Mid Count Scot Terrier & WHWT 15 Judge's Critique

Mid Count Scot Terrier & WHWT 15 Judge

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Midland counties Scottish Terrier & WHWT Club 1/3/15

1st Beckton`s Glengracie Galileo, brindle with good head & eye, nice shoulders, compact, low to ground, plenty of bone & substance, moves well & free stood, beat 2nd on pigment & showmanship. BD & RBP
2nd Kirk`s Whitwitch Mustard RBD

PD; Beckton`s Glengracie Galileo

Limit Dog;
1st Hill`s Polwicks Black Tourmaline of Tahgmor, plenty of dog here, well off for bone & substance, low to ground, level topline, moves ok, just needs a new jacket, well handled, Best Veteran.

Open Dog
1st Hill`s Polwicks Black Tourmaline of Tahgmor

1st Hill`s Polwicks Black Tourmaline of Tahgmor

1st Coley`s Kingsview Just Freya, one that instantly takes your eye, feminine head, lovely eye, neat ears, good shoulder, short back, tail bang on top, moves well & has a lovely black jacket. BP, BB & RBIS. I liked her very much.

1st Becquet & Darby`s Just one more Becscot, typy head & eye & ears, good bone & substance, level topline, tail on top, in good coat , moved ok & handled well.
Limit Bitch;
1st Kirk`s Whitwitch Twiglet, honest sort, decent head, straight front, level topline, moved & handled well & in nice order. For me could use her tail more at times. RBB.
Stan Green Stakes
1st Davidson`s Lynnsto Thatl Do Nicely at Braxquin (whwt) nice head & neat ears, clean front, good shoulders, compact & showed very well, in immaculate trim today.

Coley`s Kingsview Warwick (WHWT) well made nice sized dog, good head, eye & neat ears, clean straight front, nice layback of shoulder, compact with level topline, tail on top with a shelf behind, well angulated, moved ok & in good hard coat.

RBIS & BPIS Kingsview Just Freya (Scottish terrier)
RBPIS Noyces Armadale Son of Arun at Maula (WHWT) very nice topline, tail on top, moved ok, just turns feet out a touch for me, shown & handled well.

Judge Mike Vickers






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