The Terrier Club Of South Wales 2011

The Terrier Club Of South Wales 2011

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Thank you to the committee of The Terrier Club of South Wales for inviting me to judge at their Open Show. A relatively small, but quality entry greeted me and I owe my thanks to my fellow judges who put throughsome excellent exhibits for my consideration for B.I.S.

B.I.S. was the Smooth Fox Terrier Hughes & Butcher's Forgevale See The Stars, which stood out in the final line-up. Lovely smooth head, without exaggeration, fit and well muscled, with a typical alert expression, he moved around the ring with an arrogant strut which demanded my attention. Put down in superb coat and condition. I'll watch his career with interest.

Runner up was the Bull Terrier S & A L'Homme's Goodbye to Helen Wheels. Third in Group was the Australian, M R Jones' Wyeafon Red Hot 'N' Sassy with the final place going to the Bedlington, S Hyde's Gnejnabay Chokko Pops. He has a real liver jacket, a powerful masculine head with the required large teeth and he moved with drive and purpose. Beautifully prepared and handled to perfection.

B.P.I.S. was the eight month old Mini. Bull Terrier, C & S Preddy's Shacadias Sugar 'N' Spice at Shacals, with the reserve spot going to S Stoddart's Australian Terrier Millvalley Prima Donna. A promising youngster, still immature but full of herself and with the devil may care attitude so typical of the breed. Lovely purposeful mover when she settled. Third spot was taken by the Bull Terrier Williams' Shiang War Cloud. A bit of a handful but moved well enough at times to assess her gait. Could do well after some schooling and she has time on her side. Fourth, the Stafford Roxy's Shining Star, owned by A & A Burnett and Bull, who also played around for her handler and messed up her chances of a better placing. Hopefully time and practice will remedy this as she is still very young and has a quality look about her.

Australian Terriers.

Grad. 3 0 abs.

1 Jones' Wyeafon Sugar 'N' Spice. Just out of junior, this little lady was presented in good coat and condition. Mischevious expression and a true, eager movement aided by good muscle tone gave her the class.

2 Jones' Wyeafon Fair Dinkum.

Open. 2 0 abs.

1 Jones' Wyeafon Red Hot 'N' Sassy. Dam of the previous class winners, this five year old lived up to her name. Smart, alert and in good coat, she moved around the ring with her head up and her ears pricked, holding a nice level topline. Impressed me enough to award her Group 3.

2 Jones' Wyeafon Kiss Me Kate.

Bull Terriers.

Grad. 4 1 abs.

1 S & A L'Homme's Goodbye to Helen Wheels. What a prospect this girl is. She possesses a powerful head with a good scissor bite but without losing her femininity. She strolled around the ring like she owned the place displaying that slight roll so typical of her breed. well muscled and in hard condition she demonstrated the benefits of good schooling which is so often absent in the bull breeds. B.O.B.& Res B.I.S.

2 Williams' Shiang War Cloud. B.P. & P. Group 3.

Open. 2 2 abs.

Mini. Bull Terriers.

Grad. 1 0 abs.

1 C & S Preddy's Shacadias Sugar 'N' Spice at Shacals. Mature beyond her meagre 8 months this dark brindle and white pup showed off from the moment she entered the ring. So well presented and in hard condition she looked like she was enjoying herself. Smooth, well domed head with strength of jaw and pricked ears she moved straight and true, front and rear. B.O.B. B.P. & B.P.I.S.

Open. 1 1 abs.

Cesky Terriers.

Grad. 1 1 abs.

1 S & R A Burrows' Pendevour Pierrot. This 2 year old lad was shown in good fit condition. Excellent head and jaw with a correct scissor bite. Alert and holding his ears well, he moved smoothly round the ring with drive, holding his toplline. Stood alone in class but beat some nice opposition in the challenge to go B.O.B.

Open. 4 1 abs.

1 S.M. Clark's Pendevour Pheeltherhythm. A nice one from the same kennel as the Grad. winner and another smoothie on the move. Dark grey, well prepared coat. Mischevious but feminine expression, she lacked a little sparkle in the final analysis but still had enough in hand to win her class.

2 S & R A Burrows' Pendevour Pascal.

Dandie Dinmont Terriers.

Open. 2 1 abs.

1 G.E.Stone's Ludlay Lord of the Isles. A sound, solid lad without exaggeration in good mustard jacket. His head was all male with a correct bite and his eyes were like pools of black ink giving a kindly expression. He moved ok holding his weasel like topline, but let himself down a little by allowing his head to drop on the move. Holding the lead up behind the ears a bit more may help control what spoiled a good performance. B.O.B.

Parson Russell Terriers.

Open. 4 1 abs.

1 L & T Bull & Stark's Tarara Boom De Ay. An attractive 3 year old girl with hard muscle tone giving the appearance of being capable of a days work. Spannable and in harsh coat she strode out well as only a fit animal can. If I am to be picky I would have preferred a slightly stronger foreface and jaw. Beat a couple of good ones for B.O.B.

2 L.& T. Bull & Stark's Clauval Japonica Lady.

Scottish Terriers.

Grad. 1 0 abs.

1 J.I & B.D Cole's Rabbonai Playmaker. A masculine black 5 year old with a dense coat and powerful body. Excellent long head with a good jaw full of the required large teeth. A little reluctant on the move but he gaited straight and true.

Open. 1 0 abs.

1 J.I & B.D Cole's Rabbonai Naughty But Nice. A pretty girl shown in excellent coat and condition. Pleases in head with eyes and expression that reflect her name. Solid and standing four square she has a lovely arch of neck and a super topline which she kept on the move. B.O.B.

Sealyham Terriers.

Junior. 1 abs.

Grad. 0 Entries.

Open D. 2 1 abs.

1 M.E Barnett's Ch.Jumbeeden Guiness. Six years old but he can still show the youngsters how it's done. Well put down and in dense, if a little soft, coat. Excellent head with a powerful jaw. Moved true and with drive from a well angulated rear as only a properly constructed dog can. B.O.B.

Open B. 3 0 abs.

1 C.Jones' Tommarv Ruby Sunday. A sound girl, without exaggeration. I liked her hard coat and feminine head and expression. A lovely mover in both directions she showed off her many attributes to advantage. Nicely prepared and handled by her young owner.

2 J. Butcher's Ornella Tegwens Tango.

A/V Terrier.

Minor Puppy. 0 Entries

Puppy. 3 3 abs.

Junior. 3 0 abs.

1 T Bouse's Tredomen Big Floyd. (Bedlington).

2 K. & A. Hall's Gosel Earl Grey. (SFT).

Grad. 12 9 abs.

1 A. & L. Salmon's Windygap Briar Rose. (KBT).

2 P.& B. O'Lleary's Cindercoat Solar Eclipse. (Bedlington).

Open. 13 9 abs.

1 K. & A. Hall's Gosel Ceylonesse (SFT).

2 M. Scale's Doramyl Camorra (Border).

A/V Veteran. 10 6 abs.

1 M. Scale's Doramyl Isadora. A Border in excellent condition. Typical otter head, good thick pelt and easily spannable. Fit as a flea she could easily compete with dogs half her age. A credit to her owner.

2 A. & L.Bull's Aurgwen Cava. (PRT).

Champion Stakes. 7 5 abs.

1 E. & H. Jones' Bedlington Ch. Pengerrig Iron Duke. (Bedlington) A pleasure to go over this classy lad. Crisp, dark coat. Excellent topline, both standing and moving. Pleasing head and good earset. A worthy champion at one with his handler.

2 M.E Barnett's Ch. Jumbeeden Guiness. (Sealyham).

Stuart Yearley (Judge)


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