Greenock & Cistrict KA Open 17 Judge's Critique

Greenock & District KA Open 17

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Breed Judge D Desmond (Elitebull)

Puppy (1, 0 abs)
1st Owens, Tagstane Bobby McGee
Black Brindle Bitch. Very much a baby but her quality shone through. Skull/muzzle of correct proportions. Neat ears, dark eyes and clean lipped. Correct bite with clean white teeth. When prompted she used her ears well which enhanced her very pretty, feminine expression. Compact, short coupled body. Good front with, nice bone and tidy feet. Enough rib for her age and level topline, standing and on the move. Her backend developing well and angulation correct. Good tail set and carried well. Handled very well, she moved nicely when settled. Later found out that this was her first show, she done very well indeed and I am sure she will gain confidence and do very well in the future.
Best Puppy in Breed, AV Terrier Minor Puppy G1 and Terrier Special Puppy Group 2. Congratulations!

Junior (1, 0 abs)
1st Campbell & Irvineâ s, Diamondstaff Jack N Black
Black Brindle/white Dog. Top sized dog, but well balanced. Skull of correct proportions, dark eye and clean-lipped with correct bite. Neat ears, which he used well enhancing his keen expression which was there every time I looked at him; a great advantage for any dog. Good front and tidy feet. A longer cast body, but in good condition for his age. Correct tail placement and carriage. Level topline which was held on the move. Moved and handled well.

Post Graduate
1st Donaldâ s, Vanayres Gambler
Dark Brindle/White Dog. A lovely balanced dog that caught my eye. Skull/muzzle of correct proportions, round, dark eye and correct scissor bite with white clean teeth. Neat ears, which, when he used them enhanced his expression well. Correct length of neck leading to well laid shoulders, good straight, well boned front, finished with tidy feet. Short coupled body with enough rib, level topline and well muscled hind quarters. Good anglulation and definition to inner and outer thighs. Correct tail set and carriage. Shown in good condition. Moved well, when moved at the correct pace. The handler needs to be more definite in her intent to move forward with the dog, look ahead and lead him off ... in turn he will use his well balanced body to reach, drive and follow. Seen glimpses of this from him and indeed, when in the group his handler moved with more conviction and it showed well. I wish you well with this young dog, Congratulations!
Best of Breed, Terrier Group 3

2nd Ritchieâ s, Northsaltire Force India
Dark Brindle/white bitch. Slightly longer cast body than the first place. Head of correct proportions and correct bite. Dark eye and neat ears. Not as keen an expression as my first place. Moved and handled well.

3rd Douglas & Moffatâ s, Kargonstaffs Kobyashi
Black Brindle/white dog. Top sized dog with a longer cast body than first place. Skull/muzzle of correct proportions, correct bite and neat ears. Front ok, enough bone and neat feet. Good rib and nicely muscled rear quarters with correct angulation. Shown in good condition, moved ok.

Open Dog/Bitch
1st Owensâ s , Kyraloebis Viva La Juicy at Tagstane
Black Brindle/white bitch. Standard, compact bitch and well balanced. Skull and muzzle proportions were correct, good bite and clean headed bitch with neat ears and dark eyes that enhanced this bitchâ s feminine, keen expression. Correct length of neck. Well boned front and tidy feet. Well laid shoulders, short coupled body with great spring of rib and correct rear angulation. Correct tail set and carriage, shown in good condition; moved and handled well. Reserve Best of Breed.

2nd Richieâ s, Northsaltire Nice One Sam
Dark Brindle Dog. Correct Skull to muzzle proportions. Correct bite and neat ears. Would have preferred a darker eye but did not take away from this dogâ s keen expression. Correct length of neck, straight front and neat feet. Ample rib, level topline and correct tail set/carriage. Shown in good condition, moved and handled well.

3rd McClellandâ s, Tagstane Shining Star at Rochlawie
Dark Brindle Bitch. Correct proportions to head, neat ears, dark eye and correct bite. Nice feminine expression. Level topline, good rear angulation, tail set and carriage. Moved and handled well.

D Desmond (Elitebull)


Breed Judge D Desmond (Elitebull)

Post Graduate (4, 2 abs)
1st Stephens & Mitchellâ s, Misybulâ s of Amazing Grace from Seayess
Brindle/white Bitch 11 months. Strong headed bitch with a deep, well filled skull. Nice dark, well placed eyes and a keen expression. Well turned head, black nose, good depth to underjaw, bite ok . Well placed ears which were erect and held well. Muscular neck leading to strong shoulders well â rounded bone, straight front and tidy feet. Body strong but would prefer a shorter back and more of an underline rise from brisket to belly. Well ribbed, wide hind quarters, well muscled and correct rear angulation. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved ok.

2nd Stephens & Farmerâ s, Coxgal Fae Girders by Seayess

Open (5, 3 abs)
1st Int LUX Ch Angels Tiny Warriors Forever (IMP GR) ShCM
Red/white bitch. Mature, clean, well filled and turned head. Black nose and good underjaw. Bite OK. Loved this bitchâ s keen, attentive expression. Correctly placed ears used well. Good, round bone, nice front with neat, tight feet. Balanced body, good rib, wide, well muscled rear quarters with correct tail set and carriage. Moved well front and back. All over a very pleasing bitch. Best of Breed, Terrier Group 2, Congratulations!

2nd Stephens & Farmerâ s, Coxgal Fae Girders by Seayess

D Desmond (Elitebull)


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