Guilford & Districts Open 15 Judge's Critique

Guilford & Districts Open 15

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Judge: Mrs Sharon Ames (Sharnor)

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of Guildford & District Canine Society for the opportunity to judge my first Terrier Group.  I would also like to thank them for their hospitality throughout the day.  I was very fortunate to have some super quality terriers to go over which were in good condition.

Ferguson’s Felfree Rocket ShCM – Manchester Terrier
A super dog but, up to size.  Outstanding condition. Very good head, and dark eye.  Lovely expression. Good teeth with strong jaw.  I would have preferred slightly smaller ears but he did use them very well.    Super, clean, well sloping shoulders.  Good length of back with an excellent topline.    Moved with purpose.  He took command of the ring as soon as he came in.  I was very pleased to award him Terrier Group 1.

Goddard’s Kgills King of Swing at Aw brooksky – Border Terrier
Very masculine red dog in excellent condition.  Good harsh coat and pelt.  I loved his head with dark eye and very keen expression.  Well ribbed with good length of back.  Strong loins.  Excellent tailset  Lovely movement.  Easily spanned. A very nice dog to go over.  Handled very well.

Foster’s Thozow Forget Me Not – WHWT
Another excellent terrier.  Such quality.  A little dog strongly built. Good head and loved her expression.  Extremely well muscled.  Excellent tailset.  Moved around the breed ring with such purpose, but I felt that she lost a bit of her sparkle in the Group ring. Put down to perfection and handled very well.

Goddard’s Awbrooksky Geeteethree
8 Month old puppy.  Lacks slightly in head but I am sure that with time this will strengthen.  She is a super size.  Good coat and pelt.  Nice dark eye with a keen expression.  Good small V shaped ears.  Excellent bite.  Super length of back and well ribbed.  Easily spanned. She showed really well.  Her movement today earned her this placing.

Gardener’s Perrisblu Ceris At Danalas. Norfolk Terrier
What a smart little “lady” she was, with such attitude.  Small, yet full of bone and substance.  Lovely dark eye and good expression.  Wonderful shoulders, well laid back.  Super forequarters and hindquarters moving very true both coming and going.  Level topline.  A pleasure to go over.

Kippen’s Carradine Dee Jay of Chezaku
This young dog did not want to settle today.  Everything was a big game.  Keen expression. Good weather resistant coat.  Very strong head.  Good angulations.  Just a bit too much of him.


1st         Gardener’s Perrisblu Ceris At Danalas. Norfolk Terrier BP & PTG2
2nd        Mann’s Nerotoro Cosmic Girl.
3rd        Kettle’s Yoxella Warm Spell

1st                 Moore’s She’s A Rockstar - SBT
            Well balanced with amazing muscle tone.  Nice eyes and lovely expression.  Very femine. Strong jaw with good teeth.  Good movement and full of confidence.  Would have preferred her coat to be a better colour.
2nd        Mann’s Nerotoro Cosmic Girl – SBT
3rd        Kettle’s Yoxella Warm Spell - SFT

Post Graduate
1st         Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard - SCWT
            A very well balanced smart looking dog who just oozed confidence.  Super outline.  Nicely proportioned head.   Strong jaw with good teeth.    Super front.  Good shoulders.  Well sprung ribs with good deep chest. Moved with drive.  Carried himself very well.  Good coat.
2nd        Pagram’s Torcraig Sydnificant - Scottish Terrier
3rd        Mitchell & Ashton’s Our Little Cracker – SBT
Res      Kettle’s Equifox Perfect Pickle - SFT

1st         Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket ShCM BOB & TG1
2nd        Pagram’s Torcraig Sea Pearl - Scottish Terrier
3rd        Mann’s Nerotoro Cosmic Girl – SBT
Res      Gardiner’s Perrisblu Liberty at Danalas ShCM
VHC     Bristow’s Kellynack Viva La Passione for Avard - SCWT

1st         Kippen’s Carradine Dee Jay of Chezaku – BP & PTG3
Post Graduate
1st         Confue & Pavlova’s Anjofra Roulette Russe - BOB
            A very confident dog.  Lovely head with good expression.  Well balanced.  A very good wheaten coat in excellent condition. Super topline.  Lovely free-flowing stride.

1st         Confue’s Anjofra Mad About Me
            Very cheeky red brindle bitch, oozing confidence. Ultra feminine with super expression.  Good mouth.  Good neck and shoulders.  Moved very well.


Special Yearling
1st         Jacka-slater’s Cloverwood Duchess May
            She stood alone today but a pleasure to go over.  A very nice type.  Very feminine but still has a strong head and jaw.  Silky white hair covering her head.  A super broad skull and well domed forehead.   Large bright eyes with a pleasing expression.  Super neck and shoulders.  Good topline and tailset.  Well sprung ribs with plenty of  length to her body.  Coat in excellent condition.  Moved very well. Unfortunate they could not stay for the Group.



Special Yearling
1st         Foster’s Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow (NAF)
Good head with super expression.  Nice small ears.   Really dark eyes set wide apart.  Strong jaws and correct bite.  Super neck and shoulders. Lovely deep chest.  I would have preferred him to be slightly shorter coupled.  Strong and well-muscled.  Good tailset.  A super mover. 

1st         Foster’s Thozow Forget Me Not BOB & TG3

Judge: Mrs Sharon Ames (Sharnor)


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