The Pembrokeshire County Show 2010

The Pembrokeshire County Show 10

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Pembrokeshire County Show 2010

J Davies Judge

I had a lovely day. My thanks to all concerned for making it such a lovely occasion.How nice to see that the BOB Border and BPIB Sealyham terriers went RBIS and BPIS respectively.Such a nice end to the day.



1st:Mrs J R Wonnacott Whitepepper's Saturday Night Fever at Jacott NAF TAF BPIB,PT Grp1 & BPIS,
This was very close and a tough decision as i was very taken with both pups, though I think they were understandably more interested in each other than me.they really enjoyed themselves in the ring.1st was the male such goodring presence a lovely headed dog attractive head markings with good shapedeye. Very nice overall with good rib.An excellent mover in very good presentation and harsh coat. Lovely to see he went onto Best terrier puppy and then BPIS.

2nd: Mrs C F Thomas Cibach Cristal Clear, a very pretty girl who was as feminine as the boy was masculine. Very similar for all the same qualities. Shows great promise .But just felt the male was more settled on the move today


1st: Mr J D Butcher's Ornella Tegwens Tango, Honest bitch of good size and overall shape.Nice head and expression. Very nice on the move, with strong topline.Such a lovely temperament,she was especially happy as it was her birthday i was told later, and she gladly shared a lick with me

2nd: Mrs J R Wonnacott's Jacott Moonlight Serenade, another lovely bitch who was quality and sound moving, just preferred the balance and proportions of 1st.


Excellent class with quality exhibits.

1st: Mrs C F Thomas Cibach Cresendo BOB and Terrier Grp2, Beautiful headed bitch terrific style and presence, moved like a real champion. Good body,bone, strong feet, lovely top line and rear, .Very well handled and presented to take the top award in such a good class.

2nd: Mrs J R Wonnacott Jacott Silver Beauty, Well presented quality male with good body and condition, nice reach of neck and good head. Moved well with drive.

3rd: Mr C Jones Tommarv Ruby Sunday

Res:Mr C Jones Tommarv Scarlet Ribbons


All the entry had nice temperaments and were good for size & span.

open 4 (abs 1)

1st Wa;drons Intack Blue Pearl(B) , blue & tan who i instanly liked when she entered the ring. Did not disappoint when i went over her.Gorgeous otter head & expression ,good bodylines, ribs carried well back, , good forehand, and well made hindquarters, excellent coat and condition.
Was very sound on
the move.BOB,GROUP & RBIS

2nd Phillips Aurgwen Alyth SHCM,(B) Attractive bitch Good shaped head with nice expression, good outline, well made hindquarters, good tail.Gd mover. Not in the jacket & form of 1st

3rd Griffthes Blaentir Snow Maiden

J Davies Judge

The Pembrokeshire County Show 10
Judge ME Barnett

I would first like to give my sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for the honour of judging at this prestigious show. The warm welcome and hospitality extended was superb.My thanks also to the exhibitors for the excellent quality entry a big thank you to my various stewards throughout the day who managed the ring so well. There was such a friendly relaxed atmosphere which made for a very enjoyable appointment, I will treasure the day in my judging calendar.

Thanks to my fellow judges on the day as the standard of exhibits sent forward was very high making for strong competition. But I couldn't ignore the Flat coated retriever Osborne-Browns Cassiopi Phynns Tribute By Perrymel what a beautiful dog classic head and typical kind eye. Elegant outline displaying such balance both standing and on the move. All male without coarseness he filled your eye for breed type and quality with effortless movement.In typical flatcoat temperament his tail never stopped wagging. A picture of health his coat just gleamed in the sunshine really depicting the saying "Fit for Function,Fit for Form and Life" and at 18mths old still only a youngster in this slow maturing breed, so the best is yet to come. He impressed me greatly and I was delighted to award him BIS.

RBIS I awarded to the Border terrier bitch Waldrons Intack Blue Pearl another who fulfilled all the breed requirements super otter head and keen expression, excelled in neck and shoulders, made a very pleasing outline. Good rib well carried back. Straight front and narrow throughout with racy hindquarters. Correct tail amd set carried well. Easy span and came to hand with ease.She was in shown in correct double jacket in fit hard condition and moving freely and accurately.

