Lichfield CS Open 16 Judge's Critique

Lichfield CS Open 16

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Lichfield Canine Society Open Show -23rd January

Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Junior D or B 1

  1. Brookes’ Zetamaz Black on Track, smart young dog, white with black head markings, long head, good expression, balanced throughout. Moved soundly, would like him a shade smaller. Res BOB

Post Graduate D or B 1

  1. Brookes’ Zetamaz French Connection, quality white bitch tri-coloured head markings. Lovely size with well- balanced feminine  head, good expression. Sound construction, short coupled, lovely feet, moved with drive. BOB

Open D or B 1

  1. Brookes’ Zetamaz Gerard Depardieu JW SchCM, smart young dog, lovely head and expression. Moved well enough but would have preferred him a little smaller and better in shoulder.

Manchester Terrier
Junior D or B 4

  1. Noden’s Joemario Awesome Annie 8month feminine bitch of quality.Lovely size, soundly made throughout. Moved well. Res BOB & Best Puppy
  2. Barlow’s Nightfury Bold Venture
  3. Adams& Harris’ Eaglespur Prince Charming

Post Graduate D or B

  1. Sharpe’s Rosetta Ruby Reflection, feminine bitch with good head spoilt by erratic ear carriage.

Open D or B 2 (1 abs)

  1. Harrison’s Magpiebank Ash, eyecatching dog, lovely head expressive ears. Balanced throughout, in gleaming hard condition. Moved well and showed non-stop. Just wish he were smaller. BOB

Parson Russell Terrier
Junior D or B 1

  1.  Minett’s Pacolito Second Edition to Rountfelley 10 month quality dog. Lovely head and ears, balanced throughout. Good harsh jacket. Showed steadily and moved fluently.BOB

Post Graduate D or B 1

  1. Stanway’s Pacolito Patchez Betwixt Bramarno, smart workmanlike bitch, sound construction, moved steadily. Would have preferred a cleaner skull.

Open D or  B 2

  1. Minett’s Rountfelley Beajewelled quality bitch with good head. Sound construction, good harsh coat. Moved well .Res BOB
  2. Shaw’s Bonateeka First on the Spot, feminine bitch, nice size, not the head or stifles of the winner.

West Highland White Terrier
Post Graduate D or B 1

  1. Bradbury’s Gelmoore Midwinter Magic, smart young dog, powerful head, well sprung ribs, in good hard condition. Good coat and presentation. Moved well behind. BOB

AVNSC Terrier
Junior D or B 1

  1. McCourt, Eardley & O’Reilly’s Silhill Barney Rubble eye-catching quality Australian just out of puppy. Lovely head, expression and ear carriage. Plentiful coat of good texture. Moved and showed impeccably. Res Best AVNSC T

Open D or B 4 (2abs)

  1. Milton’s Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit JW,top quality Dandie Dinmont bitch feminine throughout yet still with bone and substance. Lovely head eyes and expression. Well balanced, correct topline maintained on the move. Good coat, excellent presentation. Moved well. BestAVNSCT
  2. Riley’s Brindlefield Mr Bojangles, Lakeland Terrier. Smart dog of correct proportions, well presented and handled. Moved and showed well.

Terrier Group

  1. Dandie Dinmont Terrier Milton’s Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit JW
  2. Parson Russell Terrier Minett’s Pacolito Second Editiion to Rountfelley
  3. Skye Terrier Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Barnum ShCM top quality dog correctly constructed, in full coat. Good reach of neck. Moved with drive.
  4. Fox Terrier (Smooth) Brookes’ Zetamaz French Connection

Terrier Puppy Group

  1. Parson Russell Terrier Minett’s Pacolito Second Edition to Rountfelley
  2. Manchester Terrier Noden’s Joemario Awesome Annie
  3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Robinson,Robinson-Cox & Cox’s Studstaff Sugar & Spice of Hamason, quality red/ white with good head, balanced muzzle. Soundly made in good hard condition. Moved well.
  4. Norfolk Terrier Gee’s Watercroft Saffron, smart showy girl short and cobby with good harsh coat. Moved and showed well.

Alfsden Junior Stakes 32

  1. Siberian Husky Tinker’s Raindrops on Roses at Lolotea, quality bitch, balanced throughout. Good head and expression. Excellent condition, well- muscled. Free effortless movement.
  2. Min. Wire-Haired Dachshund Morris’ Pennywave Uptown Girl, soundly made young lady with good head, sweet expression. Strode out engaging her hocks.
  3. Border Collie Larges’ Wizaland Northern Soul
  4. Ibizan Hound Woodcock’s Snowlief Turn the Page
  5. Am.Cocker Spaniel Latham’s Nujax High Roller

Eileen S Foy (Judge)


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