Lancaster & District Canine Society 18 Judge's Critique

Lancaster & District Canine Society 18

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Lancaster & District Canine Society 11.02.18 
Terriers & Group 

Border Terriers Junior (3:2) 

1st PG4 & BOB Waltierâ s Venery Lion Blade â  8 months dog, coat of good texture but a bit past itâ s   best, good pelt and spannable, a bit unruly on the move which is to be expected in a puppy. 

Border Terriers Open (2:1) 

1st Hardmanâ s Royday Thatâ s Hot at Bonosue â . Better shoulder and topline than BOB. In her underwear which cost her today 

Irish Terrier Post Graduate (1:0) 

1st G2, PG1, BOB & BPIB Hardmanâ s Red Lucifer at Bonosue â  6 months and for me everything in the right place at this age, super head shoulder and topline great set on and rear angles in super coat and condition moved soundly both ways with terrier attitude, one I would take home. 

Irish Terrier Open (1:0) 

1st Bonosue Painted Lady - 4 year old mature bitch  a bit on the daft side today and out of coat, nice head and shoulder, good topline just dropping her tail at times. 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Junior (1:0) 

1st Bradyâ s Calazoe Black Hawk War â  Showed like a bomb, presented in great fettle  
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Post Graduate (1:0) 

1st C. Black Hawk War 

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Open (1:0) 

1st & BOB Wilson & Rogers Ozzies Red Rascal â  7 years old red, showed well, in super well muscled condition preferred her front to the junior class winner and she owned her ground. 

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Graduate (1:0) 

1st Smithâ s Glendandy Twinkle Star Sh.Cm. 7.5 year old showed well, nice head and expression showed well but out of coat today. 

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Open (1:0) 

1st & BOB Smithâ s Somercloud Starprize at Glendandy Sh. Cm. - 10.5 years old in really good condition and showed well, a little close behind but a better front than the winner of the graduate class 
  WHWT Open (3:1) 

1st G4 & BOB Ladhams & Rudd Juraspirit Caimbeul â  Two nice Westies to go over, decent head and expression in good coat and condition, good shoulders, topline and tailset, showed well and soundly. 

2nd Ladhams & Rudd Juraspirit White Linen â  Pretty feminine bitch, nice profile, good front and rear angulation, in good coat and condition, however on the move she crabbed all the way. 

Jack Russell Terrier Junior (1:0) 

1st PG3 & BPIB McKenenenzie-Greig Chic Charlene Bohemia white Hunter at Caldbeckjack â  Compact 10 month bitch showed and moved really well, coat not quite at its best. 

Jack Russell Terrier Post Graduate (1:0) 

1st McKenenenzie-Greig Caldbeckjack Pearls Lad â  In his underwear as he had just been stripped out. I liked the bone and substance of this dog who was showing his head off today. 

Jack Russell Terrier Post Graduate (2:1) 

1st G3 & BOB McKenenenzie-Greig Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka â  Another JRT showing like a bomb, good neck and lay of shoulder moved soundly both ends and in good coat and condition. 

AVNSC Puppy (3:2) 

1st & PG2 Hetheringtonâ s Newent Soul Man (KBT) Decent head with good ear placement, nice neck and shoulder, level topline, good tailset, showed well and soundly with plenty of terrier attitude. 

2nd Atkinsonâ s Belleville Just Call Me at Manybrook (Norfolk) â  11 month old nice puppy in good coat and condition, and showed well, unfortunate to meet the Kerry today. 

AVNSC Open (4:1) 

1st G1 & BAVNSC Hetheringtonâ s Irisblu Aiveen for Newent (KBT) Super colour, coat and condition on this bitch, feminine head, correct pigment, well placed ears, wicked expression, decent shoulder and length of neck, strong topline, good tailset with plenty behind , she owned the ring as she moved out soundly and full of terrier purpose and attitude. 

2nd Draperâ  Russtam Simply a prince (Welsh Terrier ) good coat and colour, strong enough in head, good ears, decent topline and tailset, rear movement could be more positive and a tad up to size for me. 

3rd Levertonâ s Carkbark Good Luck Charm (SCWT) 
G1 Irisblu Aiveen for Newent (KBT) 
G2 Hardmanâ s Red Lucifer at Bonosue (Irish) 
G3 Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka (JRT) 
G4 Juraspirit Caimbeul (WHWT) 
PG1 Hardmanâ s Red Lucifer at Bonosue (Irish) 
PG2 Newent Soul Man (KBT) 
PG3 Chic Charlene Bohemia white Hunter at Caldbeckjack (JRT) 
PG4 Venery Lion Blade (Border) 
AV Terrier Puppy (1:0)  

Smithâ s Hjarta the Glen Ranger to Glendandy (Dandy Dinmont) 6 months old , muzzle could be stronger, neck and shoulders ok, good coat and body condition and moved and showed well.  

AV Terrier Open (1:0)  

C. Good luck Charm (SCWT) typical soft coat falling in loose waves , good front movement, not moving to advantage from the rear. 

AV Terrier Veteran (7:2) 

1st J. Cambeul (WHWT) 
2nd S. StarPrize at Glendandy (Dandy Dinmont) 
3rd Hardmanâ s Spanwise Absinthe (Border) 

Alan Johnston (Oregill) 


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