Pollard Canine Society Diamond Jubilee Premier 23 Judge's Critique


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Norfolk Terrier

PG 2 (1)

1st Gees Watercroft Strands of Gold
Nice for type, good head & ear carriage, strong scissor bite, straight front, flat back well sprung rib, plenty bend of stifle & Muscle, tail set & carried well. RBOB.

Open 1 Gees Watercroft Spotted Dick
Strong fit dog, good shaped head ears carried well, nice shaped eye, strong jaw, back, good bend of stifle, straight hard wirey coat, moved out well. BOB

Parson Russell Terriers


1 Knights Just Top Russel to Pacolito.
Good shaped head & ear carriage, strong teeth Scissor bite, straight front with nice bone & angulation & for chest, lay of shoulder, fat back good tail carriage, muscled rear, strong coat, moved well round the ring.. R.BOB

Open Bakers Pacolito Resurrection
1st Good for size & type, wedged shaped head, with dark eye, srong jaw with good scissor bite, carried ears well, nice lengh of neck into well laid shoulders,straight front legs set under, with a level topline, tail carried correctly, good bend of stifle, well muscled moved out well. BOB Res best Terrier

2nd. Knights Woldlincs Just Bookie.
Nice & typy good wedged head, dark eye, sound teeth, straight front, flat topline, bend of stifle, carried ears well, movement ok.

Scottish Terrier

PG. 1

1st Barton-Smiths Russalan Roseenda Rose.
Very nice Scottie good strong head, well carried ears up on top, dark eye, strong muscled with good scissor bite, good for chest & deep, legs set on well, straight top line, power full rear with bend of stifle, which showed well in the movement. BOB

Open Repeat

Jack Russell Terrier 4 (1)


1st Thorley & Smiths Dancing in the Dark at Robythorn Male
Nice type , good shaped head, with correct ear, dark eye, strong scissor bite, sound construction with flat top line, hash rough coat, moved well with nice tail carriage, BP PG 4

2nd Copping & Winards Ruttaro Back to Black.
Nice dog with hard smooth coat, good shaped head, nice ear set, dark eye, good shaped front, sound teeth, plenty of bend of stifle & muscled well.

PG 2

1st Waghs Rodale Rocky Road for Dewdhala
Stands nicely to show off his shape, dark eye sound bite, good front, well bent stifle, moved out well.

2nd Gleavs Montravia Twizzel &Twirl. B
Good for shape & type, correct eye, ears & teeth, moved out well, but preferred head of 1.

Open 2 (1)

1st Thorley & Smiths Fast Love with Locheil ShCEx
Liked this one very much a showman, good strong masculine head, strog jaw, with sound scissor bite, dark keen eye, good ear carriage, well shaped & straight front, good lay of shoulders, strong neck flat back with tail set on! Good bend of stifle, & muscled, moved round the ring well positive with drive, up for his day out showing walking or working! BOB.TG.1


Puppy 1 (1)

PG 1

1st Roulstons Brocolita Clementia at Ivy Jewel.
WFT. B. Although stood alone, the quality stood out, wonderful shape & size all correct, head ears eye teeth, straight front, bend of stifle, correct coat well presented, moved with drive & straight positive movement.

Open 3 (1)

1st. Pickertons Ruarokatiro Lollipop with Bareve. Australian.
Lovely Character, splendid hard coat, very nice to go over with lots to like, well muscled rear, straight front, keen expression,
Well set ears, straight front giving overall conformity& lovely movement.

2nd Roulstons Kentwone Boston Ivy Jewel.
WFT. M. Nice type with good head narrow skull, well placed ears, sound teeth, straight front with lay of shoulder, straight back with good bend of stifle, giving good drive & movement, showed well.

Res BOB Terrier winner

1st Sharpes Rosettia Keepsake JW B
Nice elegant shape, feminine head, flat & narrow long wedged shape, good ear set, dark eye, scissor bite, straight front & nice topline, with arch over loin, correct tail set, nice bend of stifle,
Nice dark tan with correct clear markings, tight feet,
Moved round the ring freely with drive.

2nd. Blows Jodean Tennasse

Lakeland M

Very nice balanced & compact, lovely shape when stood & on the move, good for size, narrow flat skull, strong scissor bite, dence harsh coat, flat short back into well muscled rear, giving straight movement and drive,

SBT PG 4(1)

1st.Parry & Gills Leebee's Zakiyah at Saxstaff B
Outstanding well shaped bitch, with nice shaped head with broad skull & plenty of cheek muscle, correct placed ears, straight front strong neck & laid shoulder good spring of rib, well shaped straight back, nice bend of stifle, really well muscled all over giving a desired alround shape viewed front & rear, Moved very nicely round the ring with drive. BOB

2nd Lloyds Kalostaff Black Orchid
Another nice one good head shape, ear set & eye, sound bite, straight front well shaped bend of stifle, & overall shape, not just as muscled as winner moved round the ring nicely.


1st Repeat.

2nd Tompsons Allport Dark Queen Nice type with good head shape, straight front, flat back, well bent stifle with good muscle, moved well round the ring with correct tail set.
Harold & Doris Barker Memorial Puppy Dog Stakes 29

1st Johnsons Atlantic Breeze by Lupinmoon Siberian Huskey
What a lovely dog hard to take your eyes off, size type & colour, flowed round the ring with ease, a certain winner, loved the type, head expression, ears & curve of neck, good shoulders bend of stifle giving it drive, & movement, well off for bone & straight front, excellent coat & tail, outstanding colour, loved him.

2nd Burkes Hafwenna The Red Viper Dalmation
Another lovely example of its Breed. Very elegant, with depth of skull to stop, strong muzzle, with good bite, crest of neck in to well laid shoulders, straight front nice deep chest, muscled with bend of stifle giving overall a very pleasing outline, nice well spaced markings, flowing round the ring with purpose.

3rd Jennings Marvale's Manifestoat Jenivon.

Best Terrier Puppy.

1st Taylors Ricerytree Ruaridh at Billkenstar Skye
Very nice strong dog, with good head of nice length, good eye & ear ser, scissor bite, strong straight coat with straight front,, good bend of stifle, moved with style and straight, very promising,

Res Best Terrier Puppy Heathcotes Fevstone Polar Ajax at Saxheath. Border D.

Very nice example of a young dog, good size, otter shaped head, everything as you sould want, ears eyes teeth, crest of neck in to good shoulders, straight front with just enough bone, level back with good tailset, bend of stifle with muscle, strong harsh coat with thick skin, nicely spandable, moved out with drive, & flowed round another promising one.

TP3 Mallisons Holtaire Ramus MT.

AV Terrier Veteran. 3

1st Border. M A Heathcotes Wadesieia Lady Madonna Saxheath.
Very nice 7yrs old, Bitch with distinctive otter head, correct ear set, and sharp eye, good scissor bite, straight front, just enough chest spanable, crest of neck in to lay of shoulder, flat back, good btail set, really good mover, angulation & muscled, moved out straight & super drive from behind, cannot take your eyes off when moving & brings a smile to your face. Best Veteran.

2nd SBT Tompsons Allport Hallo Man.
13 yrs male, good for shape, head wide skull with muscled cheeks, nice ear set & eyes. Strong front & neck, level topline with well sprung ribs, well muscled, good bend of stifle, moved well.

Judge Nigel H Norris



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