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Huntingdon Canine Society “70th Anniversary Open Show
Saturday 10th November

May I thank the Committee for inviting me to judge at this Special 70th Anniversary Show



Puppy 3 (1abs)
1st Lilley’s “Wyregait Shades Of Gold” (Wire Fox Terrier) .First show today but coped with the situation well. Good length of head, nice ear carriage, good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulder, Good front assembly, short back, plenty behind tail, coat now coming through well. Tail bang on top, moved well when settled. BPAVNSC TERRIER  & TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 2.

2nd Webber’s “Lilyphanie Great Showman” (Dandie Dinmount). Nice distinctive head but in proportion in the dogs size, Nice rich dark eye, good ear placement, scissor bite & good muscular neck. Well  laid shoulder, well ribbed. In good waterproof coat, moved well.

Junior 1 (1 abs) 1st Thomson’s  “Smash Strong For Victory “(West Highland White) Good slightly domed skull with good furnishings, nice dark eye, correct ears small & erect. Mouth ok, muscular neck merging into sloping shoulder, Short back,  nice tail carriage, coat in good condition and presented well. Moved with drive.

Gradulate 2 (0 abs) 1st Roe & Stewart’s “ Eskwyre It’s a Lot Like Love” (Scottish Terrier). Nice long head well balanced, correct dark almond eye, Well placed ears used well. Good scissor bite, moderate length of neck leading into well sloping shoulder, deep chest. Would have liked to have seen a more level topline. Well padded feet, good tail set. Moved very well.

2nd Simon’s “Saredon Red Berry” (Irish Terrier). Ok in head with small V shaped ears, correct mouth. moderate length of neck leading into well laid shoulder. Deep chest, topline ok, tail well set on. Would have liked to have seen a bit more coat, but was presented well. Moved well.

Open 3 (3 abs) 1st Atkin’s “Holbeam Celtic Summer” ShCM (Irish Terrier). Liked this girl as soon she entered the ring. Long head with flat skull, dark small eyes, small V shaped ears in which she used well. Correct scissor bite, nice length of neck merging into well placed shoulder, good deep chest. Lovely topline with tail bang on top. In great coat and presented in tip top condition. Moved with drive and purpose.BAVNSC TERRIER, TERRIER GROUP 1 and delighted to hear that she went onto gain “BEST IN SHOW”.
 2nd Davison’s “Braxquin Forget Me Not”(West Highland White). Very nice Westie with lovely rounded head. Lovely dark eye sharp & intelligent, small erect ears. Ok in mouth, muscular neck, level topline & deep chest. Good in coat with good undercoat, moved free & well. RBAVNSC TERRIER.


Puppy 3 (0 abs)  1st Brewster & Green’s “ Stowthorney Wicker Man”. Very nice puppy with a bright future ahead of him. Lovely otter head with strong muzzle. Dark & keen eye, well placed ears, correct scissor bite. Moderate length of neck, deep chest with body easily spannable, nice small feet with thick pads. Good tail carriage which he held on the move, in great coat and presented well, very good on the move. BP TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 1.

2nd Hollingsbee’s “ Otterwood Diodem” ,Same comments as my winner, lost out on maturity today can easily change places on another day.

Junior 3 (0 abs) 1st “Otterwood Diodem” As previous comments.

2nd Pateman’s “Twigglestone Somthin Else For Lessien”, Nice honest Border. Good in shoulder, ribs carried well back, a nice Border to go over. Moved very well.
Post Graduate 2 (0 abs) 1st Adam’s “Fisherbloom Kiss My Class”. Lovely Border to go over, typical otter head with short strong muzzle. Keen dark eye, correct scissor mouth, not to heavy in bone, well placed shoulder. Strong loins & racy hind quarters, nice tail held well on the move, in great coat presented well .RBOB

2nd Turner’s “Sweet Pearl”. Nice head with strong muzzle, Ample length to neck merging into well lay of shoulder, Good ribs, ok in coat, nice racy mover.

Open 3 (1 abs) 1st Hollingsbee’s “Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood”. Lots to like about this Border, everything fitting the standard. Lovely otter head, short strong muzzle, keen expression with dark eye. Correct scissor bite, nice neck with deep chest, strong loins with racy hind quarters. In good coat & moved well BOB & TERRIER GROUP 2.

2nd Holmes, “IR CH Barnby Caramel Wafer At Bimandi JW Shcm”. Same comments as my winner but would have preferred a lest curl of tail.


Puppy 1 ( 0 abs)       1st Elsbergiene’s “Egricka  Iz  Elisgrada”. Very nice puppy her very first show in which she found it a bit to much, Pleasing head with well set ears, Correct Scissor bite, medium length of neck, well laid shoulder. Level back with rise over loins, good hindquarters, tail set ok, in good coat & presented well. Difficult to asses the movement but when settled I saw what I wanted. BP

Post Graduate 2 (0 abs) 1st Burrage & England’s “Shasgav Nothin Else Matters”. Very nice Cesky fits the breed standard well, Correct in head with medium sized eyes, Ears set high, medium length of neck which is powerful and slightly arched, well laid shoulder. Level back with a nice rise over the loins, nice spring of rib, good hindquarters, medium set tail which was carried correct around the ring. Turned out to perfection in super coat. Moved very well. RBOB.

2nd Burrage’s  “Komidion Prima Donna Of Sametova”.  Same comments as my winner but prefered the shoulder of 1.

Open Burrage & England’s “Komidion Night Music At Sametova” ShCM. Fit the breed standard well. Nice long head with skull slightly arched, nice deep set eye, ears set high and close to cheeks, medium length of neck. Well laid shoulder, good level back with just the right rise over the loins, good set of tail. Moved very well with purpose. BOB & TERRIER GROUP 3.

2nd Burrage & England’s “CH Ashley Heath’s Black Thunder”. Another nice Cesky here but I preferred the head of my winner but otherwise same comments to 1.
AV Terrier
Puppy 4 (2 abs) 1st Brewster’s “ Stowthorney Wicker Man” Border Terrier.
                          2nd Warner’s “Threaplands Primrose”  Border Terrier

Junior 2 (1 abs) 1st Hance’s “Riosset “Right To Roam” PRT,  Ok in head with correct scissor bite, nice dark eye, used ears and carried well.  Good length of neck leading into well lay of shoulder. Back strong and straight. Carried tail well, covered the ground well on the move.

Veteran 3 (2 abs) 1st Burrage’s “Ch Vandell Sweet Song Of Sametova”ShCM Cesky. Still very much a show girl not showing her age at all, Pleasing head with deep set eye, ok in mouth. Medium length of neck with good shoulders, level back with nice raise over the loins. In good coat and presented well. Moved very well. Very pleased that she ended the day going RESERVE BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.


1st Irish Terrier, 2nd Border Terrier, 3rd Cesky Terrier, 4th Parson Russell Terrier King’s “Scapegrace Albus of Riosset”.
1st Border Terrier, 2nd WFT, 3rd PRT Hance’s “Scapegrace Albus of Riosset”.

Judge Mr Rodney Eastall (Daedal)


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