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Rochdale & District Canine Association 18

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Rochdale & District Canine Society  31 March 2018

Judge Cathy Thompson-Morgan

Thank you for showing these dogs under me. I have not judged the breed before and found it really interesting and thought provoking to do so.

J (1)

1. McKenzieGreig’s Chic Charlene Bohemia White Hunter at Caldbeckjack, B Just 12 months old, Excellent coat, well proportioned overall. Good neck shoulder and front, would prefer more strength of skull and smaller ears.  Correct dark almond eye, good bite, well carried tail. Showed well.

PG (2) 

1. McKenzieGreig’s  Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka (imp CZE) 2 year old male.  This chap is certainly bold, fearless, friendly and confident. 2 year old male with a broken coat. Correct proportions, height and length. Good ribs. Correct eye would prefer stronger skull, good ear carriage. Good bite. Moved well both ways, showed well. BOB 

2. McKenzieGreig’s Montravia Abracadabra TAF 8 month puppy, Lovely proportions, length and height, very good bone correct spring of rib. Prefer shorter muzzle and flying his ears today. BP

O (1)

1 McKenzieGreig’s Calderbeckjack Peels Lad ShCM A well boned quality dog. Not so confident or happy as BOB. Good head and ears, prefer darker eye. Good hind angulation, moved well both ways.


J (0)

PG (1)

1 Mr G Goodman’s  Joemario Moonlit Shadow  Happy dog in very good condition, gleaming coat. Good thumb prints and pencilling. Good crest to neck. Ears a little high but falling forward OK. Correct dark almond eye, good bite. Nicely boned. Front movement OK but prefer more hind angulation.

O (3,2)

1 Mr J & Mrs J Marshall, Talanors Treat Me Special at Jepejo, 2 year old bitch who would benefit from slightly less weight.  Well proportioned, More angulation than 2 although markings not as good. Correct rise over loin and overall elegant lines. Feminine head with beautiful dark almond shaped eyes. Good bone and feet. Correct tapering neck of good length. Moved OK. BOB 2. Joemario Moonlit Shadow 


J (3)

1, Fryer’s Hopecharm Bit of Fruitcake, A quality feminine 17 month old bitch. Lovely bone, good front and hind angulation, good head, well filled under dark eyes. Not as short coupled as 2 but correct spring of rib and short back, good length of neck and head carriage. Good tail set and carriage. Moved well with style, showed very well. BOB and unlucky to meet the Bedlington in the Group.

2. Fryer’s Hopecharm Pretty Penny, 15 month bitch with a lot to like.  Very compact and shorter than 1 but not the hind quarters, bone or strength of head. Lovely eye and expression, good tailset.

3. Shorrock’s Hopecharm Queen Bee.

PG (0)

 O (0)


P (0)

J (2,1)

1 Bibby’s Ansabak Ryn PRT 14 month dog with excellent coat in very good condition. Nice head, prefer darker eye. Good bite. Great hind angulation providing drive. Correct height to length proportion.  Good rib, not over-sprung. Moved OK but not very happy today.

PG (1)

1 Pocklington’s Timberose Rhapsody in Blue ShCM Bedlington. A really super 18 month old bitch, beautifully presented and oozing type. Lovely head and eye, well set ears. Very good layback of shoulder and upper arm length. Very short loin, correct arch over loan with definite tuck-up.  Good linty coat, Well let down hocks, adequate hind angulation, moved typically and well both ways and in profile. Best AVNSCT

O (1)

1 Leverton’s CarkBark Good Luck Charm, SCWT Almost 4 year old D. Lovely wavy coat of correct texture and colour.  Head proportions OK, eye could be darker, Good front, moved OK, not co-operating with the handler today, perhaps the ring was rather small for him.


I was spoilt for choice here with the first 3 all very close up.  In the end 1st was the Bedlington Timberose Rhapsody in Blue ShCM who’s typical, understated performance just pipped the lovely WHWT Hopecharm Bit of Fruitcake  to 2nd 3rd The Norfolk Terrier, Atkinson’s  Charlie Blake at Moortop, a dog I like very much and have given a RCC to, in lovely coat and condition, just not the front movement of the first 2 today. 4th the JRT Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka


Only 2 puppies here today but delighted to award the Grp1 to Kell’s Amicaro Light Up the Sky who  says Norwich all through. Moved out well showing her socks off today. Group 2 the JRT Montravia Abracadabra.

Judge Cathy Thompson-Morgan


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