Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 18

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 18

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Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 

Manchester Terrier (1)

Open - 1st Goodman`s Joemario Moonlit Shadow, decent head but ears off clean front, in good condition, decent bone, moved ok. BOB

Norwich Terrier

Junior (3)- 1st Smith`s Javidel Walk in the Park, loved him as soon as he came in, quality puppy, great expression and ear set, well off for bone, in nice coat and good tail se, moved and showed well. BP
2nd Batey`s Ragus Roly Poly Pudding
3rd Kell`s Amicaro Light Up The Sky

PG (1) 1st Batey`s Javidel Walk Hand in Hand, not really enjoying his day, good bone, good coat, little straight behind.

Open (2) 1st Kell`s Ragus All Guns Firing at Amicaro, 2yr male, Quality dog, lovely head and ear set giving a nice expression, good front topline and tailset, in nice coat, moved and showed well. BOB
2nd Batey`s Ragus Burning Question

Sealyham Terrier

Open (1) 1st Hampson`s Kamryan Bleu De Chanel, all male, clean head, well off for bone, good shoulders, nice outline, very good free moving dog, in lovely coat. BOB

Scottish Terrier
(1) 1st Dodds Highland Butterfly, decent length of head, good ears, nice shoulders, Moved ok. BOB


Open (3) 1st Pearson`s Braxquin One in a Million for Winoski, pretty bitch, nice head and ears, lovely expression, good shoulder, well ribbed, super tailset, moved and showed well. BOB
2ND Ladham`s and Rudd`s Juraspirit White Linen
3rd Zvezdina`s Kichaus Protagonista Belleze
Cairn Terrier (1) 1st Dodd`s Birselaw Stand with Me SHCM, little heavy throughout for me, good ears, not really enjoying his day out, in decent coat. BOB

Judge Joanne Vickers



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