Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 15

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 15

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Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Assoc Open Show
Worsall Village Hall, Worsall, Near Yarm.

Extremely pleased to have this invitation to judge at Sporting Terrier Assoc,
lovely to go over these top quality dogs.

Judge MR Nigel H Norris

Cesky Terrier

Junior 1
1st Atter’s Ridley Xaver. Good shape of head & good ear carriage, eye, scissor bite, carried top line, well constructed with good bend of stifle, nice soft coat. BP

PG Absent

1st Atters’s Kilbarchan’s Anika Ridley
Nice long head of good shape, correct ear carriage, scissor bite, nice expression, top line rising to loin, well muscled, well presented & trimmed coat. BOB

Glen of Imaal Terrier

1st Quinns Ch Kirikee Ronan O’Gara
Strong head good bite, black nose, strong well muscled body & rear, good bend of stifle, very fit, nice expression, full of character. BOB

Manchester Terrier

1st Goodman’s Joemario Moonlit Shadow
Good shape & type, all correct black & tan markings, nice wedged shaped head, with almond eye, ears on top. Strong scissor bite, nice crest of neck with well layed shoulder, arch over loin, good bend of stifle with muscle. Moved OK. BOB

Norfolk Terrier

1st Baty & Gee’s Watercroft Confetti
Good type with well shaped head, with slightly domed skull, large teeth scissor bite, strong neck in to good lay of shoulder, harsh coat, tight round feet, good bend of stifle, muscled, moved well with good tail carriage. BP & BOB & B.P.I.S.

Norwich Terrier

1 1st Kells Amicaro Whiskey Chaser
Good type with harsh coat, this one was full of herself, good mouth, well made all round, nice shoulders & bend of stifle, carried tail well, moved nicely.

OP 3
1st Roberts & Murray Mindlen Mischief
Nice for type head & expression, scissor bite, good length of neck, short back with level top-line, well muscled, good of stifle with short hock,
Hard wiry coat, moved well with drive, straight & true, showed well with happy temperament. BOB.

2nd Armstrong & Lawrance Elantiz Mr Willams.

Scottish Terrier

PG 1
1st Dodd’s Highland Butterfly
Good type of strong build, correct front with strong feet, lay of shoulder,
Broad short back, long head with scissor bite, keen dark eye, harsh dense & wiry coat, moved steadily BOB

1st Dodd’s Glenboig Black Olive
Well built with strong head, good teeth & ear carriage, muscled neck in to well layed shoulders, broad back, deep chest, tail carried well, movement not as good as winner today.

SKY Terrier

1st Harrison’s Glorfindel Shadow dancer for Trenson
Full of character, very sound, long head good teeth, nice coat coming, well constructed with muscle, crest of neck & well layed shoulders, good rear angulation, moved out with drive with lots of promise. BP

OP 1
1st Harrison’s IR CH Knowlespring Jailhouse Roc for Trenson
What a lovely dog with outstanding ring presence who just flowed round the ring with soundness drive & elegance, long power full head, scissor bite, good eye, beautiful feathered ears, strong & well muscled in all aspects, slightly arched neck, in to good layed back shoulders,
straight front with deep chest & level back, well muscled hind quarters & well set tail with ample feathering & wonderful flowing coat completing the picture for the well deserved BOB & B.I.S. against very strong competition.


OP 1
1st Johnson’s Garsayna Gold Julia
Good for size, long head, in proportion, strong jaw, correct ears, slightly arch neck, straight front, deep chest, compact feet, silky coat. BOB


1st Hall’s Boydslass Jethro Gibbs
Strong head with plenty of cheek muscle, broad skull with stop, good bite, dark eyes facing forward, nice ears to finish the picture, flat back, wide front, deep chest, with well sprung ribs, good shape viewed from front. BOB

AV T Puppy Stakes 8 (4)

1st Oxbury & Tonner’s Mightymidget Nations Unite at Jukenblu
Very nice puppy this one stood out for me, good for type & size, good mouth & eye, narrow shaped head, velvet ears, flat ribbed, arched back, tapering neck, into sloping shoulders, correct front, well shaped rear, with a complimented tuck up, soft lint coat, moved well.

2nd Dixon’s Foxcraig Magic Diamond

Judge MR Nigel H Norris

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