BPIS the Sealyham terrier Wonnacotts Whitepeppers Saturday Night Fever At Jacott A lovely quality male puppy with super breed type, excellent head and expression, good neck and shoulders, excellent depth of chest and well bodied with well sprung rib. Correct size and well off for bone. Very well presented in excellent harsh coat of correct length. Moving out free and true with plenty of drive from well muscled quarters whilst maintaining a firm top line.

RBPIS the Petit basset griffon vendeen Lewis's Putjade Bertoli At Tangaer 9mth old another Lovely puppy male and with such potential, excellent head and typical expression, good neck and shoulders with good length of body with superb balance in outline, super bone and standing on the best of feet. Very attractive markings good pigmentation, correct harsh coat naturally presented. Level topline retained on the move, well turned stifle & powerful hind action

They made a typical and attractive final line-up.All four I predict with a very good show careers in the making.


1st Connors Mr Moonlight of Ringablok, Lovely breed stamp of this well bodied mature male, excellent head proportions and correct expression.Excellent bone. Moved out well fore and aft BOB

2nd Connors Vangence Diamonds-n-pearls Of Ringablok, another who was good for breed type very feminine head and good expression. Just couldn't match 1st for muscletone.

3rd Thomas Wenfryn Never Ending Dream Made for a trio of quality exhibits


Grad 2 (1 abs)

1st Williams Kenmillen Coral Lady, 2yr old brindle bitch, in good coat and condition, well muscled and a good spring of rib. Good tail set and carriage. She moved out soundly.

Open 2 (1 abs)

1st Williams Rivaz Blues n Twoes, 5 yr old male loved his temperament .Very masculine throughout, with a powerful head and underjaw. Shown in excellent body condition and good for bone,he drove out well from his strong wellmuscled quarters. BOB


Grad 2

1st Owens Dancing Queen, 4yr old Red bitch Sound & showy girl, who was lovely for size.Nice head ,eye and expression Well bodied,firm topline and good coat condition,

2nd Owens Penmire Lilac, similar remarks apply but couldn't match 1st's more positive movement

Open 2

1st Owens Hoathnor Jackanory 6yr old Red male Good head shape and breed type cobby body well sprung ribs, tail high set and well presented in excellent coat.Covered the ground soundly .A lovely showman with great attitude who was well handled to BOB

2nd Owens Harrijen Tegwen Tangle, 4 yr old and again nice for breed stamp but preferred 1st for front and lay of shoulder.


Open 2 (1 abs)

1st Davies Celyn Eira, 2yr old bitch who was at her and her owners first show, so she was somewhat overrawed. Feminine head nice expression and correct pigmentation. Good for size with a correct top line and tail set shemoved out positively. BOB


Junior 1

1st Berrigans Cellarfox Heartfelt, Beautiful headed with Tan head markings and a wicked expression a 15mth old bitch who appealed for breed type and balance correct for size. Good depth of chest, short coupled straight front with plenty of strength in the hindquarters and loin In beautiful coat and condition .Correct bone So sound and stylish on the move, A real live wire her handler just need to gain some more ring confidence. And I'm sure she will do nicely.BOB & GRP 3

Open 2 (1 abs)

1st Berrigans Tamedale X-Files At Cellarfox, 3yr old male, An attractive dog well marked, with lovely clean neck and shoulders, good outline, legs & feet, good front, body & ribs, liked his expression,Smart on the move but loved the overall balance of his daughter.


