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East Kent Canine Society 3/02/2013
Judge Gary Hinsley


AVNSC Jnr (4,1a)
1. Fernandez&Purnell’s Muliebrity Rilletta, Airedale btch of a little over 8 months, a puppy carrying great type and of the required shape and size, keen expression, good shaped head not overdone, correct dentition, presented a lovely outline when viewed either way, good all-round angulation, sound on the move, liked her a lot BPAVNSC & PG1
2. Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket
3. Chitty’s Seaquest Rude Boy

PG (5)
1. Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM , Cesky btch Nicely turned out exhibit of good type, nicely shaped head with correct dentition, neat triangular ears, a well sprung rib with the desired slight rise to a truly well muscled rear moved out well, but lacked interest in the challenge to lose out to her kennel mate.
2. Andrew’s Millingford Blackberry
3. Greenwood’s Petmon Royal Magician

O (6,2a)
1. Burrage’s Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova ShCM, Cesky btch of almost 7 years of age, showing the younger exhibits a thing or two here, slightly smaller than her PG wining stable mate, but again turned out in not only great clip, but in fantastically muscled condition. Correct bite and ear set, enough rib, of correct length in back and superbly condition rear producing the desired rise from front to rear. Moved soundly, putting it all in. Best AVNSC & G2
2. Pagram’s Torcraig Dizzy Gillespie
3. Foster’s Thozow Sweet Pea


Jnr (5,1a)
1. Holmes’s Bimandi’s Belladonna, Btch of 13 months old, presented a lovely picture of type and balance when viewed from all angles, Nice head, neat well set ears, straight in front, good rib, spannable, good rear angulation and sound on the move, enough virtue to win this class.
2. Norris’s Brookbank Beauly Btch of just short of 12 months, nice puppy with plenty more to come, correct bite, spannable, decent front construction, and rear angulation, moved well when settled BP& PG2
3. Small’s Tilmoray Turtle Dove

PG (4,1a)
1. Aldis’s Torryburn Brocade Btch of almost 2 y/o, impressed with her shape and size here, smart typey head with correct dentition, she is spannable and has good rib, ok on the move her overall size, shape and balance won her this class.
2. Small’s Tillmoray Turtle Dove
3. Norris’s Brookbank Brora

O (7,2a)
1. Bishop’s Withershins Victor, 2 y/o Dog, Cracking exhibit, just what I look for in a Border, grand head with out being oversize, correct dentition and ear shape, enough rib carried well back, he is just spannable for me, good rear angulation, moved freely carrying a level top line, balanced and of good all round proportion without any exaggeration. BOB & G3
2. Aldis’s Torryburn Sequoia
3. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Cyrus jw

Bull Terriers

Jnr (3,1a)
1. Gausden & Lade’s Kescostaff What a Diva 7 m/o bitch, white with eye patch, showing good conformation under a nice tight fitting coat, good head shape and ears giving the desired expression, nice front, good rear angulation, moved ok BP & PG4
2. Pickering’s Ukusa Darkqueen

PG (4)
1. Kirk’s Kerbully’s Rising Son, 4 y/o coloured Dog, Classic head shape with well set ears and a correct bite, straight enough front, well off for bone, very alert, moved ok.
2. Kennedy’s Abbies Lucky Lad
3. White’s Shanthana Thai Black Orchid

O (4,2a)
1. Kocaba’s Baldlesmere Berties Brother Coloured Dog of 4 years, an exhibit of great size and substance, good typical head shape, correct bite, well set on ears, strong neck, broad front and a well sprung rib, moved well with power and drive, well up on his toes. BOB.
2. Head’s Shacadia’s Black Mamba


Jnr (5,1)
1. Hacker’s Teddeana Diamond Jubilee 7 m/o btch exhibit Cream in colour, classic head piece with small well set ears and dark eye, correct dentition, good all round angulation when viewed in profile, a well held top line when on the move was enough for her to win this class. BP & PG3.
2. Saich’s Lindcoly Spanish Adventure
3. Smee’s Malmay Sunshine Sally

PG (5,1a)
1. Hacker’s Teddeana Ashana Cream Btch just short of 2y/o again a nice typey exhibit, I found her free from exaggeration in all departments, well angulated both front and rear, dark eyes, correct bite and well placed ears. She moved well.
2. Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Fable Shcm
3. Saich’s Lincoly Dark Knight

O (5)
1. Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again, 3 ½ y/o Dog exhibit. Presented a lovely balanced profile when viewed from all angles, all in good proportion here, neat head with correct dentition and good strength in under jaw, dark eye and well set ears making a typical alert expression, correct body proportions , strength in rear and well let down. Moved freely BOB & G4.
2. Hacker’s Teddeana Jorga Fox.
3. Goldfinch’s Kanawha Whatathriller.

1. SBT, Jones’s Blazinstaff Light My Fire JW, top quality exhibit presented here in fine fettle, has lost none of his attributes since I awarded him a rcc last time I saw him. 2. Cesky, 3. Border, 4. Cairn

Puppy Group
1. Airedale, 2. Border, 3. Cairn, 4. Bull Terrier

Gary Hinsley


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