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Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Club open show

It was a great honour to be invited by the committee of such a prestigious club as the Northern Provincial Bull Terrier Breed Club it being one of the oldest clubs in the UK to judge there open show on the 25th July 2010 held in Nantwich Civic Hall Cheshire. Also My Thanks to all the exhibitors who travelled to the show.

Dog classes

Puppy dog class 5.(1 abs)

1st WOODS Mr & Mrs I.J. & S.A.,
JONZIES BULLSEYE BRUISER AT BULLYWOOD, Big strong white with head mark, a very big boy good round bone sweeping profile and fill, ears well placed nice eye, good top line strong rear end, moved well front bit closer from behind his cross to bear is his front he’s still young so hopefully he will tighten up, well handled and in nice condition.

RAGNAROK GUNGNIR AT KOELLEN, Very nice male a more cobby type, good head and
profile would of liked him to have used his ears a little more, good level top line straight front strong quarters moved quite well both ways.

junior dog. 5 (3 abs)

1st WANNOP Mrs P. & Messrs C. & L
CHARISHALEE DRUMBEAT, All white with all round virtues nice egg shaped head good profile wicked eye ears band on top long reach of neck into well laid shoulder straight front tidy feet good spring rib depth of brisket good angulation tail well set moved well both ways my best male and BIS

CANOLBARTH'S JANS JUMBO, Brindle / white well marked good head lots fill, ears correct good reach neck straight front but would of liked his feet to be a little bit tighter good spring rib and fore chest moved well both ways.

maiden dog. 2 (1abs)

1st WANNOP Mrs P. & Messrs C. & L
CHARISHALEE MOONLIT SHADOW, Tri coloured male big boy good bone, strong head with fill, plenty of fore chest and spring of rib I would of liked his feet a bit neater, dropped his top line on the move, never the less well handled and presented.

1st. novice dog 1 (1abs)
1st. post grad dog 1 (abs)

limit dog. 2 (1abs)

1ST Blakeley D Mr
DAZLIN DIVERSITY Very tall white with head marking he’s a big young boy who needs time on his side to mature sweeping profile with roman finish good ear carriage straight front and neat feet, level top line, he carries his tail a bit high, but he was very excited in the ring.

open dog. 5 (3abs)

1st LAMBERT Mr & Mrs S. & D
EBULLIENT FALCONS FURY Large upstanding white with head mark a big boy with loads of bone and substance strong head good profile, with fill lots width and depth, gun barrel chest, straight front good shoulders powerful rear end moved ok in front but close from rear

2nd WRIGHT Mr & Mrs C.J. & J
RIGHTSTUFF FIRE STORM Very nice mahogany brindle which we don’t see so often now, not as powerful as the winner but never less a strong boy nice profile, good eye well placed ears which he used all the time, long reach of neck level top line well set tail good front and a good rear end, could do perhaps with little more bend stifle but I preferred the substance of 1st.

Bitch classes

Puppy bitch 6 (3abs)

1st LAMONBY Mr & Mrs R. & D
EMRED HELLS BELLS, What a pleasure it was to see a very nice young lady walk into the ring screaming look at me, she’s all white beautiful feminine head nice egg shape used her ears all the time wicked eye good reach of neck into nicely laid shoulder, level top line straight front cat like feet (one of the few who had) nice rear end moved well both ways for one so young, well handled and presented, I must confess she pushed my best bitch all the way, and she will be one I will take a great deal of pleasure in watching her future, best puppy in show.

2nd. WRIGHT Mr & Mrs C.J. & J
RIGHTSTUFF GOOD LOOKIN, Pretty young lady who had the misfortune to come up against my 1st today she similar in type but still needs little more time to mature nice feminine expression, gentle profile good ears, and pigmentation long reach of neck level top line tail well set, moved wide in front but a shade close behind.

Junior bitch. 3 (0abs)


ELVROC WHO DARES WINS AT KOELLEN Very classy bitch beautiful head sweeping profile lots fill under eyes ears well placed nice reach of neck, level top line good round bone tail well set, good angulation again another who moved good in front but close behind and another who pressed hard for best bitch, nicely handled and presented.

2nd WARREN Miss J. & MORGAN Mr
ICE'S SATIN DESIRE All white with head mark, nice head, gentle profile sadly she was not very happy today and didn’t enjoy herself she’s a nice bodied bitch and has good rear quarters and angulation and moved close both ways.

Maiden bitch. 2 (0 abs)

1st WARREN Miss J. & MORGAN Mr D
ONE OF MANDYS LADYS Very nice well marked Mahogany brindle and white beautiful head with nice femine expression wicked eye, well set ears good fill, good reach of neck and level top line, straight front tidy feet, good spring rib strong rear end with nicely laid down hocks moved pretty well both ways.

2nd EMETT Mr J
BROOKBULLY BAILEYS ON ICE, Very terrier type who needs time on her side to mature but still she enjoyed herself, she has nice elegant head, used her ears all the time and has a straight front nice feet, and she moved well both ways and showed well for her handler.
Novice bitch. 4 (3abs)

1st ATKINS Mr L. & Mrs K
WARRADCASEY LETS DANCE OF HENTARW Another white with head markings good profile tight eye good pigmentation, well proportioned rear quarters she tended to drop her top line on move but never the less a very nice bitch, moved close both ways.
Post grad bitch. 7 (3 abs)

RBIS Warbonnet Illusion

Stunning white with head mark she has the classic bully head all filled up with a sweeping profile wicked eye, used her ears all time, good front with tons fore chest and spring of rib, long neck into well placed shoulder and level top line strong rear quarters good angulation, and tail well set. It was good to see that she held her top line as she moved both strong and true front and behind with purpose and drive, she thoroughly deserved her honour of BB & RBIS. This was by far the strongest class of the day with outstanding bitches. Handled and Presented to perfection.


WILBARY CINNIA Very stunning bitch lovely head nice feminine expression wicked eye good fill, ears right bang on top, long reach of neck, good shoulders beautiful front, tight feet, fore chest and spring of rib, nice top line well set tail, she moved well in front but was close coming from behind, showed and presented in superb condition never the less a bitch who I am sure will have a very bright future she was unfortunate to come up against another stunning girl on this occasion.

Limit bitch. 5 (3abs)

1st WOODS Mr & Mrs I.J. & S.A
BULLYWOOD candy GIRL another nice bitch strong head good fill under eyes, good shoulders and top line but would liked her little shade shorter in back never the less a very nice girl who moved quiet well both ways.

2nd ATKINS Mr L. & Mrs K
WARRADCASEY LETS DANCE OF HENTARW (see report in novice class)

Open bitch 11 (8 abs)

1st WESTWOOD Mr & Mrs D. & T., Tara
TULSADOOM MAHUIKA, White with head marking, what can I say she’s a power house of bitch strong head filled right up, wicked eye, strong bone lots power and strength good shoulder placement level top line, good spring rib and fore chest, good bend of stifle moved close front and rear, another who pushed hard in the challenge for top honours, a credit to her owners well handled and presented in wonderful condition.

2nd LAMBERT Mr & Mrs S. & D
EBULLIENT EBONY GIRL, large upstanding black brindle and white beautiful head with sweeping profile good ears, with plenty of fill under eyes long reach of neck into nice clean shoulder placement and level top line and well set tail carriage, a nice clean picture but lost out to 1st as I preferred her strength in head more.


Once again I wish to take opportunity to thank the club for all their hard work, and all the exhibitors who came from far and wide .I wish all a safe journey home.

Bill Leslie ( judge ) Billmaris bull terriers



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