Sporting Terrier Association Yorkshire November 18


Sporting Terrier Association Yorkshire 18

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The Sporting Terrier Club of Yorkshire
at Snaith Sports Hall on 11th November 2018.

Judge Bob Blackley

Glen of Imaal Terriers (3)

Junior (1)
1st  Hardy’s – AMHARD  OFF  THE  CUFF
Excellent wheaten dog, strong head and jaw, good eye, good well boned front, well angulated, well bodied, moved well covering the ground, pity it was out of coat, still a quality dog. (Reserve Best of Breed)

Post Graduate (1)
1st  Hardy’s – AMHARD  MAI TAI
Good bitch with a strong but feminine head, dark eye, good body, well angulated quarters, moved ok, good coat.

Open (1)
1st  Hardy’s – AMHARD  MANHATTON
Excellent type of dog, good head and eye, strong muzzle, showing expression, well boned, good body and topline, moved well, excellent coat. (Best of Breed)

Sealyham Terriers

Junior (no entries)
Post Graduate (no entries)

Open (1)
Excellent head, strong jaw, good eye and ears, showing expression, nice neck and body, well boned, good rear angulation, moved well both ways with drive, shown in excellent condition, good coat and finish. (Best of Breed)

Skye Terriers

Junior  (no entries)
Post Graduate (no entries)

Open  (2. 1 absent)
1st  Dunlop’s – KOMETA  ROSSI  CINDERELLA  (Imp)
Nice bitch, good strong head, dark eye, enough neck, good overall shape and balance, moved well both ways holding a good topline, good coat, maturing well.  (Best of Breed)

Welsh Terriers

Open (1)
Excellent 6 month old puppy dog, good head and expression, well angulated shoulders, straight front, well angulated behind, good set of tail, moved well both ways holding a good topline, up on the leg at present, needs to mature. (Best of Breed & Best Puppy)

Judge – Bob Blackley 


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