Lakeland Terrier Society 2011

Lakeland Terrier society 2011

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The Lakeland Terrier Society Open Show 11 June 2011
Lach Dennis Village Hall - Cheshire

Judge Angela Johnston Curghyll/Oregill

My Thanks to the committee of the LTS for the invitation to judge and to all exhibitors for coming to this open show, my first appointment at this level. Considering the trend with entries for lakies at Championship level at the moment I was honoured by your support, you all sportingly accepting my decisions and you were also very patient in the queue for the canteen!!!!! You really are a great lot.

Special Lakeland Terrier Companion Dog or bitch (1-0)

1st Mackenzie s - Nyamindi Buccaneer Storm Under the hair there s a decent dog here, lovely neck & shoulders, good rear angles, well muscled, sound on the move, a little bit jumpy on the table today.

Puppy Dog (1,1)

JuniorDog (0,0)

Novice Dog (2,2)

Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st Graham s - Stanstead Feel Free to Stare Blue dog, good neck & shoulder, Short coupled with a lovely big backside on him, tail on top, coat of good texture but could do with a little bit more finishing. Good profile & a sound confident mover.

Limit Dog (1:0)

1st Leadbeatter & Kerrigan s - Leadstaffs Sensation A good fronted dog with a lovely long neck and a super front on him, good stifle bend and tail on top looked a little unbalanced today, although a sound animated mover, he does seem to like to tell his mum when to apply the brakes!

Open Dog (3:2)

1st Best Dog & RBIS - Byrne, Vickers & Punter s, - Ch. Eskwyre Back in the Red Smashing dog, sharp & alert terrier, good body on him, with a lovely clean head, long neck, well laid shoulders, good rear angulation with tail on top, a picture in profile lovely rich red and presented in great coat & condition.

Puppy Bitch (5:1)

Toughest Class of the day!

1st & BPIS JT & G Peart s - Kilvermin Dark Secret This is a quality puppy, she needs a little more confidence but that ll come with practice, good size & substance good head & ears, good big strong teeth, good strength of muzzle, lovely long neck, straight front, good rear end & bend of stifle, tail on top when confident. Sound on the move when settled.

2nd Byrne Vickers & Punters - Eskwyre Never Been Kissed Very Pretty bitch in cracking coat & condition, clean head, strong muzzle in proportion with her head, good neck & shoulder and a sound animated mover, I just preferred the size & substance of 1st but they could easily change places another day.

3rd N & S Connells - Sonorra the Witch

4th M & T Hickman s - Sonorra Witches Brew

Junior Bitch (2:0)

1st Byrne Vickers & Punters - Eskwyre World on a String Certainly had her handler on a string and gave her a bit of a hard time . Pretty, compact bitch of good proportions, very feminine, good head & expression in super coat & condition , a sound mover when settled.

2nd JT & G Peart s - Kilvermin Belladonna litter sister to 1st in puppy bitch slightly better shoulder than her sister and a confident happy mover but a little longer in back as in puppy bitch the placings in this class could reverse another day.

Novice Bitch (2:1)

1st M & T Hickman s - Sonorra Witches Brew 4th in puppy bitch, young handler who is doing a great job, nicely trimmed & in great fettle, a very pretty bitch who can move when she s trying.

Post Graduate Bitch (2:1)

1st Whitehead s - Stanstead Dita Von Teese She s all go this one!! Just 6 months, all terrier attitude and a handful to boot. Nice to handle when she s still & sound from all angles when she slows down enough to judge.

Limit Bitch (2:1)

1st Best Bitch & BIS Byrne Vickers & Punters - Eskwyre Black Dahlia a bitch of quality in great coat & condition, good clean head & good ear placement straight front, long neck, well laid shoulders she can be a bit lazy with her topline while stacked but she holds it beautifully on the move & the biggest rear end I think I ve ever seen on a lakie bitch, good bend of stifle, tail on top, it was her head, ears and rear angulation that put her above the dog for Best in Show.

Open Bitch (2:1)

1st J & V Kenyon s Glentops Brittania at Wyndam A strong substantial bitch in great coat & condition, good profile, very animated & showed well, but her rear movement wasn t her fortune today.

Lakeland Terrier Veteran Dog or Bitch (2:1)

1st Mackenzie s Rayfos Windstorm. A very exuberant & animated 11& a1/2 years young, compact bitch with good head neck & shoulders well muscled throughout. good rear shelf & angulation, ears could be tighter to her skull Moved & showed with a gusto that would put the youngsters to shame.

Ernest & Hilda Varley Memorial Stakes Dog or Bitch (6:4)

1st Mackenzie s - Nyamindi Buccaneer storm Pipped his mum to the post here for shoulder placement and just that bit more elegance throughout.

2nd Mackenzie s Rayfos Windstorm

Angela Johnston (Curghyll / Oregill)


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