Durham County Canine Society 18

Durham County Canine Society 18

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Durham County Canine Asso. 15th July 2018.

Border Terrier Puppy

1st Mrs V Atkinson`s Esyntona Codeword Vandamere 10mths, pretty pup, lovely type with good head, out of coat today. BP


1st Mr & Mrs Lorraine Raleniro New Rose, racy type, nice head and expression, in decent coat, moved ok.

2nd A Dixon`s Wings of Speed at Otterpaws, very nice type, just heavy throughout, moved very well.


1st A Dixon`s Otterpaws Firebird SHCH, 3yrs, lovely head, nice outline, very balanced, in lovely coat and condition, moved well, not overdone in any way. BOB

2nd Mrs V Atkinson`s Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf, 3 yrs, another very nice type, pushed hard for 1st, just preferred head of 1.

Jack Russell Puppy

1st Makenzie-Greig`s Calderbeckjack Flash Back, 6mths, pleasing head and expression, good ears, in good coat and condition, moved very well. BP & BOB PG2.


1st Makenzie-Greig`s Motravia Abracadabra, 13mths, lovely head and ears, expression, lovely throughout, in super coat and condition.

2nd S McCabe`s Krisbos Jelly Bean, 2yrs, smooth coated, good head, very nice throughout but too heavy all over for me. Moved and showed very well.


1st L Hall`s Geordiestaff Canny Laddie, certainly all male, good head, nice front, good outline, super condition, moved and showed well. BOB

2nd T Adams Toms Blu Cracker, 6mths baby, lovely head, front and body, hard to assess movement. BP & PG3

Wire Fox Terrier

1st A Maughan Brocolita Painted Apache, 9mths, Very smart puppy, clean long head with nice ears giving sharp expression. Clean front, nice shoulders topline and tail on top. Moved and showed well. BP, BOB & PG1.

Smooth Fox Terrier

1st Mr & Miss E Hannar, Borovale Georgia, lovely headed bitch with super ears, lovely expression, great shoulders and topline, in lovely coat. Showed well. BOB & G1 & BIS.

2nd R Davidson`s Lizoni Hot to Trot, 15mths, lovely head and ears, little long cast in body, in good condition, moved and showed well.

3rd Ketley & Gash Enjakay Secret Love

Cairn Terrier Open

1st Mrs Dodds, Birselaw Stand with Me SHCM, decend head and well set ears, good shoulders and toline, nice size, well made, moved and showed well. BOB

2nd Mrs Dodds Briselaw Ruby Slipper, 9mths, pretty head and ears set, nice expression, clean front, showed well. BP & PG4

Bull Terrier Open

1st Mr & Mrs Heard Blazinbullys Snow Queen, 13mths, very smart young female, good strong head and nice ears, clean lines throughout, not overdone in any way, sound.

2nd Nadolski & Liddle, Castorbull Dark Before Dawn, nice head, little wide in front, in lovely condition.

Mini Bull Terrier Open

1st Mr & Mrs Heard, Louwab Frau Perchta, 18mths, very smart, lovely head and ears, clean front, super outline and well off for bone. Moved and showed well. BOB

Parson Russell Terrier Open

1st Miss Kelly and Storey Pacalito Simply Strategic at Brizanrae, 2yrs, a very nice parson, super head, ears and expression, clean front, lovely topline, in A1 condition. Moved and showed very well. BOB/G3

Scottish Terrier Graduate

1st Mrs Rutherford`s Carisco Follow Your Dreams, 2yrs, good length of head, clean, and great ears, clean front, super shoulders, topline and tailset. Areal nice dog. In lovely coat. Moved and showed with drive and purpose. BOB & G2.

2nd Dr & Mrs Willis, Carisco Kings Crusader, great length of head, just not as clean, in lovely coat, preferred shoulders of 1. Moved and showed very well.

Scottish Terrier Open

1st Mrs Rutherford`s Carisco Cendal Crème, 23mths, clean head, nice ears, lovely front, short, super topline, great backend, in lovely coat.

2nd Dr & Mrs Willis, Trakside Cobalion, best of heads, great front, low, lovely topline.


1st Pearson`s Braxquin One in a Million for Winoski, 2yrs, pretty, decent head, neat ears, clean front, nice shoulders and topline, not really showing today.

AV Terrier NSC Open

1st Johnson`s Garsayno Gold Kipling SCHM, SCWT, nice head and ears, good mouth, lovely shoulders, topline, tailset, in lovely condition, moved with purpose and drive. Best AVNSC & G4.

2nd A Maughan`s Brocolita Bugsy Malone, 18mths, nice type, short, cobby, in super hard condition, not showing the best of himself today in the stifling heat.

3rd L Ashton, Jymelhia Princess Consuela Kitesprite.

AV Terrier puppy

1st Mrs Dodds Briselaw Ruby Slipper

AV Terrier Junior

1st Makenzie-Greig`s Motravia Abracadabra

Av Terrier Graduate

1st McCabe`s Krisbos Jelly Bean

AV Terrier Open

1st Mrs Dodds, Birselaw Stand with Me SHCM

AV Terrier Veteran

1st Seymours Bubble & Squeak for Raleniro Shcm (Border) 9yrs, lovely type, super head, very balanced throughout, in lovely coat, not overdone.

2nd Armstrong`s Elantiz Rambling Rosie, 7 yrs, super Norwich, nice head and good ears, little overweight, but in super coat. Moved and showed well.

Judge Joanne Vickers






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