Ruthin Canine Society 19 Judge's Critique

Ruthin CS 19 Judge

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                                       Ruhtin Canine Society 15th June 2019

Would like to thank the Comm for the opportunity to judge The Group at their Premier Show delighted with the quality of my entry in particular the pups , found some to be really promising . I shall follow their progress with interest

Border Jun (2 1abs)

1 BOB handy sort , decent head, strong jaw, nice balance, good coat and pelt, spannable, moved and showed o.k.

Bull Jun 

1 BOB BP Roughton  Teirwgwyn Welsh Lady at Kingsbryn 6 month bitch pup of decent type , long well shaped head, good front and body, moved well when settled
 L (1) Roughton La Perla Warbonnet typy, fair head , shapely body of good length, deep chest, strong quarters, moved fairly well

Cesky Jun  (1)

1 Tobijanski ) O’Girl  Du Champ D’Bole at Janski femine bitch that displays good breed type , good head and expression , correct topline, in good order

L (1)

1 BP Tobijanski Dugee  good head eye and ears, straight front, good neck and topline, correct tailset , good on the move

O (1) 

1 BOB Group1 RBIS

1 Tobijanski Ch Janski Kalliope Jones exudes quality, lovely head and expression, strong neck, good body shape, stong hindquarters that he uses to advantage, presented in good condition , pleased to get the opportunity to judge an excellent example of the breed

Manchester Jun (1) Group 2

1 BOB Davies @ Brown Digelsa Dark Indulgence at Wystry quality one that has a bit of class, nice head and expression, good length of neck running into well laid shoulders, well angulated rear  moved out well very promising

O (1) 1 Jones Barley Dust Fayre Day good shaped head, , nice tuck up and arch over loin, correct tail set , moved o.k.

Sealyham Jun (2)

1 Bettis Orella Lover Boy good head eye and ears, nice neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs , strong hindquarters, good on the move  2 Tobijanski Grumpy Jones BP quality puppy that was giving a lot away in maturity displays the virtues that her Champion mother has she is very promising and should have a good future

L (1)

1Gledhill Forlegd Brilliant Bilbo Baggins decent in head, has good substance, in good coat and condition moved showed well

O (2)

1 Group 3 Bettis Ch Ornella Country Living  super dog, masculine head of good length, good neck and shoulders, nice width of chest, level topline that he retains on the move, well made rear, sound on the move 2 Tobijansji Ch Zippor Sapphire mother of pup, she is another very good example of the breed, lovely femine head, good spring of rib level topline , correct tailset moved o.k.

Welsh Jun

1 BOB 1 Parry Ffion Bess decent head head , correct bite, short level back , good tailset, moved steadily

2 Riley Yonichi Pistol Polly typy decent sort that was well presented , moved and showed well
  Group  Cesky Group 1 Manchester Group 2 Sealyham Group 3 Bailey Skye Group 4 decent in head, good length of body held topline on move .
Puppy Group   Cesky Group 1 Manchester Group 2 Sealyham Group 3 Bull Group 4
                                                                                                                                       Judge Jim McGhie   


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