Stithians agricultural Association Open Show 12

Stithians Agricultural Association Open 12

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Stithians Agricultural Association July 16th 2012

Judge Gill Ford

Special Veteran 7 -9 years 5 (3ab)

1. England’s Dowgri Dali, Border, Good head and expression, good neck and well laid shoulder. Well angulated front and rear. Moved well. BVIG

2. Freeman’s Borderella Elsa. Border

Special Veteran 10 years+ 3 (1ab)

1. Kelland’s Gannel Mordowgri Border. Rising 11 and wearing her years well. Very close decision between these two nice borders. Both well made and both moving a little close behind. Just preferred the coat and pelt of 1st

2. Allison’s Our Becky.

Border Terrier Grad 7 (1ab)

1 Baird’s Cornish Maid by Dowgri. Typical head and expression, good shoulder and topline. Well angulated and moved well.

2. Kelland’s Kyscafter Lasting Legacy

3. Sansom’s Tufterslodge Tiz Only Me. Res and BP Munday’s Bordercorners Punch

Open 4

1. Robbins Kyscafter Kestrel ShCM Excellent head and expression, good neck, well laid shoulder and level topline. Very well angulated. Good coat and pelt, moved true coming and going. BOB G4

2. Freeman’s Bolt Tail Jebba,

3. Baird’s Dowgri Diggory

Scottish Terrier Open 3 (1)

1. Hill’s Samstevever He’s A Buster Good head, ears and expression. Well muscled neck into well laid shoulders. Good topline and well set tail. Moved well. A very promising pup

2. Samstevever Kellimay

Fox Terrier Open 2 (1)

1 Julian’s Gillyflower de Cornille at Lanyons. Super 10 month puppy bitch. Lovely head and neck, excellent shoulder and topline and well set tail. Well balanced throughout and moved sound and true. Pushed very hard in group,just lost out on maturity BOB, G2, PG1 and Res BPIS Congratulations

Parson Russell Terrier Open 1

1. Madge’s Midnight Surprise Good head and neck, level topline and correct tailset. Good coat. Well angulated and moved well. Would prefer a little more on the leg but a neat and feminine bitch.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Junior 2

1. Feguson’s Challimers Little Lady Super young bitch, very good head, neck and shoulder. Short coupled with a good spring of rib. Good angulation and moved parallel both ways with good reach and drive. BP, PG2

2. Dowling, Caswell and Jackson’s Jackabyte Chase the Ace

Graduate 4 (2)

1. Budge’s Cyberstaff Honey’s Lil Girl at Budgestaff. Good head, neck and shoulder, level topline, good front. Moved very well in profile and coming toward but a bit close behind.

2. Budge’s Navarone Cornish Star at Budgestaff.

Open Dog. 1 (0)

1. Oldfield Budgestaff Blazin Sun Very good head, neck and shoulder. Short coupled, good angulation front and rear, good bone and substance, moved well.

Open Bitch 4 (1)

1. Dowling and Caswell’s Ledger Odds On Favourite at Cyberstaff JW ShCm Excellent head and expression, strong neck into well laid shoulder and level topline, short coupled with good spring of rib, good angulation producing correct movement. BOB & G3

2. Ferguson’s Roughneck Refuse To Bend

3. Oldfield Piranstaff Mystique

Bull Terrier Graduate 5 (3)

1. Davis Louka Summer Breeze Well filled head, good eyes, ears and expression. Strong neck into good shoulders, short coupled and moved well. A difficult decision between her and the dog but just preferred her size, though carrying enough weight.

2.Malden’s Louka Kolor Koded.

Open 5 (1)

1.Pullen’s Louka Gone Racin Very good head, mouth, ears and expression. Well laid shoulder, level topline, well set tail correctly carried. Good bone and substance, moved well, BOB

2. Malden’s Louka Frosty Lady

3. Ley & Broomfield’s Fortifer Fiametta BP

Manchester Terrier Graduate 4 (2)

1. Carter’s Mansiya Witch’s Familiar at Afilador Well shaped head, good ears, eyes and expression, nice arch of neck into well into good shoulder and topline. Moved well in front, a little close behind. BOB

2. Williams’s Egloshayle Sea Lord.

Open 2 (1)

1. M Witch’s Familiar at A

AV Terrier Puppy 3 (2)

1 Ferguson’s Challimer’s Last Centurion Very promising Staffie pup, typical head, strong neck, good shoulder, short coupled, moved well.

AV Terrier NSC Open 2 (1)

1 Somer’s Dogazzas Rhythm And Blues. Kerry. Long head, powerful without coarseness with well set and correctly carried ears. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulder, good spring of rib and well ribbed back. Short coupled. Well angulated powerful rear giving excellent movement. Colour coming through and nice texture to coat. BOB G1

1. Kerry, 2. Smooth Fox, 3. Staffie, 4. Border.

Puppy Group
1. Smooth Fox, 2. Staffie, 3. Bull, 4, Scottie

Gill Ford Judge


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