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Scottish Bull Terrier Club. Open Show 22/3/09

I would like to thank the committee of the SBTC for inviting me to judge their open show, and their hospitality, which was superb. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for making my day such an enjoyable one, and the good sportsmanship shown by them.

PD . 4 (1a)

1st. Wallace, Marshelsea Bovver Boy. Br/wht. 9 months old. Very mature for his age. Good fill and turn to his head, with good expression, mouth ok. Straight front feet could be tighter. Well balanced with good bend of stifle. Moved a bit erratic but when settled was parallel with drive. BPD

2nd Rennie, Sharshaati Setis Stargazer.White, 9 months old. Upstanding dog, but needs time to mature. Good head and expression, mouth incorrect. Good arch to his neck and nice lay to his shoulder, still loose on the move with good bend of stifle.

3rd Geraghty, Pamjodale Cullyhanna.

ND. 5 (2a)

1st Wilson, Bartella Quiffy Do. 3 ½ yr White with red head marks. Well filled and turned head with a punishing expression. Straight front with cat like feet. Slightly long cast. Good lay of shoulder and good quarters, level top line which he held on the move.

2nd Ross & McLachlan White Viper At Irazistabull. 2 ½ yr White with Brindle ear. Very balanced with bone and substance. Good head, nice lay of shoulder moved ok with drive.

3rd Geraghty, Pamjodale Cullyhanna.

JD. 3

1st Thomson, Dependable King Trevor Of Nethanbull. 1 year old. White upstanding dog with good fill and turn to his head, Punishing expression with ears bang on top which he used all the time. Mouth good. Well arched neck into good lay of shoulder, bone and substance to match. Good bend of stifle moved well.

2nd McIntosh, Monolow Major, 1 ½ yr White with eye patch. Good head with fill and turn, great expression mouth ok. Feet could be better. Moved with drive.

3rd Ross & Mclachlan, White Viper At Irazistabull

PGD. 4

1st D&I Crossan, Ceilteach Robbie Dhub Of Crossgarley. 1 ½ yr Tri dog. Good head with finish, strong muzzle power. Super expression for a coloured . Well placed ears. Huge white teeth with a perfect scissor bite. Strong arched neck into good lay of shoulder, cat like feet. Shortest of backs and good powerful quarters, moved well with drive. Presented and handled very professionally. Proud to award him top honours BD & BIS.

2nd Eadie & Connor Ceilteach Lingulin litter mate to 1st in this class. Tiger brindle, with fill and turn to his head, good expression and ear set, mouth ok. Another well balanced dog that moved with drive. Well presented.

3rd Morgan & Ramage, Gaelic Prince

LD 1

1st Rennie Ballycruick Thunder Struck At Sharshaati 2 year’s old white, upstanding dog, head just lacks in fill. Mouth ok. Nice straight front, good lay of shoulder & bend of stifle, moved really well.

OD 3 (3a)

PB 7

1st Thomson Nethanbull Lightening Babe. 10 months old white with red ear mark. Very feminine with a punishing expression, ears bang on top and she never stopped using them. Mouth good, long arched neck into a good lay of shoulder short back good quarters. Very balanced and moved well with drive, shown to perfection. BPB & BPIS

2nd Morgan & Ramage Beddaus Long And Winding Road 10 months old Blk/Br/Wht, heavier in type to 1. Well filled and turned head, good ear placement, mouth ok, well balanced with bone to substance, moved well.

3rd Rennie, Sharshaati Nubian Queen.

NB 3

1st Burr, Adkel Dances with the Devil, 2 ½ yr White with head mark. Feminine with a nice head, just lacks a bit of fill under the eye. Good front and quarters. Overall a very balanced bitch that moved well in front a bit close behind.

2nd Shearer, Ceiltach Barra Babe Litter sister to BD. White with tri eye patch. Oozes femininity, well filled and turned head with good mouth, ears well placed, straight front and tight feet. Level top line with good bend of stifle, moved well. I wish I could of done more for her, but she was a little shy on the day, but never the less her virtues are far too good to be ignored. Handled sympathetically.

3rd Hodgson & Mclachlan, Sharshaati Denderas Delite.

JB 5

1st Mackay & Crossan Daggers Drawn At Crossgarley Class of the day. 2 ½ yr White with ear mark. Stunning bitch with a head that fills the eye. Packed and turned with a good mouth, ears bang on top, and what a showgirl, when she is switched on. Strong well arched neck into a good lay of shoulder, straightest of fronts with cat like feet. Great quarters and bend of stifle. Well balanced and moved a dream. BB & RBIS

2nd Emmet, Brookbully White Tansy. 1 ½ yr White with head mark, another stunning bitch which on another day could of easy swapped places with 1.Great head and with a punishing expression, ears bang on top. Arched neck into good lay of shoulder, straight front, cat like feet. The shortest of backs, good quarters, moved with power and drive. Presented and handled very well.

3rd Eadie & Connor, Royal Rebekah.

PGB. 2

1st Poetive, Nethanbull Clear Passion. White with tri eye patch, another feminie bitch. Good head with wicked expression and good mouth. Good front, and quarters. Well balanced and moved with drive. Handled well.

2nd Lee, Ballycruick Aurora, 2 years old White. Big upstanding girl with good head, and expression, mouth incorrect. Straight front. Well balanced and moved with drive.

LB 2 (1a)

1st Heath, Holloville Borna Cracker. 6 years young, brindle/wht in tip top condition. Big upstanding girl with a classical head filled and turned mouth ok. Ears well placed strong arched neck into well placed shoulder, great bend of stifle and strong quarters. Very well balanced and moved with purpose and drive. Very well presented and handled. A credit to her owner/breeder.

OB 3 (1a)

1st Fulton, Ceilteach Kishorn To Buchanway, Yet another litter mate to BD. And what a showgirl she is. White with a well filled and turned head, mouth good and ears well placed. Straight front and cat like feet. Good lay of shoulder and well defined quarters, well balanced all over and moved with great power and drive.

2nd as 1 in NB class.

Vanessa Hearne.



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