Hyde & District CA 12

Hyde & District CA 12

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Hyde & District CA 11/11/2012


Jnr 3
1 Lockley’s Chatmos Rebel Rebel 6.5 month old bitch with pleasing head shape and overall profile, spannable, a little loose in the front at the moment, good rear angulations producing decent movement. 2. Pilling’s Givenhills Eborakon, 3. Taylor’s Wildperry Kite Runner

PG 2
1. Lockley’s Chatmoss Working Class, bitch, full litter sister to the Jnr class winner and of a similar shape and size, not quite the head of her sister but her front construction and soundness of movement were superior here, nice prospect with a bit of maturity, had enough quality about her here today. BOB, BPIB, G3 & PB2. 2,Taylor’s Dymanti Roman Warrior

Jnr 1
Pratt’s Terrijay Whatever, Fine upstanding bitch exhibit that was just 12 months old today, Could just about manage to contain herself on the table, lovely typical head piece of correct proportions with a correctly set set of teeth, has a fair length of neck and is blessed with good bone and a deep rib, no problems with her feet, good harsh coat, sound in construction and in turn on the move, although standing alone here, a lovely exhibit to judge today, BOB, BPIB, G1, PG1 & RBPIS.

P 1
1, Henry’s Dariant Grace Mi Solar at Trinzy (imp Rus) Dandie bitch exhibit of 10 months, of pleasing all round appearance, good head proportions with dark well set eyes and correct dentition, good length of back and good angulation front and rear, moved really well with a happy disposition. B.P & PG3.
Jnr 3 (2a)
1Rimmer’s Kylini Celtic Tiger PRT dog just over 12 months, an exhibit showing great type of the breed, no coarseness here and looking as if he could do exactly what he was bred for, nice head shape with well set on ears, correct bite, straight front, spannable with a good shaped rib, correct shape when viewed side on, sound, happy and confidant on the move, unlucky to meet the Irish on top form in the group. BOB & G2.

Group 1 Irish, 2, PRT, 3Border,4 SBT

Puppy Group 1 Irish, 2, Border 3, Dandie

Gary Hinsley



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