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Oswestry & District Kennel Association Open Show 18 March 2018 Terriers

Many thanks to those exhibitors who turned up despite the snow and ice.

Sealyham Terrier Open 4 (2). 1 Tabijanski’s Ch Zippor Sapphire Jones  G2. Every inch the champion lovely strong head, no body markings with neck and shoulder blending nicely into level top line makes for a very pleasing profile. 2 Tabijanski’s Zippor Miss Skye. Another lovely home breed bitch of similar type that just lost out on maturity to her older half sister PG3

Welsh Terrier Open 4(3). 1 Riley’s Younichi Splash of Ginge.  Short backed compact bitch with good shoulder placement. Hard coat of pleasing colour - solid black and strong tan. Strong quarters with plenty behind the tail which is sometimes lacking in Welsh. Neat ears and typical expression.G1 PG1

AVNSC Terrier Puppy 2. 1 Lathan’s Little Miss Inky, Min Bull. Very sound and well muscled. Good legs and feet, moved well but needs to settle a bit more. Nice typical downface and good ears. 2  Tabijanski’s Alchemy It’s My Party at Janski Cesky. A good dog all round but didn’t show himself to best advantage. Particularly liked his refined head not too broad or narrow.

AVNSC Junior 1 Tabijanski’s Jeonty Glynis Making Magic for Zippor, Glen of Imaal. Only 8 months old but a strong dog. Good legs and feet, level top line and strong quarters. Nice eyes and expression. Perhaps it’s just me but I always like to see good nostrils, like his, on a Glen. In good harsh coat BNSC & BNSCP G3 PG2

AVNSC Open 4(3) 1 Tabijanski’s Janski Miloslav Cesky. Good outline, particularly noted well angulated stifles. Very pleasing head with neat ears. Perfect scissor bite as required by UK standard.

Ron Punter Judge.


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