Upperwald Of Lanarkshire CS Open 19 Judge's Critique

Upperwald Of Lanarkshire CS 19 Judge

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Upperwald of Lanarkshire Canine Society Open Show 11 Aug. 2019

Judges Report Terriers- Ron Punter

Cairn O 3.

1 Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Renshaw There and Back Again under Macmoon ShCm Vm. Also won veteran class. Totally sound dog, wouldn’t think he is a veteran to look at him. Grand coat, black nose and good bite. Good legs and feet. Handy size and a good length of body. Lovely head and very neat pricked ears.

2 Lamb & Saltmarsh’s  Birselaw Dark Charmer for Macmoon. Typical cairn head and body without exaggeration particularly noted good bend of stifle.

3 Lamb & Saltmarsh’s Birselaw Come Dancing with Macmoon

Dandie O 4(1.)

1  Gould’s Kebroyd Blaeberry  melts your heart the way he looks at you with those eyes, head set off by well carried and nicely fringed ears. Topline has the required rise over loins which together with a well angulated shoulder produces a very pleasing outline. Good mover carrying his tail well.

2 Thomas Tyeirz Lulu Grace at Cumhath.  Sweet bitch head, typical outline and tail carriage, good legs and feet.

3 Small’s bettymac Dram O’Dalwhinnie at Rothesdandy.

SC Wheaten G 5 (1).  

1 Mac Aulay’s Keridown Western Star. Showed to advantage, particularly liked ear placement and stifle bend.

2 Lui’s Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW. Showed herself off better when I was taking notes, might well be the winner on another day.

3 MacGregor’s Kirktonhill What it’s Not

SCW O 4(2)

1 Mac Aulay’s Keridown All Night Long. Good all-round, well balanced, in good coat, good mouth. BOB.

2 McIntyre’s Thistlebe Mr Bojangles Not as compact as winner . Good neck and shoulders, good quarters.

Jack Russell O 1.

1 McGeachie’s Caldbeckjack Lethal Weapon. Pleasing to see the Cumbrian strain in the KC show ring, I have just bought Denise McKenzie Greig’s ( Caldbeckjack) book - just found this dog is pictured in it. First class bite, handy size, straight front, good strong quarters with tail bang on and good stifle bend.

Airedale O  3(1)

1 Collins Toulsyork King Lincoln. A bit put off by a bitch being in season but showed well enough.  Well-proportioned head with neat eye and well carried ears. Neck and shoulder blend nicely into a level topline,  good solid body .

2 Bain’s Unique In All Ways of Malton Rather a lightly built bitch but nice enough. Head appeared domed because of excess hair on top, should be trimmed flat –not that we are judging trimming!

Australian O 3.

1 Brown’s Ranlindi Fatal Attraction 8 year old but the best of the three in all respects except her bite, good hard coat, well balanced, Head expression is set off by neat ears. Straight front.

2 Brown’s Ralindi Howdy Rowdy. Nice enough dog , not in as good coat as winner.

3 Brown’s Ralindi Gina Gee

WHW O 3.

1 Fisher’s Bobo Whiskey ShCm. Elegant outline produced by well angulated shoulder flowing into short back and tail well set on.

2 Fisher’s Havasu Head Boy ShCM. Lovely head and expression with neat ears and good pigment. Something was putting him right off showing today so had to give way to his kennel mate.

3 Tullis Drumsheugh White Diamond .
Skye O 8(3)

A lovely looking line with all five dogs in good coat and immaculately groomed.

1 Barrass Gallondean Foreign Spirit. Love her ears – carried so alertly and good fringes. Well bodied with strong neck and a long level topline. Moved well.  

2 Pringle’s Esgia The Exciseman Just rather preferred the ears of winner but similar in other respects.

3 McLean & Weir’s Knowlespring Jackpot at Rhoderns

Manchester  O 3(2)

1 Rudd’s Digelsa Dark Velvet. All quality. Excelent make and shape, arch of back in the right place and croup slopes nicely to base of tail which has the correct curve. Still a puppy, her ears fly a bit but she can use them when she wants to.

Border O 4(2).

1 Scott’s Fehmarn Dream Scot at Kilburnpride.  Never seen such neat feet so well knuckled up! Good coat and pelt . Nicely folded ears set off her “otter” head .

2 Barass Ch Lavalaux Spirit of the Isle of Gallondean . Liked her body length more than that of winner but just preferred ears and expression of winner.

AV Terrier NSC O 3(1)

1McKay’s Carisco Don’t Stop Believing Scottie. Good length of head in balance to short back and wide body.  Beautiful Black nose with large nostrils.  Typical Scottie attitude  -strong muscles and well bent stifles driving him round the ring like he owned it. Tail bang on top with plenty behind. I have mentioned neat feet a few times in this report but in Scotties we want rather larger feet like this dog has. Shown to perfection in the best of coats by his young handler, could not be denied the G1.

2 McGhie’s Saredon No Trouble at Keillor Irish. Elegant racy outline well balanced overall, not course or heavy.  Correct topline with slight rise over loin and croup slopping down slightly to base of well set on tail. Refined  head is set off by ears folding well above the skull. Unfortunately something has been going on with the hair on his front legs, think he might have been chewing it, and it’s spoiling the appearance of his front somewhat -still unlucky to meet the Scottie!

Terrier Group 

1 Scottie Carisco Don’t Stop Believing. 

2 Skye Gallondean Foreign Spirit.

 3 WHW Bobo Whiskey.

4 Cairn There and Back Again under Macmoon.

AVT Special Minor Puppy 2 (1) 

1 McKnight & Robnson’s  Nisyros Playing with Fire at Azrams Smooth Fox. 8 months  old but really quite mature looking. Hard to fault in conformation (and no coat to trim and hide anything on a smooth) Short coupled, good legs and feet, straight front. Moved well, strong quarters and good stifle bend produce plenty of drive. BSP

AVT Special Puppy 3(1)

1 Nisyros Playing with Fire at Azrams

2 Digelsa Dark Velvet Manchester

BSP Terrier Nisyros Playing with Fire at Azrams

AVT Veteran 9 (3)

1 Renshaw There and Back Again under Macmoon Cairn Shcm Vw 9.

2 Barrass Ch Spirit of the isle of Gallondean Sh Cm Skye 8 ½ Not surprised to see she is a champion lovely dog.

3 Scott’s Fehmarn Highland Encounter Border 8

Ron Punter Judge.






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