Great Harewood Agricultural Show 17

Great Harwood Agricultural 2017

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Great Harwood Agricultural 29th May 2017



J (3,1)

1 Brady’s Calazde Black Hawk War Quality puppy with pleasing head and expression, very sound throughout compact and close coupled, alert and responding well to his handler.

2 Hargreaves Thunderstaff Midnite Magic BP

O (2)

1 Sutcliffe & Crossman’s Pendlestaff Firestorm. Enthusiastic and friendly red and white dog –moved well when he got into his stride. Very strong well muscled and agile. Best of straight fronts with a nice width between legs. Good head and neat ears, strong jaw and teeth BOB.

2 Skelly’s Skelstaff Miss Moneypenny


J (4,1)

1 Haughton’s Chorbeck Angel. Excellent parallel free movement with plenty of drive and good straight front also when standing. Good neck and shoulder placement help to make up the pleasing outline. Nice head and ears BP.

2 Metcalf’s Tojamatt Myth for Chevinor

3 Pearson’s Karison Knightingale

O (5,2)

1 Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor SHCM. Best of fronts and the all important neck and shoulders. Moved with drive - probably helped by the well muscled thighs and angulated stifle. Noted the classic rather short straight strong tail thicker at base and tapering. BOB.

2 Haughton’s Chorbeck Space Cowboy 3 Keeffe’s Keebank Charles Diamond.


PG (1 )

1 Goodman’s Joemario Moonlit Shadow BOB now a veteran Dog but still showing well and grand on the move. Nicely marked if a bit heavy around the vent. Nicely lifted ears pointing down to above eye give typical Manchester expression. Particularly noted -well bent stifle and well arched toes.

O (1)

J Moonlit Shadow.


J (1) 1 Neild’s Logierait Lambie. Very much a puppy, his attractive head markings are very appealing. Should shorten up and tail strengthen with maturity BP

O (2)

1 Rimmer’s Maanainion Doubleshot over Kylini (Imp Fin) Nice wedge shaped head with typical ears folding level with scull. Had a bit of a wobble at one point when he tried to scratch his ear whilst moving but didn’t do it again! Carries tail better on the move than standing. Quite a lot of ticking on body but no actual coat markings. BOB

2 Neild’s Logierait Little Lotte

WHW J (1)

1 Bartley’s Atelib Majestic Moon Just out of Puppy by a few days. Upstanding Compact bitch nice neck and shoulders blending into a short back, neat pointed ears compliment the lovely facial expression. Good harsh coat.

O (1)

1 Bartley’s Atelib Playing the Star Similar type to his kennel mate but more masculine and mature. Strong, powerful movement. BOB.

Ron Punter Judge.



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