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The Northern Cairn and West Highland Terrier Club
Open Show Saturday 22nd July 2017
Harwood House

Can I just take this opportunity to thanks the officers and committee of the above club for the kind invitation to judge the West Highland White Terrier Classes at this Show.  Judging took place after the Cairn and WHWT classes at Leeds Championship Show.  Thank you to all the westie folk who entered under me.  It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to go over your exhibits.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st Carlin and Gillot Lizandychris Paco Rooban.  Lovely boy of just 6 mths. Good head, deep stop with nice ear placement giving a very pleasing varminty expression.  Correct mouth with strong teeth.   Clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders, straight front with a level topline.  Strong muscled hindquarters with good tail set and hock well let down under the body.  I will watch this one with interest.  Delighted to award this young man Best Puppy in Breed.
2nd Mr & Mrs Milner Juanne Rufus.  Young man of 7 mths who enjoyed his day out.  Another lovely puppy, nice head with clean front and shoulders, short coupled, well developed muscular thighs who moved well when settled.

Puppy Dog (1)
1st Juanne Rufus Dog. As above.

Graduate Dog (1)
1st McLoughlin Leyhey Local Laddie.  A young man who wasn’t cooperating terribly well with his handler but when settled moved okay. Nice head and expression, straight front, good rib   held topline on the move, short coupled but would like a little more rear angulation. In a correct jacket and well presented.

Mid Limit Dog  (4) (1)
1st Purchon Lindenka I’m Dexter. Strong head with correct ear placement and piercing dark eyes.  Nice mouth and dentation.  Clean neck and shoulders, deep compact body, level top line and short coupled with a strong well-muscled hindquarters with hocks well set under the body.  Would just like a little more exuberance whilst on the move. RBD
2nd Johnston Rocholm Ready to Rumble with Salmark.   Head proportions correct, scissor bite and dark piercing eyes.  Clean shoulder, deep rib and level topline, short coupled and well-muscled hindquarters.  In good top jacket but I would prefer just a little less furnishing.
3rd Windram Louie Conquistador

Open Dog  (4) (1)
1st Foster Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow.  This dog has a strong head with broad skull and well defined stop.  Strong jaw with scissor bite and good size teeth.  Good reach of neck running into a clean shoulders. Deep chest with good spring of rib, short coupled, level topline, well-muscled hindquarters with tail on top.  In a lovely coat of correct length and texture. BD
2nd Carlin & Gillott Lindandychris Line me Up.  Another nice balanced dog with a good broad skull and defined stop.  Nice length of neck, clean shoulder, level topline with tail on top.  Moved with drive.  These two dogs could change place on another day.
3rd Purchon Lindenka Donovan

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5) (2)
1st Smith Lingbeck Playing the Lady.  A seven and half year old in good condition and enjoying her day out.  Feminine head with a nice mouth, clean neck and shoulder.  Short compact body with the desired coupling, muscled hindquarters with tail on top.  Moved with drive.
2nd Pearson Winoski Mr Chips.  Male of nine in good condition, head okay, with nice small ears and dark piercing eyes.  Good spring of rib and short coupled.  Moved with drive.
3rd  Coupe Lindenka Sherry

Minor Puppy  (0)

Puppy Bitch  (1)
1st   Morton  Swifdon Silent Miss Chief: Feminine head, neck of sufficient length running into clean shoulders with good spring of rib, level topline and nice tail set. Moved well when she settled. 

Junior Bitch (3) (1)
1st Griffiths  Karamynd May Queen.  Lovely compact, showy young lady in white harsh jacket of the correct length.  Pleasing head and expression, straight front, level topline, short coupled with tail bang on top with plenty behind the tail.   This girl uses her well-muscled hindquarters to move with drive.  Will watch this one with interest.  
2nd Fosters Thozow Edelweiss.  Another nice balanced girl.   Head not as strong as 1.  Nice clean neck running into well laid shoulder, compact body with level topline,  nice tail set  and well developed hindquarters that allows this girl to move with drive.


Graduate Bitch (1)
1st Griffiths Karamynd May Queen.  As above.
2nd Carlin & Gillott Lizandychris Magge.  Nothing exaggerated about this young lady. Nice head, with defined stop, small ear and piercing eyes giving that lovely varminty expression.  Good set on, nice length of neck flowing into clean well laid shoulders.  Compact body with tail bang on top (doesn’t always use it) and pleasing rear angulation. Shown is a correct harsh jacket.  Just a pity that this girl is not a bit more exuberant on the move.
3rd Jenkinson Highcross Crystal Charm

Mid Limit Bitch  (5) (1)
1st Strand’s Crinan Carousel.  Lovely balanced girl on the ground and just as nice to go over.  Strong skull, desired stop with neat ears and dark piercing eyes of correct shape and colour  that all goes together to give that  varminity expression.   Good set on of head to clean neck of sufficient length flowing into clean well laid shoulders, good depth of rib and short coupled, well angulated strong hind quarters with good tail set.  Moved with ease and drive.RBB
2nd Smith Highcross Precious Charm at Lingbeck.  Balanced girl with pleasing feminine expression.  Shown in a lovely nicely presented jacket.  Just prefer the rear angulation of 1.
3rd Purchon  Lindenka Apple Kumble.

Open Bitch (2)
1st Mr & Mrs Fox Hillsted Sweet Mystery.  This girl took my eye as she entered the ring and didn’t disappoint on the table.   Feminine strong head, attached well defined neck running into well laid clean shoulders.  Straight front, deep well ribbed compact body, short coupled, level topline, a lovely tail set with plenty behind it and strong muscled hindquarters that allowed her to move with such drive and ease.  I was delighted to award her BOB and elated to see her going on to win BIS.
2nd Fosters Thozon Forget me Not.  Feminine girl not as strong in head as 1.  Shown in a beautifully harsh white coat. Clean neck and shoulders, compact body, level topline with good tail set. Another one that used her well angulated hindquarters to drive on the move.

Jane Jenkins



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