Lancashire Sporting Terrier 2016 Judge's Critique

Lancashire Sporting Terrier Judge 2016

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Sunday 4th December 2016

NORFOLK  TERRIER.   Post. Grad. 
1.         Atkinson’s Moortop Clear Choice.  Bitch with good bone, nice and cobby, a straight front, balanced head and neat ears, correct shoulders, a good spring of rib and tail on top, strong in rear end making for true movement, a well groomed quality jacket.
1.         Atkinson’s Charlie Blake at Moortop. A really masculine dog of good size, tight well padded feet, a good head shape, well placed ears which he  used to advantage, a strong neck going into correct shoulders, a nice spring of rib, level top line, muscular quarters with a good turn of stifle, good harsh jacket, moved and showed well. B.O.B.

1.         Coop’s Karison Red Rock. Nice racy dog with a good front, a pleasing head with more to come, good ear carriage, enough neck and correct shoulders, ribs going well back, muscular rear end, correct double jacket, moved with purpose, well put down and never stopped showing. Best Puppy.
2.         Wright’s Totherend Blue Jean Topsy. B.
3.         Haughton’s Chorbeck Space Cowboy. D.
Post Grad.
1.         Wright’s Totherend Blue Jean Genie. A good size for a bitch, enough bone, well padded feet, a balanced head with good ear carriage. Nice length of neck and good lay back of shoulder, well ribbed back, a good rear end, a good harsh jacket, well put down, moved well.
2.         Taylor’s Diggsad Dizzy Dizzy Dora. B.
1.         Haughton’s Chorbeck Chatty Man. Dog with good bone, a real border head, ears close to cheeks, enough neck and good shoulders, ribs going well back, good body length, a nice thick tail, well muscled second thigh and correct coat. Moved well.  B.O.B.
2.         Richardson’s Staynorwood Affinity. B.
3.         Taylor’s Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg. D.

1          Matthews and Patrick’s S.B.T. Absolute Star. Dog with a good front, strong in head, a short muscular neck and good shoulders, well ribbed up, strong in loin, a good bend of stifle, shown in really hard condition. B.V.
2.         Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Cairn. Birselaw Fable of MacMoon.D.

1.         Humphries Penparc Skyfall. Welsh Terrier. Dog full of quality, a real Welsh head, straight front, good bone, strong in neck , correct shoulders and good spring of rib, a level top line and muscular quarters, short hocks, moved true, put down to the minute and never stopped showing.
2.         Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There And Back Again under Macmoon.

1.         Brookes’ Zetamaz French Connection. Smooth Fox Terrier B. Straight front, a well chiselled head and nice small well placed ears, good neck and shoulders, more rib to come, a level top line with tail on top, tight feet, good quarters, needs to tighten up at the back end, moved ok and never stopped showing.
2.         Coop’s Karison Red Rock. Border T.
3.         Wright’s Totherend Blue Jean Genie

1.         Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Dark Charmer. Cairn T. Dog of good size with excellent bone, a pleasing head and nice erect ears, enough neck and level top line, good quarters, moved and showed well.

1.         Hitchen’s Norwich Terrier Ch.Creatin Hidden Gem. B.  Aptly named, well boned tight feet, a beautiful head and ears, enough neck into correct shoulders, ultra short in body, a level top line, well angulated quarters and short hocks propelling her around the ring, a quality jacket, put down to perfection.

2.         Clarke-O’Neill’s Kerry Blue T. Lemracdream Raphael. A quality dog of correct size with a straight front.  A stunning head with perfect ear placement. Strong  neck going into well placed shoulders, ribbed well back, tail on top, strong muscular rear and tight feet, lovely jacket well put down, moved like a dream.
3.         Atkinson’s Norfolk T. Charlie Blake at Moortop.
4.         Humphries’ Welch T. Penparc Skyfall. D.

1.         Brookes’ Irish T. Turith The Lawyer at Zetamaz. D. Correct size for a dog, excellent bone, good feet, pleasing head and ears, a good length of neck and nice lay back of shoulder, enough rib going well back into a muscular loin, a good tail set and well angulated rear end, a really harsh well groomed jacket, he covered the ground well and never stopped showing.
2.         Saville’s Manchester T. Sinjest Back To Black by Dobermatian. A bitch with good markings, straight in front, a nice wedge shaped head, ears bang on, nicely arching neck into good shoulders, nice spring of rib and good roll over loin, good tail carriage, shown in super condition, moved well.
3.         Clarke-O’Neill’s Kerry Blue T. Lemracdream Against All Odz. Bitch with excellent bone, a correct front, balanced head and small well placed ears, enough neck and good shoulders, ultra short back and good angulation, well put down, covered the ground well, more to come.
4.         Allsop’s S.B.T. Ruberica Trailbreaker. D.

Judge Roger Crooks.


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