Mountsorrel & DCS Open 15 Judge's Critique

Mountsorrel & DCS Open 15 Judge

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Border Terrier

Puppy 2 (1)
1st Robinsons Kenquince Dichroite at Mimiteh
Very nice feminine puppy, good head, eye & ear, correct scissor bite,
Lovely harsh coat thick pelt, good straight front & well shaped rear, giving straight movement. BP. PG4
Jun No Entries
Open 1
1st Sneddons Kersfell Cool River
Good strong otter shaped head, sound teeth with scissor bite, nice ear set dark eye, thick pelt, well constructed, moved well. BOB

Scottish Terrier

Puppy 1
1st Eteos Glenmiar Sorcerer at Jancliff
Very nice puppy 11 months, well constructed & eye catching type, Lovely bite correct ear carriage & sound front, strong back, nice bend of stifle with muscle, plenty of good harsh coat, presented & showed well.
BP & BOB G4 & PG1
Grad 2 (1)
1st Salmons Whitwitch shine on at scarscott.
Nice strength of head, scissor bite, good ear carriage, dark eye, well layed shoulder, bend of stifle, square type with nice movement.
Open (2)
1st Salmons Carisco Northern Light at Scarscot.
Very nice wheaten dog, good for type strength & bone, good scissor bite, nice eye, correct ears, strong coat moved well with correct tail set.

Fox Terrier (smooth)

Puppy 1 1st Dolmans Yoxella Without Equal at Zebec
Super head with fill under a dark keen eye, good ear set, nice lay of shoulder, straight front with good bone, moved straight with drive & correct tail set. Res BOB & BP PG3
Grad 1 1st Brookes Zetamaz Black on Track
Good for type nice head, good ear set, dark eye, scissor bite, good lay of shoulder, nice & square, moved well with drive.
Open 3 (1)
1st Brookes Zetamaz Gerard Depardieu JW Sh CM
Good sq head strong muzzle, sound scissor bite, nice dark eye & good ear set, straight front with good reach of neck & lay of shoulder, strong bone, level back with deep chest, srong hind quarters with nice tight feet. Moved Well. BOB TG1


Puppy 1 (1)
Grad1 (1)
Open 1 1st Keeves Seveek Hopes N Dreams Cairn Terrier
Good rough coat, sound scissor bite, good eye, well set ears, lay of shoulder with elbows tucked in, solid nice bend of stifle,
Moved & showed well full of fun.
Terrier G2
Kimbers Kimstaff’s Harry Potter JW Sh CM
S.B.T. Very nice type staff, good strong head with plenty of cheek muscle, stop with good eye set, nice ears, strong scissor bite, good front, strong flat back, well bent stifle, viewed from the rear well shaped & coming in at the
Loin, with well muscled thigh, moved well.
Terrier Group 3
Barlows Nightfury Bold Venture Manchester Terrier
Lovely feminine bitch, wedged shaped head, good dark eye, nice ear set, well angulated shoulder, straight front, all the correct defined markings, black & tan, good tail set & moved well.
Puppy G2
Mayrens Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs SBT.
Very nice raising 12 month dog puppy, good for type correct scissor bite, cheek muscle, good eye & ear carriage, nice head shape, flat back, well muscled, tail carried well, & moved well.

Judge Nigel Norris


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