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Lincoln CS 8th December 2013
Gary Hinsley Judge


P (4,3a)
1. Davies’s Ragatam Quartz of Glenorchy. 11 m/o bitch, decent shaped head, with correct dentition, straight front, not too wide and no looseness, good tight feet, enough bone and rib, decent rear angulation and a good harsh jacket, moved ok, BP & PG2

Grad (4,2a)
1. Sneddon’s Kersfell Chorister, 15 m/o dog exhibit, neat overall dog, typical head, good front, he is spannable and has good all round angulation, holds his outline well one the move.
2. Buckle & Flowers’s Bingo Bongo’s Valentino

PG (4,1a)
1. Thomas’s Terabyte Red Robin, 18 m/o dog exhibit, a top sized dog with a grand head piece complete with good bite and furnishings to complete the picture, he is just spannable for me, has a straight front and enough bone and rib without being over-done, good coupling and a well developed rear, presented a nice moving picture which helped him to BOB & G2
2. Sneddon’s Kersfell Chorister
3. Hill’s Rose of Derwent

O (7)
1. Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Cyrus JW, 2 y/o dog exhibit, a pleasing exhibit showing good all round balance, nice head with correct bite and well set ears, he is spannable, has enough rib and good coupling into the rear. Good coat condition on display, just proffered the topline of the PG exhibit in the challenge. RBOB.
2.Baxter’s Am Ch Sulan Easy Does it
3. Sneddon’s Kersfell Comet jw


P (3,2a)
1. Cox’s Millvalley Simply Blue Petitpaws, Aussie btch 10 m/o, she has a pleasing outline with a nice head shape, well set ears and a correct bite, good front construction, not overdone behind the collar and decent rear development, a little unsettled on the move today BP & PG3

PG. (1)
1. Millward’s Tuskenraider Young Guns SFT dog, 2 y/o exhibit, correct head shape with good bite, straight if front, deep rib and decent rear, sound on the move, a little harsh coated.

O. (5,2a)
1. Clarke’s Calvenace Fat Bottomed Girl For Flaxela JW ShCM, SCWT bitch 21 m/o exhibit, stunning when viewed from any angle you chose, of good all round size and shape, lovely head piece with correct dentition, good length of neck flowing into good body proportions, deep rib and a powerful well developed rear which, all together propel her around the ring in an effortless powerful gaint that was easy to appreciate. Turned out to top standard, an easy BOB & G1 and no surprise later in the day BIS
2. Morris’s Pennywave Amaryllis 2&3 were two very nice Dandy exhibits that were unfortunate to meet the Scwt today
3 Morris’s Cassencarrie Rumour has it at Penntwave.

Group 1 SCWT, 2 Border, 3 Manchester, exhibit of lovely attributes who unfortunately seemed to down tools on his handler here, 4 WHWT lovely exhibit moving well and turned out to a high standard

Puppy Group 1, Manchester, liked this young bitch, her shining tight coat lets all see her obvious virtues, 2 Border, 3 Aussie, 4 SBT neat dog exhibit with good type and soundness when he eventually settled.

Gary Hinsley (Judge)


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