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Newcastle (Staffs) &District Canine Society
Sunday, 5th April 2015
Rob Jones (Silverluka)

I'd like to thank the exhibitors for their entry and attendance on the day after National Terrier show and on Easter Sunday. I was pleased and impressed with the quality of dogs on show in both breeds.

Jnr 2/2
1st Catlow's Flaxela Too Fast For Love At Just Jingo(D) (P) Very heavy coated. Up to size puppy at 10 months. All the assets are there under that heavy coat. Good clean scissor bite and correct length of muzzle, Dark eye. Defined stop without exaggeration, decent ears and placement. Good shoulders, Deep rib, Nice couplings. Plenty of angulation of the stifle. Moved and handled well. Could do with a good trim to show his lines before moving up to junior.
2nd Francis' Daisymaes Fleurie With Sawheaten (B) (MP) Heavy coat. At just 6 months very much a baby of the show so a little difficult to assess. Good clean bite with correct canine placement. Adorable features with a nice eye and expression. Neat ears. Nicely proportioned body shape and is of a decent size for her tender age. Her alertness could be useful for the show ring as she develops with training and patience.

PG 1/1
1st Dowdey's Denzilly Sweet Rumour (B) Heavy coat. Promising youngster just out of pup with a lovely coat for her age. Nice head features, good quarters and straight topline. Moved well particularly away. Has inherited many qualities of her dam and sire. One to watch.

Open 4/4
1st Dowdey's CH Denzilly Sweet Rebel (B) Heavy coat. Beautifully presented bitch with a striking loose curly coat. Well proportioned head shape with a good clean bite. Good pigmentation of eye rims, nose, and flews. Correct ear placement. Good length of neck. Straight front and level topline. Plenty of stifle angulation and well let down hocks. Tail held well. Moved effortlessly. Very fit and well conditioned BOB

2nd Howes' CH Daisymaes Desmond Decker (D) Heavy coat. Another belting dog that has reached full maturity and potential. Again, good mouth with big clean canines. Strong muzzle with a correct stop. Solid neck, good shoulders and straight front. Deep rib and firm loins. Short coupled Well conditioned and correct rear quarters. Lovely coat and feel.

3rd Howes' Daisymaes Enforcer (D)

Res Howes' Daisymaes Fallon (B) Heavy Coat. Was never going to challenge in this class but a promising minor puppy none the less. Again, much like her litter sister difficult to assess due to age but showed enough to take BPIB Nice femine head and size for age.
Nice coat. Moved and handled well.

P 1/1
1st Bowler's Kyraloebis The Bogus Man At Trelynbow (D)
B/B Well constructed and up to size. Good head with a good scissor bite, Nice straight front with clean shoulders. Straight topline held on the move. Decent rear quarters. Needs to settle when moved but that will come with age and perseverance. Could go far TPG2 Well done.

Open 2/2
1st Desmond's Elitebull Elegance (B) B/B Everything in proportion with no exaggerations. Very fit. Strong female head, perfect bite with big clean canines. Dark eyes, Near ears, strong neck, correct shoulder placement which promotes a nice stance. Has ring presence and soundness. Promising future awaits I'm sure. BOB and a well deserved TG3

2nd Martin's Alvis Northern Lights JW ShCH (B) R/W Another quality bitch. Similar size to one. slightly heavier in bone with a nice headpiece. Good mouth, neat ears, straight front, short coupled with plenty of rib. Good rear quarters and moved very well.

Rob Jones


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