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Sunderland and District Premier Open Show.  28th November 2021.

Judge Ken Francis

My thanks to Sunderland and District Canine Society for inviting me to Judge at this Prestigious Show. Compliments should be paid to all exhibitors who braved the elements to attend. Many were unable to come due to the heavy snow. Special thanks to the Committee for managing to put the show on in such awful weather. A special mention should also be made of my steward Tom Hall who ably kept the ring running smoothly, even though he was alone. Many thanks.

Bedlington Terrier. Open 2(1a) Scott’s L’End Show Melody Maker. 2 year old dog. Good example of the breed. Proportions were correct and displayed a sandy coat. Deep chest, flat ribs. Light hazel eyes and sufficient pigment and mouth, also had scissor bite. Well arched over the loin in the correct place. Moved freely, straight and true. Deservedly Best of Breed.

Cairn Terrier
Graduate 1. Dodds’ Droverlaw Messie Bessie. 11 months  Bitch. Proportionately built lady with correct coat. Kept the back level on the move. Strong head with indentation and stop. Strong jaws and scissor bite. Exhibit interested in proceedings and moved freely with drive. BOB. BP. TPG2.  

Cesky Terrier.
Graduate.1. Pearson’s Zuoneka Hamentashen at Winoski. 3 year old bitch. Stood with level back and rise over the loins. Triangular head and scissor bite. Adequate reach of neck. Well sprung ribs and moved with purpose and drive. Open 1. Pearson’s Placido Musical Mission at Winoski. 2 year old dog. Correctly proportioned with level back leading to rise over the loins. My comments on the graduate dog hold true to this as well. Well angulated and lighter in movement which was true both ways. BOB.

Smooth Fox Terrier.
Graduate 2(1a). Davison’s Tynefox La Vida Loca. 13 month bitch. Stood with short level back, had proportionate build and sufficient angulation. Chiselled head, scissor bite and dark interested eyes. Well laid shoulders and deep chest. Moved with drive and soundness. BOB.

Wire Fox Terrier.
Open 1. Griffiths Brocolitia Point of Fire. 5 year old dog. Stood 4 square with short level back. Tail bang on top with body having proportionate angulation. Longer wiry coat of good texture. Correctly tapering head with scissor bite on fair length of neck. Dark eyes showing intelligence. Muscular ribs with short coupling. Liked the fact it was shown on longer lead which allowed true movement to show. BOB.

Jack Russell Terrier.
Graduate 4(2a). Thornley, Smith and Smith’s Fast Love with Locheil, 2 year old dog. . Attractive looking exhibit with correct proportions. Typical jauntiness/awareness. Head with correct planes, dark eye and scissor bite. Adequate reach of neck leading to laid back shoulders and level topline. Tail on top. Moved true and with confidence. BOB. TG3. 2. McFarlanes Kabu Take it too the Max. 2 year old dog. Very similar comments apply to this dog. Had a more broken coat and lots to like. Not so settled on the move. Open 2(1a). Thornley and Smith’s Locheil Stop Right There. 3 year old dog. Stood with arrogance and very interested in his surroundings. Flat skull, ears set on and scissor bite. Reach of neck led to well laid shoulders and level topline. Strutted his way round the ring in an appealing way. Just slightly overmarked.

Manchester Terrier.
Graduate 1. Talbot’s Marliboo Pretty in Pink at Ysabelhio. 4 year old bitch. Nicely proportioned bitch but gave the appearance of being a bit leggy. Ears set on, dark eye, chiselled head and scissor bite. Length of neck led to well laid back shoulders and rise over the loin. Unsettled on the move. BOB.