Open 2 (1 abs) 1st Campens Coedrhosyn Limelight, 2yr old pretty bitch with lean head,lovely eye and expression correct for size, well off for body and clean shoulders. Shown in super wire jacket.Went well once settled. BOB


Open 1

1st Holmes, Egloshalye Black Carlyn, 2yr old Male lovely head, correct eyes and ears, excellent shoulders, correct bone who was handled to advantage moving well in profile Very well-muscled hindquarters with good bend of stifle, which he used well on the move. Such a fit dog in the peak of condition shown in excellent bloom.BOB

AVNSC Puppy 2 (1abs)

1st Burrows Pendevor Pierrot, Cesky male ,a puppy who shows much promise Good head well placed and carried ears, correct eye, keen expression, clean neck and balanced overall, showy pup not in awe of the show ring at all. Moved so confidently covered the ground well .Was very capably shown and put up a very good performance.Puppy GRP 2

AVNSC Junior 1

1st Evans Pendevour Phranklin, 10 mth old Cesky male Litter brother to the winner of avnsc puppy , the same excellent breed type and quality, order and form, pleasing head shape ,ears, good neck, front and well ribbed body.Pity he was not happy showing in the tent, so did not giveof his best today.

AVNSC Graduate 1

1st Burrows Rossau Poet, Such a little showman, I just loved the character and temperament on this Cesky male, a real charmer.Shown in fit hard condition he moved out around the ring accurately with purpose from excellent muscled quarters. Very well handled.

AVNSC Open 2

1st Clarks Pendevour Pheeltherymthm, quality Cesky bitch rising 3 yrs old who came to hand beautifully, Lovely head and expression so correct for breed type and size Shown in superb condition, which is a credit to her owner.She was simply gleaming. Impressed greatly for muscletone. Moved with plenty of reach and drive. Best AVNSC and GRP 4.

2nd Burrows Pendevour Pascal Cesky male another who was good for type and shares many of the same breed qualities,not surprising as they are half brother and sister from the same breeder who has certainly achieved consistency of type. He also moved out soundly but couldn't match 1st for her beautiful lay of shoulder.

My thanks to the Cesky breed for their support the AVNSC classes feeling very much like a breed class entry.



Sealyham, Thomas's Cibach Cresendo, Excellent bitch of much quality lovely head, expression, dark eye and keen expression, good for size neck and shoulders, nice depth of brisket, level topline, tail on top, super coat, condition very well presented and handled. Showed and moved out very well, accurately and with purpose.





Border, Ritchies Lynbos Imperial Jade, pleasing otter shaped head,dark eye and good expression.Good bone, narrow front and can be easily spanned Rather short of coat but correctly textured. Moved out well.

I was presented with very difficult choices here in these very well filled classes of juniors. The standard of handling was excellent throughout and each of the juniors should be very proud of their achievements today, I know that I am, with these youngsters in charge of their chosen breeds we can foresee a very bright future for the canine world.
I was delighted to award overall Best handler to Libby Jones a young lady of considerable maturity in the ring. She carried out all her patterns quietly and efficiently, whilst gently giving the commands to her charge and praising when necessary. Both her and her Sealyham were in total unison throughout. I'm sure that we will hear much, much more of this exceptional young lady in the future.
I would also like to take this opportunity to
commend Melissa Osborne-Brown who handling her Flat coated retriever did a remarkable job with a breed that is not the easiest to train and keep theirconcentration, which she did admirably, again she also handled extremely well and with a lovely gentle considerate attitude. Sadly in the challenge for BJH she was not as clean and fluid on her corners But again I predict another of our handlers of the future.
Also Gwenllian Rees another competent
handler,handling an 11mth old Chinese Crested puppy who was as should be a typical puppy and as to be expected at this very young age needs time to develop with his handler. I wish them lots of fun learning together.

KCJO Handling

Class 6 - 11yrs

8 entries

1st Libby Jones 11 yrs old handling a Sealyham terrier

2nd Holly Mountcastle 9yrs old, handling a Japanese Chin

3rd Ffion Thomas 8yrs old, handling a Cavalier

Class 12-16yrs 7 (1 abs)

1st Melissa Osborne-Brown aged 13 yrs old handling a Flat coated Retriever

2nd Ebony Owen aged 14yrs old Chinese Crested

3rd Nicola Clark aged 13yrs old handling a Norfolk

Class 17-24yrs 3 (2abs)

