LKA Of Scotland Open 15 Judge's Critique

LKA Of Scotland Open 15

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Ladies Kennel Association of Scotland - Open Show 26/04/15
Central Hall Ingliston Edinburgh

A Super Show and a great idea to share with Falkirk and district. Thank you to the organisers my Stewards and of course to the exhibitors.
Judge Alan Johnston (Oregill)


AiredaleTerrier Open (3:0)

1st Moores Nedella’s Sparks in the park at Arngask ShCM – 4 year old dog, Masculine head and well used correct ears, Decent neck and shoulders level topline Good coat and colour good Tail set and carriage Moved and showed well.

2nd , Clarke’s Mullebrit Crowning Glory ShCM

Australian Terriers Open (4:0)

1st & G1Tams Temora’s Raphsody in Blue (Imp USA), Just out of puppy, Exuberant and happy showman in lovely fettle and presented well, lovely long neck and well laid shoulders moves so soundly with great terrier drive and purpose.

2nd Brown’s Millvalley Blue Dashwood at Ralindi Sh.CM

Border Terrier Open (1:0)

1st , Laurie Alderseadale Face the Sun – Smart Border, super profile with a good coat and pelt, in superb condition for a youngster, nice neck and shoulder

Cairn Terrier Open (3:0)

1st Lamb and Saltmarsh’ Renshaw There and back again under MacMoon –Good Dentition nice topline and tail set. Very showy and moved soundly both ways

2nd Fortunes Eglish Willies wee Man with Essdeeeff

SkyeTerrier Open (6:1)

1st & G3 Barrass Lavaux Spirit of the isle of Gallondean - Super well balanced head ,well placed ears, good big teeth with a correct bite, lovely long neck and well laid shoulders, strong level topline standing and on the move, moved well and soundly

2nd Shuttleworth’s Celtic Keebake

West Highland White Terrier Open (6:1)

1st Fisher’s Bobo Whiskey Sh CM – Nice head and expression moved and showed well not as short coupled as 2 but held together on the move and standing better.

2nd Tullis’s Drumsheugh True Grit Sh CM

Wire Fox Terrier Open (4:2)

1st Coutt’s Ir CH Brocolitia Talk of the North Sh CM – Good for size, good neck and shoulders, correct front, short coupled, level topline tail on top Good coat and condition and sound on the move coming and going

2nd Grant Hall & Ross Ratheden Romulus

AVNSC Terrier Graduate (3:0)

1st MacGregor’s Kirktonhill What I Beleive –SCWT- Good coat and condition and good overall shape ‘nice head neck and shoulders, showed really well but a shade close behind.

2nd LUI’s Thistlebe Them There Eyes SCWT

AVNSC Terrier Open (8:4)

1st G4 Glass’ Angels Warriors Tiny Forever (Imp GR) Mini Bull super Type , Strong well muscled, good head and expression, strong neck, well laid shoulders, correct topline, well sprung rib, good legs and feet, showed well and moved soundly both ends. Tail carried a bit on the high side this may come with the exuberant character.

2nd Iley’s Millstrand Cut the Mustard –Norfolk

AV Special Terrier Minor Puppy (4:1)

1st Best special puppy - Brown’s Ralindi Howdy Rowdy (Australian) – 7 Month Aussie, quality puppy, well made all through, showed well and moved soundly, and improved again in the challenge.

2nd A Face the Sun (Border)

AV Special Terrier Puppy (7:2)

1st Ritchie’s North Saltire Nice One Sam (Staffy) 9 Month Staffy dog, good head ears shoulder and muscle tone for a young dog showed well but rear movement could have been better in the challenge for best puppy.

2nd Ritchies Northsaltire Force India

Terrier Group

1 – Temora’s Raphsody in Blue (Imp USA),

2 – Elrick’s Ruadonis Delilah’s Delight (Staffy) Very lovely, typey youngster, super head

and Expression, nice neck and shoulder good spring of rib, typical topline and


3 – Lavaux Spirit of the isle of Gallondean

4 – Angels Warriors Tiny Forever (Imp GR) Mini Bull

Special Terrier Puppy

1 – Ralindi Howdy Rowdy (Australian) – Best Special Puppy

Alan Johnston (Oregill)

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