Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 19

Northern Counties Sporting Terrier 19

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Northern Counties Sporting Terrier Ass,      Group Open Show,    13th October 2019
Judge,   Mr Ralph Garbutt (Aireview)

Bull Terrier

O, 2(1ab)
1st, K Jowers & A Jowers, Clansmann Wicked Upriser.
Strong head with correct ear set & good mouth, well balanced moved OK. BOB & PB

Mini Bull Terrier

PG, 1 (1ab)

O, 2 (1ab)
1st, Todd’s Bullyon Bonzo’s Measure ShCM.
Lovely size well musculed in good condition, good to go over with correct ear set & good mouth, moved true coming & going. BOB.


O, 1
1st, Dodds, Birselaw Ruby Slipper.
In good coat moved with purpose, head in proportion with body, good small ears, correct mouth with strong teeth, plenty spring of rib nice feet with good thick pads. BOB   

Dandie Dinmont

PG, 3
1st, Wilson’s, Moranelon Cader Idris.
Pepper in good coat with correct furnishings & top knot, very good movement coming & going, correct mouth with perfect scissor bite, nice domed head with large dark eye nice length of body all in proportion. Considered her for Group placing. Handled well by young exhibitor. BOB 
2nd,  Murphy’s Dryfevally Boogie Woogie
Preferred overall balance & movement of first, Mustard in good coat good length of body.
3rd,   Skitt’s Deegandan Keeping Faith
Very promising Puppy in good coat nice to go over moved OK. BP
O, 1
1st, Skitt’s Dariant I Bastet of Deegandan (IMP) 
Pepper not in best of coat would have preferred more furnishings all round, shorter in back than BOB moved OK.

Jack Russell

J,  2
1st, McKenzie’s Bam Bam Lover Boy,
Lovely size just 6 months of good type well balanced moved very true in good coat promising puppy. BP
2nd, McKenzie’s Dream Girl,
Litter mate to winner very feminine very hard to assess movement, but looked promising.

PG, 2
1st, McKenzie’s Montravia Abracadabra at Caldbeckjack,
Correct size & shape with plenty of bone, moved OK well balanced with good tail set, nice markings.
2nd      North’s Mindlen Arkle for Anstars
Not having the best of days very hard to assess but looked a good sort.

O, 1
1st McKenzie’s, Caldbeckjack Peels Lad ShCM
Very nice size & shape with correct top line, good strong head with strong teeth plenty of bone nice feet, very good movement. BOB


O, 4 (2ab)
1st, Walshaw’s Ch Janmark Back T’Black
Very feminine lovely to go over of perfect size, all the correct markings good mouth with correct scissor bite. Well bodied in very good condition very true movement coming & going. Pleased to give her group 3.
2nd, Oxley’s, Digelsa Double Top.


O, 1 (1ab)


PG, 1 (1ab)

O, 2 (1ab)
1st Armstrong & Armstrong, Ragus Sweet Bay.
Lovely size dog with good bone & substance standing on good feet, neck strong of good length correct ear set, very good coat texture nothing to fault him. BOB pleased to give him group 4.


PG, 1
1st, Bell’s Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson at Letara
Very confident for a pup everything to like about him looks promising, well bodied good length of neck in to correct shoulders, correct length of body to height well muscled  in good coat. BOB PG3


PG, 3
1ST Plane’s Surprise Von Tinsdal (NAF)
Supper B to go over could not fault her movement with lovely top line, lovely size very feminine with nice furnishings  good expression correct ear set, dark eyes of correct size, in best of coat. BOB & RBIS & Best Puppy in show.
2nd Rutherford’s Carisco Careless Wispa
Nice solid B of good size correct furnishings with good coat, just preferred movement & overall balance of 1
3rd Dodds Highland Butterfly

O, 1
Rutherford’s Carisco Follow Your Dreams
Well bodied in good coat, neck well muscular of moderate length everything in proportion. Movement OK

BIS, WFT, Maughan’s,  Brocolitia Painted Apache
This D took my eye as I looked around the room he is well balanced a lovely moving D of correct size lovely length of head with good ear set perfect mouth with strong teeth, nice length of neck with good lay back of shoulders in to correct length of back. Hindquarters strong with good thighs with correct bend of stifle.    

RBIS Scottie, Plane’s,  Surprise Von Tinsdal (NAF)
Supper B to go over could not fault her movement with lovely top line, lovely size very feminine with nice furnishings  good expression correct ear set, dark eyes of correct size, in best of coat.  RBIS & Best Puppy in show.

G 3, Manchester, Walshaw’s Ch Janmark Back T’Black 
G4, Norwich, Armstrong’s, Ragus Sweet Bay

BPIS, Scottie, Plane’s Surprise Von Tinsdal (NAF)
RBPIS, Bedlington, McNally’s Conekesheved Jingle Bells
Did not move at its best but conditions not ideal. Good size coat just coming through, lovely head with lovely thin ears good mouth strong teeth, everything all in proportion. Pleased to give her RBPIS 
PG3, Sealyham, Bell’s Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson At Letara
PG4, Staffie, Williams’s Jodel’s Impact
Well muscled youngster of good size very nice to go over good strong head could be one for the future.

Any Variety Stakes classes.
Puppy Stakes. Sealyham
Open Stakes. Manchester
Veteran Stakes.
1st Norwich. Moved well for its age in good coat well musculed nice to go over.
2nd Bedlington. Nice size in good coat just a bit hard to assess movement on shiny floor.

Judge,   Mr Ralph Garbutt (Aireview)

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