Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society 19 Judge's Critique

Derbs Agri & Horti Society 19 Judge

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                             Derbyshire Agricultural @ Hortticultural Sociiety Dog Show 23rd June

Border Jun (6)

1 BOB Group2 Sneddon Glen Mara Oh Viedo at Kersfell quality one with a good otter head, well set ears , tight feet, nicely balanced body spans well, good coat and pelt, moves well

2 Dean Cederhill Melt in the Mouth grizzle  dog  strong head good front, good coat moves ok 

3 Dixon Otterpaws Red Red Wine Dixon Otterpaws Lyin Eyes

PG (6)

1 Sneddon Glen Mara Oh Viedo at Kersfell 

2 Metcalfe Billy Blue Boy at Chevinor typy pleasing head good bite , harsh coat , good pelt , nice length of body , prefered movement of winner

3 Wheldon Winters Blackthorn Res Dixon Otterpaws Lyin’ Eyes

O (6)

1 Otterpaws Firebird grizzle with a good head and expression , good bite, tidy front, good coat good length of body moves well

2 Sneddon Ch Kersfell Chorister quality veteran nicely balanced, good head correct coat and pelt spans well , privilege to go over

3 Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor Res Winters Blackthorn

Jack Russell Jun Kay  (3)

1  Jackopeaks Bakewell Puddin smooth Good head correct bite good body , decent rear quarters moved showed well

2 Copping Winnard Caldbeck Ginger Spice at Rutaaro typy one good head and eye good coat showed well

3 Whiting Montravia Kit Kat to Rodale

PG (1)

1 BOB Group 4 Copping Winnard Caldbeck Cool Hand Luke at Rutaaro handy sort, decent head, good body , spans ok , strong quarters moved ok
O (1) 

1 Jackopeaks Princess Peach veteran smooth,  one I’ve judged in the past , in good condition for age, enjoying her day.

Staffordshire Bull P (1)

1 Jones Chiswellstaff Black Velvet at Kamaraistaff Good Head clean lips correct bite good body moved ok

Jun (1) 

l BOB Group 3 Lloyd  Busters Black Princess typy one decent head ample rib moved ok

PG (1)

1 Lloyd  Blue Phantom Shadow handy sort decent head and pigmentation , good chest, enough bone strong quarters

O (2)

1 Jone’s Lil’ Miss Velvet at Kamaristaff stands four square , good head shape nice rose ear, correct bite , clean lips short level back, moved with drive

2 Saunt Moonlight Shimmer at Darklands decent in head correct bite deep chest level topline , correct tailset showed well

A.V.N.S.C . (2)

1 Redfern @ Bushell Scottish Whistlynarra Whistling Wind of the Glen  typy,   good length of head , short level back , qood tailset and hindquarters moved well

2 Warner SFT tallish dog that is fine all the way through he has a fair head and was decently presented

O (5 1abs)

1 Group 1  Smith  Heythrop Task Master for Alncroft eyecatching dog that is well balancedand easily spanned , he has a good head and expression, good front and well laid shoulders , good coat and pelt, strong rear , good quarters, one to watch as he should make up

2 Moules Airedale Doraemi quality one with a good long head and good ears, straight front, good shoulders , good neck , short level back, nicely angulated behind good coat and colour , was a close decision between him and class wiiner Cox Bull Ukusa Reverie at Dachshinbull Res Oxaca Rodney

A.V Veteran (4 1abs)

1  Dixon  Border Wings of Speed at Otterpaws good otter head , nice length , spans ok moved well

2 Sutton Border Hunted Thistle at Thistlewhiss

3 Jackopeaks Princess Peach
                                                                                                                                                  Judge Jim McGhie




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