Liverpool Terrier 23 Judge's critique

Liverpool Terrier 23 Judge

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Liverpool Terrier Club
at Scarisbrick Village Hall
on 12 February 2023

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Open (1:0)
1st BOB Fray’s Woodfud Winters Dream - A Real show off with lots of breed type, good head and ears nice shoulder placement, good outline and tail carriage sound both ways.
Jack Russell Terrier
1st & BPIB Baker’s Lemracdream the Artist – 7 & ½ months & Lots to like, good make and shape good outline, moved and showed well, ears spoiled the expression.
1st & BOB Kay’s  Blazinjacks Best Mate with Jacopeaks – Good Expression, Ears, Coat and condition, spannable with good overall shape, Tail Carriage could be better.
Post Graduate (1:0)
1st Jackopeaks This is Me – Smooth coated, Showed and moved well and with animation, good ears and expression.
Kerry Blue Terrier
1st  BOB BPIB & BPIS4 Bakers Lemracdream J’adore  Clean Head, good alert expression, long neck into well laid shoulder, good topline and tailset. showed well.  
2nd Wilkinsons Cyane River at Cranmoss
Post Graduate (1:0)
1st Hetherington’s Newent Northern Soul – Typey Kerry of good make and shape, lovely clean head and good expression, coat and colour were excellent, superb muscle tone, could lose a pound or two
Parson Russell Terrier
1st BOB & BPIB Deveny’s A Close Friend - 10 months, easily spannable, sound both ways and showed really well.

Skye Terrier
Post Graduate (1:0)
1st & BOB De Leie’s Verumamicus Cicero – Not confident on the table,  good head and ears, coat and condition were good, showed and moved well.
Lakeland Terrier
Puppy (1:0)
1st, BOB BPIB & BIS & BPIS Dams & Vickers Jodean Dallas – Very sound typey puppy, short coupled, really alert and on his toes, good head and ears, nice neck and shoulder good topline tail bang on top with plenty behind, animated & sound parallel mover both ways.
Open (3:1)
1st Dams & Vickers Jodean Mary Rose – Nice head and ears good shoulders level topline short coupled with good tailset, great coat and condition. moved out soundly both ways
2nd Gill & Gibson’s Dapperdax Holly – Honest and sound bitch short of coat today.

Alan Johnston (Oregill)

Cesky Terrier
Puppy (2:0)
1st BOB& BPIB  Tobianski’s Janski O’rolox D – Masculine head with good muzzle strength and large teeth, correct front, well bodied with good ribbing, well-furnished, correct feet and good tail carriage, sound fore and aft, moves with terrier purpose and animation.
2nd Ellison’s Placido Proper player
Junior (1:0)
1st Tobianski’s Janski’s Storm Padfoot Feminine head, good ears, nice front well muscled quarters lovely silky furnishings sound mover fore and aft.
Post Grad (2:0)
1st Tobianski’s Janski’s Storm Padfoot
2nd Ellison’s Placido Oriana
Open (2:1)
1st Ch Tobianski’s Janski’s Kalliope Jones (Re-Imp) quality 10 ½ year Veteran dog, superb muscle throughout, well shaped masculine head, good ears, nicely ribbed, stands squarely over his ground, super tailset and sound both ends Moved with purpose and drive.
Norfolk Terrier
Junior (2:0)
1st & BOB Gee’s Watercroft Treacle Toffee - lovely head and expression, long neck into well laid shoulders, strong topline and tail is set on and carried well with plenty behind. Good coat in lovely condition, super cobby proportions. Moved ok
2nd & BPIB Gee’s Watercroft Edged in Gold – a baby who was bit overawed by the show today but moved well when encouraged.
Open (2:0)
1st Gee’s Watercroft In the Que -feminine girl of correct proportions, Super well-muscled and good coat and condition tail bang on top with plenty behind.

