Lowerstoft - Oulton Broad DCS 16 Judge's Critique

Lowerstoft - Oulton Broad DCS 16

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Border Terriers

Grad 3 (2)
1st Pinkham’s Puzzlers Hope Full Hattie at Broadsmill
Nice size & type, good harsh coat, otter head, tight feet, straight moved well. RBOB.
Open. 3 (2)
1st Bryants Riverose Kentucky Blue
Good for size, typy bitch, well shaped otter head, nice strong coat with thick pelt, nice front, arch of neck in to flat back with bend of stifle,
Moved straight & parallel with good tail set. BOB.

Norfolk Terriers

Grad 1 (1)
Open 2 (1)
1st Lovells Rufftytuffty Razzmatazz
Nice compact size, well shaped head with good ear set, keen eye & expression, strong coat, good tail set & carriage, nice bone & bend of stifle, moved well. BOB.

Airedale Terriers

Junior No Entries
Post Grad 2 (2)
Open 5 (4)
1st Eastalls Brisline’s Born in the USA for Daedal (imp USA) ShCM
Nice to go over such a good square solid bitch that was presented so well, strong head, sound teeth scissor bite, keen eye with good expression, nicely set ears, nice arch of neck in to a good lay of shoulder & straight back, good bend of stifle, full of muscle, tight feet, harsh coat, tail set, moved straight with drive. BOB
Well deserved TG2


Junior 1
1st S.B.T. Johnsons Bullhawk Maybe Mytime
Very typical typy staffie head with good cheek muscle, strong scissor bite, with a flat topline with a good front full of muscle moved well.
Graduate. 4 (1)
1st Carters Kebulak French Connection
K.B.T Liked the look of this dog as it walked in the ring, good for size, very typy, lovely soft & silky coat, well balanced head, strong jaw & good teeth, nice dark eye, with good type & size of ear, nice length of neck running in to good lay of shoulder, short coupled, depth of brisket,
good bend of stifle with lots of muscle, high tail set carried well, moving straight & parallel with drive, a pleasure to watch.
2nd Pyes Erkenwyne Go For Broke
Limit 4 (1)
1st Johnsons Jonajane Sussudio
SBT. A very good lucking well balanced staffie, with good strength & muscle, nice size with strong head, dark eye, good stop, with cheek muscles, strong scissor bite teeth, correct front with a correct topline, well muscled stifle, moved well for handler.
2nd Carters Kebulak Belly Dancer
Open Dog 1
WH.W.T 1st Keelys Aus Ch Caspersz Chaos in the Night
Good harsh clean coat, well shaped head with domed skull, good teeth with scissor bite, nice dark eye, with good ear set, flat back & good rear angulation, very nice & square & well proportioned, moved with drive.
Open Bitch 3
1st Wickers Mimbre Bombette
Very nice type MT, presented well with a deep shiny coat, colour & marking correct, nice wedged shaped head with a good bite, nice ear set used well, straight front & g lay of shoulder, nice topline & tailset, well tucked up, with bend of stifle & muscle tone giving the desired look to finish the picture, moved well.
2nd Keelys Aus Ch Whitebriar Jilly o the valley(imp)


Minor Puppy 2
1st Theobalds Bimandi’s Bananarama
Very nice Border with good outline & bone, typical otter shaped head with good teeth & bite, straight front with good lay of shoulder, good bend of stifle correct tail set, with harsh coat & thick pelt, moved well. BP well deserved TPG1 Just the type you would put in your pocket to take home.
2nd Lovells Boadacea Eva wish upon a Star.
Veteran 4 (4)
Special Beginners 3 (2)
1st Pyes Erkenwyne Go for Broke
Nice type, good marking, correct bite, nice ear set but need to settle, dark almond eye, straight front, good bend of stifle, good outline but needs more body.





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