Norwich Terrier
Graduate 1. Batey’s Contolly on a Roll. Red dog puppy. Stood with short back, pricked ears, dark eye and scissor bite. Angulated properly with tail set on. Deep ribs and weather proof coat. Moved a little unsteadily. BOB. BP. Open 1. Batey’s Ragus Pepperd Moth at Contilly. 2 year old sandy bitch. Short backed, pricked ears, dark eye and scissor bite. Weatherproof coat. Reach of neck led to sturdy body with sufficient angulation. Again a bit unsteady on the move. Preferred the stronger head of 1.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
Graduate 8(2a). Manghan’s Diamondstaff Wee Mac @ Durhamstaff. 4 year old black dog. Facing me I saw a face with level pointed ears, dark interested eye, broad flat skull which was well filled under the eye. Punishing jaw with scissor bite. Laid back shoulders and muscular front with deep broad chest. Short coupled and muscular rear. Moved freely and with purpose. BOB. TG1. 2. Hall’s Geordiestaff Nee Botha. 13 month old black dog. Previous comments apply to this dog as well which I obviously liked. Lacked the maturity and depth of chest of 1 though. Open 7. Diamondstaff Wee Mac @ Durhamstaff. 2. Nicholas’s Northstaff Poster Boy. 4 year old dog. Stood with filled face, level earset and dark eye. Scissor bite. Proportionate neck leading to laid back shoulders, Deep chest, short coupled and muscular. Again moved freely with purpose. Just preferred overall makeup of 1. BP was Jamieson’s Kentwone Nutmeg Among Tyneview. 10 month old dog. Shows promise with strong head, deep chest and straight free movement. BP. TPG3.

Puppy. 4(2a) 1. Shields Shelmarh Fortuna Forseer. 10 month Airedale bitch. Correct size, shape and markings. Unexaggerated head with no chiselling. Laid back shoulders and level topline. Nice angulation and low set hocks. Light on the feet and moved with straight drive. Well handled. TPG4.  2.Ashton’s Knowlelian Clover Lead with Kitesprite. 7 month Airedale bitch. Previous points apply to this apply not so fluid on the move. Open 5(3a). 1. Plane’s Ch Miss Stuanne of Wildbriar. 2 year old Scottish Terrier Silver Brindle Bitch. Met the standard for general appearance. Unexaggerated head, dark eye and scissor bite. Laid back shoulders with level short topline. Double coat of quality. Free mover and muscular. BOB. TG4. 2. Williams Bearreraig Dibidal River. 3 year old black Sky Terrier dog. Very attractive  in appearance with long level topline, laid back shoulders and fit with good angulation. Strong head with lovely feathering, dark eye and scissor bite. A bit unsettled on the move but moved straight and freely when settled. Better dentation would complete the picture. Glad to watch it do well in the Stakes.

Terrier Group
  I pulled out a super set of 4 for further consideration, as well as being the best of their breed, it came down to ring presence.

  1. Diamondstaff Wee Mac @ Durhamstaff. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  2. Golding’s Beaconpike Dionysus. Border Terrier Dog. Strong head with scissor bite Good reach of neck with well laid shoulders. Well angulated with level topline. Moved freely with reach and drive. Spannable.
  3. Fast Love with Locheil.
  4. Ch Miss Stuane of Wildbriar.

Terrier Puppy Group.

  1. Pickering’s Picer Bess Pool. Border Terrier bitch. Completely unexaggerated with lovely angulation. Good weatherproof jacket. Otter head, dark eye and scissor bite. Spannable chest. Correct tail carriage. Moved with purpose and drive. Pleased to see her  go RBPIS.
  2. Droverlaw Messie Bessie. Cairn
  3. Kentwone Nutmeg Among Tyneview. Stafford.
  4. Shielmarh Fortuna Forseer. Airedale.

Any Variety Terrier.
Puppy. 1. Droverlaw Messie Bessie.(Cairn) 2. Shielmarh Fortuna Forseer. (Airedale) Junior. 1 Raedwulf Alchemy at Vandemare.(Border) 2. Beaconpike Dionysus.(Border)  Graduate. 1. Raedwulf Alchemy at Vandemare. Geordiestaff Nee Botha.(Stafford) Open. 1 Locheil Talk of the Town(Jack Russell). 2 Goldemere Illusion at Vandemere.(Border). Veteran 1. Raleniro Second Time Around.(Stafford) 2. Wings of Speed at Otterspaw. (Border).

Judge Ken Francis





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