Lancashire Sporting Terrier 2019 Judge's Critique

Lancashire Sporting Terrier Judge 2019

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Lancashire Sporting Terrier Club.
Saturday 25th May 2019.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Officers’ and Committee for inviting me to Judge Best in Show, and to all of the exhibitors for their entries allowing me to go over their quality dogs. The atmosphere around the ring made my day very enjoyable.

Bedlington Terriers. O.

1. Pocklington’s Timberose Rhapsody in Blue ShCM. Lovely head on this bitch of correct shape with ears low and close to the cheek. I would have preferred a slightly stronger jaw, good length of neck into a correct front assembly, forelegs straight and strong, feet well shaped with correct nails and no signs of hyperkeratosis. She has a good body outline with a moderate bend of stifle, and hocks well let down. Quality coat, moved well both ways. BOB.

Kerry Blue Terriers. PG. 2/1.

1. Wilkinson’s Mauve of Hearts at Cranmoss. (B) Good head and expression, ears need to settle, strong underjaw with correct bite. Moderate neck, into a lovely straight front with plenty of substance, short coupled with ribs well sprung, good tail set with plenty behind, moderate bend of stifle. Moved OK when Settled. BOB.

AVTerrier Special Veteran.

1.Parker’s Skye Terrier (D) Glorfindel Deacon Brodie ShCM. (8yrs) Lovely head on this dog of correct proportions, strong underjaw, good shoulders with a nice deep chest, level back and short loin, strong hindquarters giving plenty of drive on the move.

2. Pocklington’s Bedlington Terrier (B) Nebercrackers Rosie Blue at Timberose ShCM (8yrs) Decent head with a good neck into well placed shoulders, nice body outline, correct feet, moved well.

3. Neild’s Parson Russel Terrier (B) Logierait Little Lotte.

Best in Show.

1. Callon & Callon-Winn’s Airedale Terrier (B). Russtam Cherry Bee. I was impressed by this bitch for not only her quality but also her temperament, outgoing and confident. Super well-balanced head and expression, plenty of fill-up before the eyes, jaw strong and powerful, ears well set, strong neck into a good layed back. shoulder. Straight legs, with plenty of substance. Short coupled, with ribs well sprung. Tail bank on top, with plenty behind, good bend of stifle. Just needs her second thigh to muscle up, but she is still a young bitch. Moved well both ways. Well presented in good coat and condition.

2. Brookes Smooth Fox Terrier. Zetamaz Just Inked (D) Another quality dog who pushed hard for the top spot. I liked the overall balance of this dog and his straight solid movement. Good head proportions, with well placed ears, correct bite and strong jaw. Moderate length of neck, clean shoulders with straight legs and ample bone. Tight feet and well arched. Short strong back, good deep back ribs. Strong hind assembly with well bent stifle, hocks well let down, moved well both ways.

3. Connors’ Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier (B) Regalred Miss Moneypenny. Super well-proportioned head on this young bitch, good eye, ears well placed and used to advantage, correct mouth, good length of neck, best of shoulders, but at only eight months old muscle needs to build up in all parts. Straight forelegs with plenty of bone, strong feet and pads. Correct length of back and loin. Tail well set, good bend of stifle. Moved very well. Presented and handled to advantage. I was also very pleased to award this bitch Best Puppy in Show.

4. Kenny-Marriott & Marriotts’ Scottish Terrier (B) Millingford Star Anise. Lovely head on this bitch, strong foreface with correct proportions to the skull, ears well set. Strong neck of fair length, correct brisket, with amply boned forelegs. Short coupled with well-muscled loin. Strong hindquarter assembly giving lots of drive in rear movement, moved well both ways.

Best Puppy in Show.

1. Connors’ Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier (B) Regalred Miss Moneypenny. (See BIS 3)

2. Woodheads’ Skye Terrier (D) Knowlespring Jackson. I really like the strength of this dogs’ head, with no exaggeration, correct ear size, and a dark eye, fair length of neck. He was a little loose in shoulder, but time is on his side to rectify this. Deep rib and short loin, good hind quarters which proved on his drive, correct feet, coat ok, moved well.

3. Brookes’ Smooth Fox Terrier (B) Zetamaz Cacharel Amor Amor. Decent head with dark eye and ears well set, correct bite. Fair length of neck, shoulders have a good layback, just need to tighten up, but there is time on his side. Short back, tail well set, good turn of stifle, correct feet, moved well.

4. Oxleys’ Manchester Terrier (D) Digselsa Double Top. Good head on this dog of correct proportions. Well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung with a nice arch over the loin, strong hind assembly, correct feet.


Judge Susan Seabridge (Sujoncla)


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