Oxford Canine Society 12

Oxford Canine Society 12

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Oxford Canine Society May 2012

BIS – Corkhills Redash Going for Gold, good head, nice wedge shaped muzzle, good eye, lovely ears, nice front, good tight feet, nice neck & shoulders, level topline & good tailset, compact, in A1 order & never stopped showing, for me the star of the day, will watch his future with very much interest, I loved him, aptly named too.
RBIS – Browns Ch Ygdrasil Winter Soltice, lovely keeshound, good in all departments, just flagged a bit so lost bis to the Norwich. In good order & well handled.
BP- Allchornes Dheath Guns & Roses, Basset Hound, lovely head, lean without any snipeyness, nice shoulders, good topline, moved very well in A1 order & handled expertly well. Lovely puppy.

PRT Puppy (1)
1st Blair & Hadleys Cleevhill Kasper, good head & ears, straight front, good topline, showed well, & in good coat.

PRT pg (3)
1st Clarkes Go to Ground Go Go Girl, nice type, straight front, nice bone, good topline, moves ok, well handled in good order.
2nd Neenens Stepping Out to go to Ground

PRT Open (3)
1st Hadleys Ch & Int Bel Ch Heythrop Tiastorm, good head & ears, nice bone, good shoulders, nice topline, showed non stop in cracking condition. BOB
2nd Nixons Go to Ground Go for Gold.

Cairn Pg (3)
1st Kinchins Carradine Ruby Tuesday at Pendazzle, nice head & ears, good bone & nice topline & tailset, in nice coat & moves well.
2nd Dyas Trekhilli Beanie Baby

Cairn Open (4)
1st Waughns Tribannon Gaurdian Angel, good head neat ears, good fron, bone & shoulders, correct tailset in lovely body & coat condition. BOB.
2nd Keeves & Bennets Seeveek Who Dares Wins

Norfolk Terrier
Puppy (1)
1st Rayners Settrenda Sirens Sounding, lovely head & ears, straight front, nice shoulders, compact & tail on top, in A1 order, moved & showed extremely well, I liked him a lot. BOB, RBPIS.

PG (4)
Simpsons Titanium Farandule For Megalex, nice head & ears, good shoulders, compact tail on top, showed & handled well.
2nd Child & Johnsons, Nordeiset another look,

Open (3)
1st Rayner & Healeys Mistease Making Mayhem, nice type all round, handle & shown well, in nice order.
2nd Philips Jeava Well Ill Be Darned at Nordeiset.

Norwich Terrier
Puppy (1)
1st Corkhills Redash Tangerine Dream, nice puppy, good head & front, nice shoulders, good topline, tail on top, in A1 order. Just need sto mature. Bp.

Open (1)
1st Corkhills Redash Going For Gold, commented on above BOB & BIS.

AV Terrier
1st Jones Montelle Sweet Dreams (irish) Racy type, nice head & ears, good topline & tailset, in nice coat.
2nd Partletts Ashstaff Black Opal of Sarolstaff (SBT)

Open (2)
1st Parletts Jacaroo Miss Hellfire of Starolstaff (sbt), good head, great bone, good topline, coat gleaming moved well.
2nd Reads Kopycats King of the Castle (kbt)

AV Puppy (3)
1st Luczynskis Fecimus Pin Petticoat at Kanara, nice head, good shoulders, good tolpine & tailset, in lovely coat, showed like a veteran. (acs)
2nd Cunnighams Shylar Born to Shine (akita)

Junior (2)
1st Stirks Welcume Imagination (irish water spaniel), nice type all through, in nice order & showed very well.
2nd Suches Norlight Biassono (Pyrenean Sheepdog)

PG (3)
1st Gardners Kilnrae Barley Sugar (gsp) good front & bone, nice topline, showed well & moved well.
2nd Warwicks Bigglesmere Dream Design (Petite PGV)

Open Dog (2)
1st Mcphersons Macarica Cavalione Di Mare a Rishone, good head & super front, nice topline, moves & showed well.
2nd Gilpans Esquimaux Chase the Ace at Mytiline (Siberian husky)

Open Bitch (4)
1st Gilmans Drean Catcher Prosecutor (siberian husky), lovely ears, nice head, good topline, moved well, showed non stop.
2nd Grimmets Sambreeze Taim of Whchwolf (finnish laphound)

AV Veteran (7)
1st Eldridges Evaldoss Shear Elegance at Petara (sheltie) lovely head, nice ears, good outline, in full bloom.
2nd Fox`s Saltas Bleau Eyes (irish setter)

Bred By Exhibitor (8)
1st Cleatons Jasdecoma Razzle Dazzle (Doberman) clean coat, nice type all through, moved well in good order.
2nd Strangrooms Lappakia Oasis Dream

AV Not Bred By Exhibitor (17)
1st Fisher & Maclaren Corsina Antoine (Tervueren), loved this one, correct head & ear carriage, lovely front, good topline, showed with animation & went well.
2nd Strong & Clintons Marfeben Magiq Marquis at Macjamma (Whippet)

Judge Mike Vickers