Monmouthshire Show Society – Open Show 26th August 2010

Monmouthshire Show Society – Open Show

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Puppy Dog or Bitch 2

1. Wall & Webb’s Manark Predator, quality 11 months black brindle dog, powerful head. Well muscled. Good overall balance, moved steadily, showed well.
2. Morgan’s Tasha Dream Lady, feminine black 8months bitch, lovely front. Just needs time to mature.

Junior Dog or Bitch 3 ( 1 abs)

1. Ogbourne’s Welshstaff Credit Crunch, black heavyweight dog. Good strong head, would have liked a darker eye.
2. Antonio’s Aquator Platinum Princess feminine young bitch, not a lot of her but balanced throughout.

Open Dog 3

1. Russell’s Mr Jack Obee Boy. Quality black brindle 3 year old dog, good head and expression though a darker eye would have improved the picture. Well made throughout, short coupled, rippling with muscle in good hard condition. Moved easily with correct tail carriage. BOB
2. Antonio’s Antoniostaff War Lord, 25 month larger male, longer cast. Rather soft condition.
3. James’ Antoniostaff Black on Black.

Open Bitch 1

1. Wall & webb’s Jessica’s Midnight Miss at Manark, 32 ear old quality black bitch, up to size. Good head, lovely dark eye, good condition, showed well. Res BOB

Border Terrier

Junior Dog or Bitch 4 (1abs)

1. Stackley’s Foxfactor Pied Piper, top quality grizzle and tan pup. Good head, ears and expression. Sound construction, lovely balance of raciness and substance. A joy to watch on the move, nothing flash but good honest sound movement. BP, BOB, Group 2, Puppy Group 1.
2. Ritchie’s Lynnsto’s Imperial Jade, feminine bitch puppy, good balance but rather light in bone for me.
3. Spencer’s Cobstoneway River Magic

Graduate Dog or Bitch 7 (4abs)

1. Stockley’s Jenabeck Rose over Foxfactor quality grizzle and tan bitch, good head, well balanced, moved well. Res BOB
2. Ellis’ Tudorcroft Tig Lear, larger blue and tan bitch. Good head and expression, a little long cast but moved and showed well enough.
3. Spencer’s Cobstone River Magic

Open Dog or Bitch 6 (2abs)

1. Spencer’s Caznray Double Trouble, nice sized 4year old dog. Strong head perhaps a shade long in muzzle. Good overall balance. Moved and showed well.
2. Stockley’s Rhozzum Keynote with Foxfactor neat headed blue and tan bitch. Well made throughout. Moved freely and showed well.
3. Ellis’ Tudorcroft Tig Lear.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Open Dog or Bitch 3 (2abs)

1. Dale & Cooper’s Kamaghan Ace Lynnsto 2year old quality dog, long lean head, dark eye, dark gums. Soundly made, silky coat of good colour but curly rather than wavy. BOB

Sealyham Terrier

Open Dog or Bitch 4 (1abs)

1. Jones’ Tommarv Scarlet Ribbons, quality heavyweight bitch carrying her 9 years lightly. Good strong head, well balanced. Lovely bone and substance. Good coat, well presented and handled. BOB
2. Jones’ Tommarv Ruby Sunday ultra feminine little bitch. Neat head, lovely expression, rather hesitant in her movement.
3. Butcher’ Ornella Tegwens Tango.

Welsh Terrier

Open Dog or Bitch 8 (7abs)

1. Halliwell’s Wigmore the One and Only, smart young dog with long head. Good bone and substance, correct size. Good coat with excellent presentation. Moved and showed well. BOB

Any Variety Not Separately Classified

Puppy Dog or Bitch 6

1. Hammett’s Digelsa Double Take for Bryedal,(Manchester) 6 month quality feminine bitch. Lovely size, good head , ears and expression. Well made with lovely bend of stifle. Moved and showed well, one to watch for. BP, Puppy Group 2.
2. Ames’ Sharnor Emerald Electra (Bedlington). Feminine quality bitch, good dark eye, good expression, soundly made, maintained her outline on the move.
3. Wright’s Kofyn Kontessa von Hofstetter (Min. Bull)

Any Variety Not Separately Classified

Open Dog or Bitch 7 (2abs)

1. Bvrowbank & Clark’s Eskwyre Shockin a Frock (Lakeland) feminine little madam, full of quality and herself. Lovely head, keen expression, excellent use of her ears. Good front, short coupled with powerful hindquarters. Harsh coat, well presented. Moved with drive and purpose, on her toes every second. Best AVNSC, Group 1 and, to my delight BIS.
2. Leigh’s Mansiya Cosmopolitan ( Manchester) quality bitch, good head and expression. Moved and showed well.
3. Bull & Stark’s Tarara Boom De Ay (P.R.T)

Any Variety Terrier Puppy

Dog or Bitch 7 (2abs)

1. Martin’s Gaelgorm Dark Thoughts (Kerry Blue) Lovely sized feminine bitch with good head. Well made throughout, moved and showed well. Puppy Group 3
2. Ritchie’s Lynnbos Imperial Jade (Manchester)

Any Variety Terrier

Graduate Dog or Bitch 7 6abs)

1. Butcher’s Ornella Tegwen’s Tango (Sealyham)

Any Variety Terrier

Open Dog or Bitch 3 (1abs)

1. Phillips’ Aurgwen Alyth (Border) quality red bitch, lovely bone and substance, moved with ease and showed well.

Eileen S. Foy (Judge)






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