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Lichfield CS Open 23

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28th January 2022
Ken Francis Judge.

 Bedlington Terriers.

Junior .1.

1st. James's Madika Dunns River. 16 mths Bitch. Proportionately built with a sandy coat. Has the attributes of a Bedlington with narrow skull, keen expression and reach of neck. Flat ribs and arch at loin. Moved correctly. Will benefit when the coat matures of proper grooming and ringcraft lessons.

 Post Graduate. 2(1a)

1st. Baldwin's Woolytop What's It All About. 2 ½ year old Bitch. Quite finely built with the correct blue coat. Fine head with triangular eye and scissor bite. Correct topknot. Neck led cleanly into laid back shoulders. Flat ribbed and well angulated. Moved with the mince but rise over loin a little forward.

 Open. 2.

1st.. Offer's Ch. Woolytop The Viking. 2 ½ year old dog. Stood with correct arch over the loin with well groomed blue coat. Narrow skull, black nose, triangular eyes and scissor bite. Well defined topknot and ears. Elegant neck led to laid back shoulders, straight front with strong pasterns and that narrower look from the front. Hare feet. Deep chest with flat ribs. Coat well groomed with the natural twist in the correct places. Balanced on the move with straight fore and aft ground coverage. BOB today and pleased to see him awarded TG1.

2nd. Baldwins Woolytop Leading Lady. Litter sister to 1.  Finer made bitch with a blue coat, fine head, triangular eyes and scissor bite. Presented very well. Most of my previous comments apply to this bitch but she seemed to lack a bit of the here I am of 1. RBOB.

Ken Francis Judge.

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