Wire Fox Terrier
Puppy (1:0)
1st BOB, BPIB, RBIS & RBPIS Connell’s Sonorra Bright Star – Very pretty and feminine puppy, lovely head piece with good ears, correct front, long neck leading to well laid shoulders, short back, tail on top with plenty behind and good stifle bend, lovely feet and as sound as a pound front and rear, a bit of a fidget right now, but all the right things in all the right places. I would take her home in a heartbeat.
Smooth Fox Terrier
1st  & BOB Brookes Zetamaz Maraschino – Smart Smooth Pretty head and ears good neck and shoulder placement good front, short back, tail on top, pushed h
ard in the group just was a bit wide behind on the move.
Open (1:0)
1st Brookes Zetamaz I’m your Man – Masculine, good clean head and ears, correct front, level topline tail on top with plenty behind sound mover just preferred the size and stifle bend of the previous class winner.
Irish Terrier
Open (1:0)
1st Hardmans Bonosue It’s an illusion  - 3 year old, Racy outline long clean head, with good ears Clean front tail on top with a nice shelf behind sound on the move. I would prefer a little more stifle bend.
Manchester Terrier
1st Davies and Brown’s Wystry’s Dempseys Tipple – Nice youngster of good coat and colour good tail carriage nice ears, movement was a little difficult to assess.
PG (2:0)
1st Lomas’ Hurrockheath Miss Emmeline Pretty feminine head, good legs and feet and a good sound mover fore and aft, ears are a little heavier than I would like
2nd Davies and Brown’s Wystry’s Dempseys Tipple
Open (4:1) A close and difficult class to judge
1st & BOB Corcorans Ch Digelsa Dash of Class at Gemris - Ultra feminine, well put together bitch pretty head and ears, nice outline, in good coat of correct colour good tail carriage moved and showed well and soundly.
2nd Barlow’s Ch Talanors Time for Magic
Junior Handling 10 to 15 years old
1st & Best Junior handler in show, Lindsay handling Kentwone Grindlewald (Border Terrier) Quiet & sympathetic handling, watched me at all times, never missed a trick, good control & aware of the ring procedures for his breed and presented his dog not himself. I would be confident to let him handle for me and I don’t relinquish control of my dogs to many people.
Any Variety Classes
AV Minor Puppy (1:0)
1st Hardman & Brantwood’s Bonosue Lee Van Cleef (Border) – a raw 7 months old in good coat with a good pelt good otter head with correct ears nice outline stands on lovely feet, correct tail carriage spannable and moves soundly fore and aft.
AV Puppy(1:0)
1st Ellison’s Placido Proper player (Cesky) Nice outline & in good coat and condition, good head and ears, I would prefer a slightly stronger muzzle, moved and showed well.
AV Graduate (2:1)
1st Placido Oriana (Cesky) Happy showgirl, maturing nicely in good body, coat and condition moved and showed well
AV Open (2:1)
1st Forshaws Jandor Moonlight Melody (Manchester) Very pretty, Feminine head and ears good straight front nice clear markings all through a bit unsettled on the move and her front movement was not that great perhaps as a consequence of that.
AV Veteran (4:0)
1st & BVIS Brookes Ch. Zetamaz Gerard Depardieu super dog, clean head, good strength of muzzle,  good outline, short coupled, long neck, well laid shoulder, tail on top with good shelf, well muscled all through and a bit of the old star quality on the move.
2nd Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones – 1st in Cesky open

Best in Show

BIS 1 & BPIS 1 Vickers and Dams Jodean Dallas - Just a puppy still but a super typey Lakeland all through, good head and ears, good length of neck, well laid shoulder, short back, tail on top with good shelf behind, moved animatedly and soundly with proper terrier purpose and drive I will watch this one….
BIS 2 & BPIS 2 Connell’s Sonorra Bright Star BOB WFT)
BIS3 Keefes Keebank just in Time –Border - Good ottery head, long neck, well laid shoulders, correct outline, nice clean front in super coat and condition, good pelt & spannable, sound on the move front and rear.
BIS4 Dams & Vickers Jodean Adele – Welsh Terrier sound, correct head proportions, Feminine with a  long neck and well laid back shoulder, sound on the move and had purpose and drive. Coat lacked a little finish on the day but a quality girl.
BPIS1 Vickers and Dams Jodean Dallas
BPIS2 Connell’s Sonorra Bright Star BOB WFT)
BPIS3 Dams & Vickers Jodean Adele
BPIS4 Bakers Lemracdream J’adore She is at a very raw stage, but lots of quality all through, good clean head, nice long neck and well laid shoulder, good level topline and correct tailset, coat of good texture. Very loose and excited puppy movement today but this will improve with practice and maturity.

Angela Johnston











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