBOB

Kerry Blue Terriers

Graduate ( 0 )

Open ( 2, 1 ) 1st Ford’s Arigna Anything Goes at Kanjuley. 5 year old and presenting a balanced picture when standing. Feminine head with the darkest of eye and small, neat ears. Missing some facial furnishings due to an apparent altercation with a housemate, but none the worse for it as is typical of the breed !! Excellent coat texture of a beautiful shade of blue. Good front assembly. Short coupled and well angled behind. Moved out steadily. BOB.


Manchester Terriers

Graduate ( 1 ) 1st Palmer’s Egloshayle Fallen Angel. This young lady was a bit distracted by the windy conditions in the hall. Pretty head, lovely healthy-looking coat with good hind angulation and tail set.

Open ( 2 )1st Carter’s Mansiya Witch’s Familiar at Afilador SHCM. Presented a nice outline on the table. Good head, ear carriage and expression. Moved out steadily. Very well handled. BOB

2nd Egloshayle Lady Morwenna Smart looking girl who was very put off her stride by the windy conditions. A bit unsure on the move, and I’m sure I didn’t see her at her best. RBOB

Parson Russell Terriers- No Entries

Scottish Terriers

Open ( 1 ) Hill’s Samstevever Rainbow’s End. What a corker..!! 8 month old wheaten girl…everything in the right places…alert and naughty terrier expression thanks to a cracking head with the darkest of eyes, correct bite ….an excellent front assembly and a back end to match. Level topline and correct set on. Coat already feeling harsh to the touch. Moved round the ring with purpose and drive. Couldn’t take my eyes off her. BOB

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers

Open ( 3, 1 ) 1st House’s Glendowan Tarquol. Youngster with excellent masculine head and expression. Full correct mouth. Well constructed in all departments and carrying a beautiful wavy wheaten coloured coat of correct texture. Moved out well with purpose and behaved very well for one so young. BOB.

2nd Atyeo’s Glendowan Guiding Star to Kanjuley. Mature girl, nice head and expression. Good mouth. Balanced front and back and good tailset. Moved well. Preferred the coat and colour of 1. RBOB


Staffordshire Bull Terriers

This breed impressed me very much with their fitness and athleticism. Spotlessly clean with correct mouths….also they were totally unfazed by the bad weather and general noise in the hall.

Graduate ( 4 ) 1st Budge’s Cyberstaff Honey’s Lil Gal at Budgestaff JW.Very fit looking girl with nice head and expression. Excellent balance. Moved out well. RBOB.
2nd Hawken’s Carfury Elowen Pleasing head with correct bite.Athletic body. Moved steadily, but didn’t quite have the animation of 1. Well handled .

Open ( 3 ) 1st Dowling and Caswell’s Leger Odds On Favourite at Cyberstaff JW. Smart, muscular, happy looking girl with lovely head, ear carriage and expression. Well balanced construction which she showed to advantage when moving. BOB
2nd Hawken’s Carfury Bal Maiden JW. Another athletic looking bitch who presented a clear and balanced outline. Good head ..nice tailset . Moved with purpose. Preferred the expression of 1.

West Highland White Terriers - No entries

Eve Somers ( Judge )

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