Maidenhead & District Canine Society 12

Maidenhead & District CS 12

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Maidenhead & District Canine Society,
Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading, Berkshire. February 18th


Although a small entry all exhibits were worthy winners and top quality. Temperaments excellent.


1st PARKER S MANSIYA MAGNETIC MAN Nice quality pup with good eye and nice dark eye scissor bite He has well placed ears which he used well legs straight with good feet and good markings lean neck flowing into correct topline with slight rise into well set tail He has a deep chest with nicely angulated front and rear Steady mover and expertly handled BP and puppy group 2


1st STEDMAN S MANSIYA DARE TO BE DIFFERENT Another nice youngster with bone and substance He has a masculine head and dark eye scissor bite He has well set ears when used Good markings strong pasterns tidy feet Well angulated front and rear Chest deep good topline and tail carriage Shapley carriedhimself well on the move Look good from all angles BOB


1st EVA S SOPHYLA SAM BROWN JW Shcm Male of nice size with excellent temperament Good head and eye scissor bite straight legs good feet strong pasterns well marked Good length to neck set into well placed shoulders and correct topline and well placed tail Front and rear angulation good chest deep moved out well expertly handled Pushed hard for BOB butwould like to see him with a little more weight and covering RBOB

Janet Forshaw

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers

Thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this show and to my exhibitors for the privilege of assessing their dogs.

Puppy Entries: 2

1st Mrs R & Miss O Busby s, Calvenace Killer Queen:Pretty baby, good for size with a super coat of nice texture and colour. Good head shape with nice proportions, well-set ears which she uses to good effect. Pigmentation and eye colour is ok. Mouth ok. Compact body, short in loin, nice tail set. Movement still loose, coming and going, as puppies often are but should tighten with maturity. BP

2nd J A B & C C Mortimore s, Glendown Coraline: Slightly larger in size than 1st and not the same level of maturity. Irish type coat is of reasonable texture and good colour and just needs time to develop. Head proportions are quite good, although has a tendency to fly ears, which can detract from the over-all picture. Pigment and eye colour ok. Well-bodied, slightly longer in loin than 1st. Tail set ok. Movement rather difficult to assess, particularly from the rear and just needs further ringcraft training to enable the handler to make the best of her.

Junior Entries: 1

1st J A B & C C Mortimore s, Glendown Coraline

Post Graduate Entries: 2 (1)

1st Mrs C & Mr N Bristow s, Kellynack Viva La Passione For Avard: A stocky, compact bitch, with a lovely coat of good colour and texture. Good head proportions. Ears are good size and shape and used well. Dark eye and pigment. Mouth ok. Good depth of chest, short coupled. Moving with drive but a little wide in front, for my preference, which affected her placing in the challenge. RBOB

Open Entries: 3

This class had three nice exhibits, each with their own merits but the decision ultimately was all about movement.

1st Mrs L & Miss D Witheyman s, Steefsgrace Dutch Kiss By Dascol: Only one way to describe this dog really a pocket rocket! Very well-handled. Dainty feminine bitch. Coming up to 2 � yrs her coat texture and colour are getting there. Could be a touch stronger in head but correct planes. Pigment and eye colour ok. Good muzzle with the best dentition of the day. Neck adequate. Well ribbed and short-coupled. Good tail set. Found rather too-profuse leg coat a little distracting on the move but undeniably straight action fore and aft and covered the ground with a fluid gait. So pleased to see her go on to take a well-deserved G3.BOB, TG3

2nd Mrs C & Mr N Bristow s, Lilwaukee Leroy Brown For Avard: A lot to like about this mature dog. Upstanding, well-balanced and with a good coat of correct texture and colour. Good head and ear placement, mouth ok. Good length of neck, strong rear quarters. Moved ok in a workmanlike way but lacked the enthusiasm and drive of my class winnner.

3rd Mr & Mrs G Lawrence s, Emalot Little Miss Star

Judge: Lynn Carter (Chloeanco)






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