Okehampton & District Canine Society 12

Okehampton & District Canine Society 12

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Okehampton & District Canine Society 13th October 2012

My thanks to the committee and exhibitors for their support and the opportunity to judge a nice entry of terriers.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Special Yearling (1)

1. Challimers Little Lady. Promising youngster, balanced head with broad skull, well set ears, shoulders well laid back, Deep chest and well sprung ribs. moved well front and rear.

Post Graduate (2)

1. Challimers Last Centurion. Masculine boy with same qualities as above, (I now see they are litter mates) . scored in movement. Up to size.
2. Hawken’s Carfury Elowen

Open (2)

1. Roughnecks Refuse to Bend . Close decision .Well balanced girl with a lot to offer. Head of good proportions and correct ears, good bite, Correct shoulder placement and muscular neck. Moved freely, straight and parallel front & back. (BOB)
2.Hawken’s Carfury Bal Maiden JW.

Bull Terrier

Graduate (2)
1. Waycott’s Ukusa Rhapsody for Waybully Long in head with flat skull. Shoulders well angulated, broad chest, short back. Scored in movement. . BP
2. Malden’s Louka Kolor Koded

Open (4) abs.1

1. Pullen’s Louka Gone Racin. Correct head and expression, well placed ears. Shoulders laid back, body well rounded, deep chest, slight rise over loins. Well muscled all through. Moved freely. Enjoying his day. BOB
2. Waycott’s Ukusa Rhapsody for Waybully
3. Malden’s Louka Frosty Lady

Manchester Terrier

Open (6) Abs. 2
1. Carter’s Mansiya Witch’s Familiar at Afilador. Alert masculine dog without coarseness. Good head with ears carried well, good bite, Shoulders well laid back, well sprung ribs and slight arch over loin. Correct colour and markings. moved with reach and drive. BOB
2. Cawley’s Digelsa Dancing with Darla
3. Pyne’s Brockenella’s Chancer at Budley BP

Lakeland Terrier

Graduate (2)
1.Burgoine & Woodward’s Jelliroll Lady Lucinda. Balanced head with good bite. Scored in shoulder placement, well ribbed back. Good rear angulation, moved freely.
2. Burgoine & Woodward’s Oregill Full Steam.

Open (1)

Burgoine & Woodward’s Lady Jelliroll Mercedes ShCM. 1. Nice overall balanc, short coupled & compact girl.Good head, well laid back shoulders and good rear angulation. . Moved freely. Good coat. BOB

Scottish Terrier (1)

Open (1)

1. Straw’s Kentwella Kassandra at Shaolin ShCM. Stood alone but a mature lady who could still hold her own with the youngsters. Head of correct proportions, shoulders well laid back, level topline, well sprung ribs. Moved with reach and drive. (BOB)

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Open (1)

1. Clark’s Roxway Brave Edge at Leconridge. Another standing alone but a worthy winner. Balanced head with flat skull and good length of neck, good bite. Compact with deep chest and short loin . Good shoulders and rear angulation, moved well. BOB

AVNSC Terrier

Open (2) abs 1

Clark’s Honismart Ginger Snap , Norwich . correct head and expression. Well bodied, good shoulders, level topline but tail too gay. Moved freely. BOB

AV Terrier Puppy (1)

1. Pyne’s Brockenella’s Chancer at Budley.


Group 1 Louka Gone Racin (Bull Terrier)
2 Kentwella Kassandra at Shaolin ShCM (Scottish Terrier)
3 Roxway Brave Edge at Leconridge (Fox Terrier Smooth)
4 Roughnecks Refuse to Bend (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)


Group 1 Ukusa Rhapsody for Waybully (Bull Terrier)
2 Brockenella’s Chancer at Budley (Manchester Terrier)

Any Variety Special Veteran Dog 7 -9 yrs. (5) Abs 2

1. Jeffery’s Bamjoeh Baleno Von Krisjan ShCM. Saluki
Nice head & front with well angulated shoulders, good coat condition, moved well & freely for age.
2. Burgoine & Woodward’s Aarons Way Sungleam Lakeland Terrier
3. Clunie’s Occombe Observer of Warrentor. Golden Retriever

Any Variety Special Veteran Bitch 7 -9 yrs. (10 ) Abs 3

1. Pearn’s Brelade Miss Terious ShCM Cocker Spaniel . Best Veteran
Typical head, good bite, balanced all through. lively & enjoying her day, very good movement.
Lovely coat and condition
2. Straw’s Kentwella Kassandra at Shaolin ShCM Scottish Terrier
3. Cummins’ Vanitonia Kats Got The Cream ShCM Standard Poodle

Any Variety Special Veteran Dog/Bitch 10 years & over, (6) Abs 1

1. Cousins’ Moortime Forest Fern CDEX UDEX BEGEx Australian Shepherd
Balanced head, shoulders well angulated & good rear angulation, moved with drive.
Lovely coat & condition.
2. Avery’s Lynviews Golden Toffee JW
3. Attwood’s Kylowen Mawla Welsh Springer

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