1st Gwenllian Rees aged 21 yrs old handling a Chinese Crested

Junior Handling

Class 6 - 11yrs 10 entries

1st Libby Jones 11 yrs old handling a Sealyham terrier

2nd Holly Mountcastle 9yrs old, handling a Japanese Chin

3rd Ffion Thomas 8yrs old, handling a Cavalier

Class 12-16yrs 7 entries

1st Melissa Osborne-Brown aged 13 yrs old handling a Flat coated Retriever

2nd Ebony Owen aged 14yrs old Chinese Crested

3rd Nicola Clark aged 13yrs old handling a Norfolk

Best Junior handler overall- Libby Jones

I really love the veteran classes and today was no exception, lots of quality and type throughout the well supported classes. So good to see that dogs are keeping fit and still enjoying a healthy and active life with their owners and families well into their twilight years.

AV Veteran Dog 9 (5 abs)

1st Lewis Tanager Magique, Basset Griffon Vendeen petit A quality hound of lovely breed type, handsome head, correctly proportioned, good length of neck, straight front, well boned legs and good feet, well developed ribcage with the right amount of scope and depth, good height to length ratio. Excellent coat texture and presented in the correct natural form. So sound and true His movement was a pleasure to watch.

2nd Douglas and Bank's Torrabbi Welsh Malt Shon, W/H Dachshund Lovely size, good head, ears and expression. Well made with lovely bend of stifle. Moved and showed well

3rd Tyers Yatchsmans Tale Of Saberfield, BSD Malinous,

AV Veteran Bitch 4 ( 3 abs)

1st Jones Tommarv Scarlet Ribbons, Sealyham terrier Lovely sized feminine bitch with good head. Good substance and well made throughout,Good front, with powerful hindquarters. Harsh coat, Moved with drive and purpose, on her toes every second and capably shown by her young handler.They made a great team.

AV Vintage Dog 4 (1 abs)

1st Douglas and Banks Torabbi Hint Of Magic, 11 yr old Golden Retriever Lovely dark rich golden colour and well presented pleasing typical head and expression correctly angulated front,rear, and well muscled hindquarters. Good deep broad chest. Sound mover,moving well with drive and enthusiasm. Another today who appealed greatly for his typical temperament, such a character who received lots of applause and laughter when awarded his rosette by carrying it in his mouth around the ring. Reserve BVIS

2nd Lowe's Cetus Blueberry Muffin, Italian Greyhound A most elegant blue lady, attractive head and dark expressive eyes. Shown in good condition with fine supple skin and silky coat. She flowed around the ring soundly with correct lift and reach in front and drive behind .

3rd Vaughan's Lapinlumon Esikuva Finnish Laphund

AV Vintage Bitch 2

1st Smithson's Cairdean Cazzab At Chisobee 10� yr old Saluki Beautiful feminine aristocratic head and muscular neck which flowed smoothly into her topline and the strong loin well muscled .Correct croup and low tail set carried correctly. In beautiful condition she was a picture of elegance and her movement from all angles light and true.

2nd Owens Lowri Of Llechryd WHWT, sweet headed dark eye with good expression, correct for size and in lovely muscle tone. Shown in harsh coat and moving out with drive from a well angulated rear.

Best Veteran in Show was the BOB winner -Lewis and Pains, Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) Ravensbeech Bayeaux, Greatly impressed with this striking male a handsome dog in excellent fettle,he commands your attention with such ring presence.He has a super masculine head, noble with true expression good height to length ratio well filled deep chest and correct lay of shoulder to excellent quarters,in good hard condition and correct harsh coat he stands over much ground and covers the ground well on the move, accurately and with purpose.He simply powered around the ring. Was not surprised after judging to hear that he recently and rightly had gained his title. Such an ambassador for the breed with his superb breed type and fabulous temperament. I LOVED him and could easily see why he had appealed to others. A true Champion

AV Brace 12 ( abs)

Excellent entry topped by the Sealyham terriers who couldn't be matched for similarity and unison both standing and on the move.Very well handled in this class to achieve Best Brace. Well done to their young handler.

1st Jones;s Sealyham terriers

2nd Black's Large Munsterlanders

3rd Owen's Norfolk terriers

4th Bales Pembrokeshire Corgis

ME Barnett

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