Liverpool Terrier 2013

Liverpool Terrier 2013

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Liverpool Terrier Club
Whiston Town Hall 06/10/2013

Irish Terriers Terriers

Puppy(1:0) 1st - Hardman s Spanwise Whippersnapper (B)good colour, Showed really well but does fly her ears most of the time.

Open (2:1) 1st & BOB Hardman s Drumbilla Diablo amidst Bonosue ShCM (D) shapely Dog stood, but movement let him down.

Junior Handling (3:2)

1st Henry Johnson handling a Dandie. Very smart and sympathetic handler kept his dog showing and correctly positioned both standing and on the move, try to keep the dog on the mat as it did drift onto the floor on the corners, overall i was very impressed with this well mannered young man, keep up the good work.

AV Terrier Minor Puppy (2:0)

1st Atkinson s Blakens Sugar Candy Dips (D) Norfolk - moved and Showed really well for a youngster, coat of good texture, nice and cobby, Lovely Attitude.

2nd Rusby s Grancek Olexa at Placido (B) Cesky

AV Terrier Puppy (2:0)

1st & BPIS3 Ryan s Diggsad Dundreamin (B) Border - Border Smashing pup, good coat and condition, nice headpiece, balanced angulation front and rear, a super profile, moved well and was full of terrier purpose.

2nd Rusby s Placido Bacileus (D) Cesky

AV Terrier Graduate (2:1)

1st Atkinson s Moortop Again No Choice (B)Norfolk - Feminine little Show off , cobby, in good coat and loads of terrier attitude on the move, but a little close behind.

AV Terrier Open (6:5)

1st Parkers Glorfindel Deacon Brodie (D) Skye another lovely dog in great fettle, lovely ears neck and shoulder good size and coat in good order showed and moved well

AV Terrier Veteran (2:0) Two Smashing Typey Veterans

1st & BVIS Brookes Dobelands Touch of Frost at Zetamaz ShCM (D) SFT Lots of Quality about this dog, Long clean head Nice neck and Shoulders, good Topline tail bang on top moved out soundly and with attitude. Took the class from a very typy & workmanlike PRT

2nd Nelid s Janey of St Clair at Logierait (B) P.R.T.

AV Special Veteran (1:0) -

1st Hardman s Bonosue Queen of the Nile ShCM (B) Border One i have judged before and she is still a testament to the care and conditioning of her owners, to still be capable and enjoy showing at 14 years of age is nothing short of Heroic. Well Done.

Best In Show

BIS - Walshaw s Ch.Janmark Blue Endcounter JW ShCM (D) Bedlington Terrier Super example of the Breed whom i last judged as a puppy, so well made , correct coat and colour, good front lovely neck and shoulder, sound as a pound, super muscle tone and quality all through.

RBIS - Muat s Montealtos Well Ya Don t Say (B) Kerry Blue Terrier Another super Quality terrier and it was a close call, quality feminine head thats as clean as a whistle, lovely long refined neck and well laid shoulder, Good front, short back, powerful driving movement just a bit over excited on the move at times, a bigger outside ring may suit her better.

BIS3 - Moran s Abiqua Wild in a Satin Sash - SCWT Correct coat, decent head and expression, long neck and well laid shoulder, kept a level topline standing and on the move, Moved soundly and showed to advantage.

BIS4 - Keefe s Keycharm Miss Muffet - Border Workmanlike Border with a purposeful attitude Good Coat, Condition, head and expression Typical profile on the move and sound both ways

BPIS - Byrne & Vickers Eskwyre Dash of Class (B) Welsh A smartpup full of quality. Decent headpiece good typical expression, although she did fly her ears a bit, nice neck and well laid shoulders, Coat of good colour and texture, clean front, short couplings, tail on top, Presented to full advantage, balanced all through, moved and showed well

RBPIS - Leeson s Armirelli Evergreen Lady (Imp Est) Australian Very showy and Sparky Aussie full of breed character, lovely neck and shoulder placement, correct coat, good profile & what a little character, just tipped the border for this place on personality!!!

BPIS3 - Ryan s Diggsad Dundreamin - Border

BPIS4 - Gay & Atter s Grancek Otakar Malsville Cesky Another Quality pup with attitude, lovely to go over, Typical profile & headpiece, Good Angles front and rear, correct tail carriage, moved and showed well both ways.

BVIS Brookes Dobelands Touch of Frost at Zetamaz ShCM (D) SFT

Alan Johnston (Oregill) BIS Judge

Airedale Terriers

Graduate (1:0)

1st & BOB - Acton s Jantaradon Superfly Sister Clean Feminine Head decent Ears level Topline Moves a little Close Behind

Open (2:1)

1st Acton s Jantaradon He s The Wizard Better made and sounder than hissister in the previous class just unfortunate that he won t be gone over I hope you manage to sort out his issues

Kerry Blue TerrierTerrier

Open (2:1)

1st BOB & BIS2 Muat s Montealtos Well ya don t say Clean quality Head lovely neck and shoulders clean front level topline powerful rear end beautifully presented, moved and showed well.

Smooth Fox Terrier

Graduate (1:0)

1st Brookes Zetamaz Rumour has it Smart Smooth youngster looks well on the table all parts in balance, front movement could be better

Open (1:0)

1st & BOB Brookes Dobelands Hot Totty at Zetamaz Feminine Clean Head super quarters and plenty behind the tail took BoB on movement.

Wire Fox Terrier

Graduate (2:1)

1st & BOB Vickers & Byrne s Peggy Sue Got Married at Eskwyre, Lovely Long clean & Lean head, good ears Correct expression a little racier than the open winner but all parts in balance, a bit exuberant on the move but sound when settled

Open (2:1)

1st Vickers & Byrne s Eskwyre Bold Bid - heavier type than Graduate winner, Good ears short coupled level topline tail on top moved and showed well just preferred the head and style of the graduate winner

Welsh Terrier

Puppy (2:0)

1st Ellenside Maid in Chelsea Super pup lovely profile nice head and ears good shoulder placement level back lovely bend of stifle & rear end moved and showed well#

2nd Hughes Cwmniath Coffi Huffrem at Mokaith

Graduate (1:0)

1st BOB & BPIS Byrne & Vickers Eskwyre Dash of Class quality pupGood headand expression although she did fly her ears at times Short coupled, well put together, sound & great attitude she just had a bit more presence in the challenge over her younger kennel mate.

Open (1:0)

1st Ashton s Kitesprite Flights of Fancy- Good Coat and colour, Showed Well

Angela Johnston (Curghyll)


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